6 Things You Should Consider Before Renting A Luxury Car

Most of us have dreamed of having a luxury car to drive around at one point or another. It’s a common fantasy to have, and some people may even use it as their marker for success, an indication that they’ve made it in life. However, while you can’t afford to buy yourself a luxury car just yet, you can still indulge in the pleasure of driving one.

Whether you’re planning an awesome road trip with friends or family, or if you just want to attend a special event in style, renting a luxury car has never been easier and more accessible than it is today.

If this is something you’d like to try out, here are six things you should consider before driving off.

  • Rental Provider

First off, you want to browse through the various luxury car rental providers available to you, such as SD Exotic and other similar companies. Car rental is a lucrative business, especially for luxury cars; thus, you can expect that many companies offer this service.

A quick online search can help you find luxury car rentals nearby. As you take note of the ones you want to check out, make sure to look through their online reviews and customer testimonials. You can also find rental providers on social media platforms and see how they respond to their customers.

If possible, look for companies that rent out their own cars, instead of those that lease cars owned by a third party. Renting a private car would make you prone to litigation if any damage is done to the car.

  • Age Requirement

Most companies have an age requirement when renting out luxury cars—or any car in general. If you don’t meet that requirement, you’ll have to pay more than the regular price, even if you have a driver’s license or a good track record in driving.

The age requirement of 25 years old is a common guideline, but it could vary from one state or country to another. It also depends on the respective policies of the car rental company. If you’re working within a budget or if you’d like to avoid excess costs, make sure to look up the guidelines of your chosen rental provider beforehand.

  • Insurance

Car Insurance

True to their name, luxury cars are luxurious and expensive. With that said, you want to be covered in case of even the slightest damage to the car.

Rental providers usually offer rental car insurance, but they tend to be expensive, costing about USD$10 to USD$60 a day. Fortunately, most major credit card companies offer insurance on car rentals without additional costs, while some offer limited coverage. This can help you save on extra costs you would have paid for rental insurance.

However, make sure to contact your credit card provider beforehand and ask if they offer coverage on luxury cars. You may also need to ask for specifics on what they cover. Some providers may cover damages on a rental luxury car but not the fees assessed by the rental car provider. All these fees can add up, so it would be best to be informed.

If you think your insurance is limited, you can get additional coverage like temporary car insurance, which should protect you for a short period.

  • Condition Of The Car

Whether you already have a specific luxury car in mind or you’re browsing for the first time in the showroom, you need to be thorough in checking the car. Don’t rush; take your time to check both the exterior and interior of the car. Look for any dents, scrapes, or scratches. If you’d like to be completely thorough, you could also use your phone to take a video or photo of every nook and cranny. It can be quite useful should there be conflict or a dispute upon returning the car.

  • Drivers

If you plan on using the rental luxury car for a trip, you should consider the number of drivers who might use the car. If possible, make yourself the only designated driver or keep the number of drivers to a minimum.

Most providers will charge you a daily fee for every extra driver, whether or not they actually end up driving. Some rental companies will waive the fee if the other driver is your spouse or partner, or if it’s being used for a corporate rental. As these policies may differ between companies, it would be best to double-check beforehand.

  • Pickup And Drop-Off Points

Some car rental companies, especially those renting out luxury cars, have a restrictive policy on picking up and returning a vehicle at the same location. Others offer a number of designated locations so you have the flexibility to decide where you will drop off the car.

Most people don’t mind driving the car back to the pickup location, but having several drop-off points would be better. Other than providing you with convenience, it also helps you save on gas money and time.


Car rental providers allow you to experience the pleasure of driving a luxury car without emptying your bank account. Just make sure to research thoroughly and consider the above factors so you know exactly what you’re getting and paying for with the rental luxury car.



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