Everything You Need to Know About Online Casino RTP

Long for Return to Player, RTP is a key online casino concept that significantly impacts your gaming experience and outcomes. The RTP of a game can give you an idea of how much you might win from your wagers and when. But what exactly is RTP, how is it calculated, and how can you use it to set a gambling strategy? Below, we review everything you need to know about RTP.      

What Is RTP?

RTP means Return to Player and is a popular term used in Online Casino sites like Betway to describe the percentage of a bet a player can expect to win back. While it can apply to games like blackjack and roulette, it is often used to describe the odds of winning on a slot machine. Each slot game has a set RTP value determined by the game developer.

RTP values are usually expressed as a percentage. If a slot has an 80 percent RTP, you can expect to win back at least $80 for every $100 you bet on the game. However, this does not guarantee that you will win this amount every time you bet. RTP is a long-term probability that estimates how much you might win back over multiple gameplays.   

How Does RTP Play Out in Slot Games?

When you walk into a casino or log onto an online casino site like Betway, you will usually find a selection of slot games. Each of these games features an RTP that you can read in the game’s details, and that tells you what to expect long-term from the game. A high RTP means you have a higher chance of winning in the long run because the machine gives back more money from your initial bet on average over time.  This is why many players gravitate more toward high RTP slots than low RTP slots. 

However, it is also crucial to note that a high RTP can sometimes produce a long losing streak that could discourage players, but there is also the possibility of winning big on a single spin.  

Slot Volatility Vs. RTP

The RTP is not the only factor that affects your chances of winning in a slot game. You must also consider factors such as the game’s volatility and the house edge. The latter refers to the mathematical advantage built into every casino game that favors the house.  The former is how much and how often a slot pays out on average.

The volatility of a slot is often read in conjunction with the RTP. Like RTP, it ranges from high to low. A slot with a high volatility will typically generate big wins infrequently while a low volatility slot will pay out small wins more frequently. Simply put, if you pick a low volatility slot, you will win small amounts more often. A high volatility slot will deliver big wins but less often.  

If you bet $100 on a slot game with 90 percent RTP, you can expect to win back $90 of your initial $100 bet over time. If the slot has low volatility, you can make small wins of between $1 and $10 for $5 bets more often until you win back the $90. If it has high volatility, you may lose 19 $5 bets or 99 $1 bets then win $90 on the 20th spin. 

Most online casino slots have an RTP of more than 90 percent. So once you find a high RTP slot, you need to find a low volatility game for the best results. While you may have the patience to wait for a big win, small frequent wins are more encouraging and likely to keep you playing.       

Analyzing RTP and Slot Volatility in Online Casino Slots

It is important that you test out how the RTP of a slot would play out in a game and with your preferred strategy before you play with real money. Try several demo games to better understand the features and mechanics of a game and get an idea of your chances of winning. 

Next, check the rule book or paytable to find out the RTP and pick a game with a high RTP. You should also review the payout amounts for different symbol combinations and pick a strategy that gives you the best odds.

You can sometimes find the volatility of a game indicated in the game’s info, like the RTP. However, not all developers include this information in the info packet. If you cannot find the volatility, consider searching the slot title on Google alongside the word “volatility.” If that does not work, try a round of demo games and analyze how much and how often you win.  

Wrapping Up: Why Is RTP Important?

RTP comes into play in popular online casino games like blackjack, video poker, roulette, and slots. When you access a site like Betway, this number gives you an idea of your chances of winning over multiple games. However, RTP alone is not a conclusive gauge for the likely outcome of a game. You also need to consider the house edge and game volatility.     

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