Hybrid Cars Price in Pakistan 2024

As we know, petrol prices are talking to the sky these days, so hybrid cars are the only solution. Hybrid Cars Price in Pakistan vary depending on the features and the specification or if you’re going for a sedan or a hatchback. Some hybrid cars are also being manufactured in Pakistan, including Toyota Prius, while most of these cars are imported into the country. Here we will look at the prices of some of these cars, along with some interesting information regarding these hybrid cars.

Hybrid Cars Price in Pakistan

Different hybrid cars being used in Pakistan are as under, along with prices for 2024.

Toyota Prius:

This car was the first hybrid car introduced by Toyota in Pakistan. At the start, it was being imported, but now Toyota has started manufacturing this car locally. As people liked this car, and it gained popularity in a short time. Toyota Prius in Pakistan is now being offered in different variants with slight differences in prices and features.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Features:

The latest variant of Prius being offered in Pakistan by Toyota comes with many advanced features. A wireless charging system means you no longer need to carry or plug in a cable to charge your phones. Users will easily be able to charge their phones using this advanced system installed in this car. Besides this, the company has added different driving modes to this car. Drivers or passengers can select any type of driving mode depending upon their mood or necessity, whether they want to drive it at low or high speed. The most advanced feature here in this car is the Panoramic View Monitor. This provides the driver full view of the car, which makes it much easier for him to handle the car.

Toyota Prius Price in Pakistan 2024:

This year Toyota is selling this car for PKR 14,649,000. 

Toyota Aqua:

After Prius, one of the most used cars in the hybrid category of Toyota in Pakistan is Toyota Aqua. This car is only imported to Pakistan. The price of this car is high these days due to higher taxes. But it’s a one-time investment as you can save a more significant amount of fuel after buying this car, and you will never regret your decision. This car provides users with a pleasant driving experience and can go miles without malfunctioning. The high-quality batteries added to this car by the company have made the car more reliable for highways.

Toyota Aqua

Toyota Aqua Features:

As a small hatchback hybrid car, this car still has many advanced features. This car commonly comes with power windows, power steering, a multifunctional steering wheel, alloy rims, automatic climate control, and more. But besides these features, there are some extraordinary as well as exciting features in this car, that are traction control.

Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price of this car ranges between PKR68.1 lacs. This car is only available in the used condition these days. As the import of cars is stopped in the country due to unstable economic conditions. If you are interested in buying this car, you can easily have it from car-selling websites online from any home user who has listed his car for sale. We suggest you wait until the import is resumed as users selling this car these days are demanding very high prices that are really unjust.

Honda Vezel:

The first hybrid car of Honda in Pakistan was “Vezel.” Users still love this car. This car has been imported in the same variant up till now since the car was first imported into the country. But this car is much more advanced in terms of features if we compare it with Toyota Prius and Toyota Aqua.

Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel Features:

Some common features of the Honda Vezel include power windows, alloy rims, automatic parking breaks, cruise control, eco mode, and much more.

Honda Vezel Price in Pakistan 2024:

This car is priced between PKR 86.5 lacs – 1.47 crore (Used) depending on the make, model, and variant. The latest variant of this car comes with high technological features that have made the price of this car much higher than the previous variants. All the latest features added in the current model launched this year by Honda have made this car a luxury SUV. This car is best if you have a family of more than four members, as it has a good trunk capacity as well as perfect headroom and leg space. All these features and specifications have made this car ideal for family use.

Hybrid cars Availability in Pakistan:

Suppose you have made up your mind to buy a hybrid car after reading this blog post. Then we need you to know that from the cars discussed above, only Toyota Prius is being offered by Toyota Pakistan to its customers as it is being manufactured locally. Other than this car, all cars that we discussed above are only available in used condition at different car-selling websites. There are huge numbers of imported car dealers that are offering these hybrid cars all across the country. These cars were imported in huge quantities previously. Make sure you know all the necessary information regarding these cars before buying.

Most people treat this car the same as petrol engine cars. Here let us clear you that these cars are to be kept with care. The maintenance cost of these cars is much higher than those of other local cars. Make sure to get an inspection service for the car that you are buying. As many people do not have much now how regarding these cars, and they buy a car with weak engines or batteries. Here the batteries of this car are really expensive. So take your mechanic with you always when buying these cars in used condition. This was all about hybrid carS price in Pakistan. As soon as we receive any other update regarding any upcoming hybrid car in Pakistan, we will share that news with our viewers.

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