Jeep Price In Pakistan 2024

Jeeps have become a necessity for every person these days. Due to great road clearance and outclass build quality, now everyone wants to have his second car, a jeep. Multiple companies are offering jeeps in Pakistan with different specs and features, and prices. Here we are going to share some brief information as well as the price of the jeeps at which the jeep is available in new or used conditions in the country. So, let’s begin our discussion and start discussing the jeeps one by one. The price at which the Jeep is available in the country is as follows:

Jeep Price In Pakistan:

Below are some jeeps from the imported as well as local lineup from different companies that are currently available for sale in Pakistan.

Mitsubishi Pajero:

It is one of the oldest jeeps that is being used in the country. The car is available in the country in only used condition as the model has become old and the company is not manufacturing it now. When the car first came into the country, there were great units that were sold, so due to the great sales, the car is now easily available all across the country. The price at which the car is available for sale in Pakistan is as follows:

Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price at which the car is available for sale in Pakistan these days is PKR 45.0 lacs – 1.16 crore. This is the best price at which a car can be bought in the country. The source of buying this car in the country are some individuals as well as some imported car dealers from where users will be able to access the car. The cars of this company at the start were imported by Dewan Motors in Pakistan, so better to buy Dewan imported cars as they are certified providers of these cars in the country.

Jeep CJ5:

This Jeep is also an old model Jeep that is still available in the country at different prices. The Jeep in the country is not available in genuine condition due to getting too much old. Most people have swapped the engines of these jeeps to make their life longer, while some have painted the whole exterior body just to preserve the body. We know that the engine and paint have a certain life, after which they must be changed. So can see which Jeep is modified the best and can then further buy that Jeep. Let’s see what prices sellers are demanding for these jeeps in the country and what condition jeeps users should buy while living in Pakistan to gain some pleasurable experience. The price of this Jeep in the country is as follows:

Jeep CJ5

Jeep CJ5 Price in Pakistan 2024:

The Jeep is available in Pakistan, starting from PKR 5.1 – 25.0 lacs. The reason for the low price is already mentioned in the above paragraph, which is the old model, and the modifications are done by users according to their own choices, which in return has caused the reduction in the cost of the Jeep in Pakistan. Go for the Jeep that you think is best modified by the seller and does not have any kind of fault. You can check the mileage of the engine, too, and can go for the lowest one.

Wrangler Jeep:

Wrangler is an imported jeep that has gained fame in the country in a very short time. The Jeep of the company is available at several imported car dealers all around the country at different prices. Users have a variety of options as well as colors when it comes to buying these types of jeeps in the country. If you want to enjoy the latest features along with the old-school type body and an amazing drive, then you won’t find a better option than this Jeep in the country.

Wrangler Jeep

Wrangler Jeep Price in Pakistan 2024:

If you are thinking of buying an old Jeep from a company in Pakistan, then the minimum price that you must pay for it will be PKR 4,300,000. While if you are thinking of buying the latest variant of the car, which will definitely be a fresh import due to its high price. The price for the latest variant of this Jeep, after including all the import charges and customs duties in Pakistan, will be around 4,900,000. 

Jeep Availability in Pakistan 2024:

Now you have seen all the best jeeps that are available in Pakistan. All these jeeps in the country are available in only used condition as most jeeps in the country are only imported. New companies are entering the Pakistani auto market, so in the future, we can expect locally manufactured jeeps in the country. Until then, you have only an option to buy imported jeeps in used condition in the country. The criteria for checking the jeeps before the purchase is different as compared to the criteria for cars.

So, if you are interested in buying any jeeps from the three models displayed above or any other jeeps that are available for sale in the market, then you must consider consulting a jeep specialist. In this way, you will be able to select the Jeep with the best specification that will prove itself the best driving partner on the roads of the country. The rest is up to you. If you are an expert yourself, then there is no need to consult any car or jeep dealer. This was all about Jeep Price in Pakistan 2024.

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