Up in the Skies: Mumbai to Gorakhpur Flight Seat Selection Tips

Whether you favour the aisle or the window, your airline seat may make or break your flight experience. While we’d all want to fly in business or first class every time we travel, choosing the right seat in economy is even more crucial, especially if you want to avoid being stuck in the dreaded middle seat of your Mumbai to Gorakhpur flight. Here’s what you should do to ensure you sit precisely where you want while flying.

Only some flights provide the benefit of selecting seats of your choice while you purchase your ticket, whereas some allow you to choose only 24 to 48 hours before the departure of your flight. The airlines charge extra fees if you wish to book a seat of your liking.


You should select your seat as soon as possible because you are offered more options when choosing a seat. Twenty-four hours before your departure is allowed if you wish to change or choose your seat.

  • Look for an Empty Seat

While most flights are currently completely booked, there are times when you are fortunate enough to find a seat available next to you. Why not take a chance and try if you can pull this off on your own? If you believe that because the centre seat is the least desired of all the seats for a solo traveller as it is meant for couples, you can choose the window and aisle seats. You can do this if you are travelling as a family and can sit in pairs. 


The middle seat between you is likely to be selected last, and if the aeroplane isn’t full, it will remain open, giving you a whole row to yourself. If the middle seat is taken and you want to sit together, ask if the person in the middle seat would want to swap to a window or an aisle. They often prefer that alternative to a middle seat between strangers! 

  • Consider the Exit Row

Exit rows are optional if flying with a family, but they are ideal if you want more legroom. Exit row seats are only sometimes available for reservation online or in-app, but you can request them from the gate agent. 

  • Stay Towards the Front

Many prefer to sit as close to the front of an aeroplane as possible. When you travel, you can bring carry-on luggage immediately as you arrive at the location. If you have a layover at a destination, staying toward the front of the plane will allow you to depart swiftly and get to your next trip. 

  • Avoid the Toilets and Galley Areas

Aside from the obvious unpleasant odours, these regions are loud! If you hope to get some rest, you won’t be able to because these places will be heavily crowded. If you believe there are just toilets in the back of an airliner, think again! Larger aeroplanes include several restroom facilities and galley spaces, so check the flight configuration before selecting your seats.


You must know the type of seat you want while booking a flight to avoid inconveniences during the flight journey. You can follow the points mentioned or and book exclusive flight tickets with Cleartrip.


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