An Expert Guide on How to Remove Window Tint?

Ever wondered how to remove window tint? Well, there are times when people often add tints to their cars. People think that it’s just a copy-paste thing and can be removed at any time. But the thing here is the opposite. People have to face severe difficulties when they try to remove the window tints. So here we are going to tell you about some of the easiest methods for removing window tints. After applying these methods, the tints will easily be removed from the windows. So here Let’s start our discussion. The methods that could be applied to remove the window tints are as under:

Window Tint Removal Methods:

Different methods to remove window tints are as under:

Window Tint Removal Methods
1. Heat Gun Method
2. Steamer Method
3. Ammonia Solution Method
4. Soap and Water Method
5. Commercial Tint Remover
6. Sunlight Method

These are some of the easiest and simplest methods one can adopt to remove window tints from his car or windows of his house or office. Below is the explanation of each method.

  1. Heat Gun Method:

In this method, the tint that is to be removed is heated. A person may gently heat the tint that requires removal. As soon as you start to heat the tint it will get soft with time. As soon as it gets soft you can start removing it and continue heating. At last, you will reach a point where the tint will be fully removed. This method is best as it does not leave any sticky marks behind. If you want to save your time and money you can easily apply this method at home whenever feasible.

Heat Gun Method

  1. Steamer Method:

The method is same just like the heat gun method. Only the instrument that is being used here is different. Here the purpose is same that is to make the tint soft so that it could be removed easily. Here steamers are common in every house these days. So, steamers are used first to make the tint soft. As the steam enters in the tint in the form of vapors it not only gets heat but the stickiness due to the steam also looses its grip. After this the tint is easily removed. Like the Heat gun method this method could also be applied at home easily.

Steamer Method

  1. Ammonia Solution Method:

In this method you will need ammonia and water. Take a spray bottle and add some ammonia in it. After that pour the relevant amount of water into the jar. Now mix it. After mixing it properly now start spraying it on the tint that requires removal. You will notice that the stickiness of the tint film will start losing its grip. As soon as the grip will be lost completely you can easily remove it.

Ammonia Solution Method

  1. Soap and Water Method

This method is simple and does not require much effort. Just take soap and water. Mix it and start rubbing it gently on the film. Vapors will enter the film weakening the adhesives that were used at time when the tint was applied. Now you can easily peel off the tint from the windows. You will notice that no marks are left behind when the tint is removed completely.

Soap and Water Method

  1. Commercial Tint Remover:

There are different products being offered in the market with the name “commercial tint remover”. You may buy one with a good rating in the market or by recommendation of the salesperson. Apply it to the tint film. Remove the tint easily after some minutes or seconds as mentioned on the description of the product.

Commercial Tint Remover

  1. Sunlight Method:

This method is the simplest method among all the methods discussed here. All you need to do is to park your car in sunlight for some hours in the day. The tint film will now automatically become hot due to the weather. The thing that is most important to remove the film is heat. As the tints are now heated automatically so they can remove easily. Make sure to remove the tints in the sunlight where the car was parked. If you will change the location, then the film will get cold again and it will be harder to remove. So make sure you only remove the tints within the sunlight.

Sunlight Method


These are all the methods that could be used to remove window tint. Whether it’s a tint installed on the windows of your car or you want to take off the tints from the windows of your home or office. All you need to do is follow this method from the methods that are displayed above. By this the tint will easily be removed in the shortest possible time. This was all about how to remove window tint. For information on window tint removal or any other service just let us know in the comment section below.

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