Hi Speed 70 Price In Pakistan 2024

Hi speed bikes are manufactured by Raazy motors in Pakistan. Hi Speed 70 Price In Pakistan is available here. Hi-speed is known for quality bikes in Pakistan. The brand got famous after the launch of Hi speed infinity in Pakistan. This bike got popular among youngsters. The company has been launching new models with changes every year. Transformations are done according to the changing demands in the automotive industry. The main reason for the success of the Hi speed company in Pakistan is that they make bikes by seeing the perspectives of their respected customers.

Here the company has introduced a mid-range bike for daily use for their customers with the same specifications and features that other Chinese brands are offering. Let’s have a glimpse of its features and specs, but before moving on, it is necessary to see at what price the company is offering this bike. The price of this bike is as follows:

Hi speed 70 Price In Pakistan:

This bike is available in Pakistan for PKR 85,000. At the start, this bike was being offered for Only PKR 109,500, but these days due to Inflation in the country, the prices are talking to the sky.  

Hi speed 70 Registration Fees 2024:

The registration fees after buying a bike are mandatory. After registration, you can legally use it within or outside the city without any trouble. So here let us tell you that the registration fee for this bike is about PKR 3000. People, after buying this bike, can visit the excise and taxation office directly with the bike documents they got from the company and get their bike registered or pay some extra amount to Hi Speed officials, and they will get the registration process done for you in this way your time would be saved.

Hi Speed 70 Bike Weight and Look:

This bike is designed in a way so that the weight of the bike remains light, and bike users can easily control the bike without the danger of falling. Furthermore, the total weight of this bike is 82 kg, and the look of this bike is simply designed with only basic features such as headlights and 4 indicators with normal bulbs inside. 

Hi Speed Bike Engine CC:

The engine of this bike is similar to other Chinese bikes being used in Pakistan. This bike comes with a 70cc engine, that’s why its speed is sometimes higher than Honda CD 70, as that bike comes with a 68cc engine. The main reason why Chinese bikes have more speed is that their engine is more efficient, and the weight of bikes is also comparatively low. Moreover, like other Chinese bikes, these bikes also don’t have any push start option but only come with a kick start.

Hi Speed 70 Bike Weight and Look

Hi Speed Bike Fuel Tank Capacity:

The fuel tank of this bike can be filled to a maximum of almost 10 liters of fuel. Here this is a good point because other bikes have a fuel storage capacity of almost a liter. This bike can go up to 700 km in one full fuel tank means it’s really fuel efficient.

Hi Speed Bike Features:

The price has increased a lot, but the features remain the same. The company did not add any new features to this bike after the price increase. Some basic features of this bike include:

Side Indicators
Front Headlight
Kick Start
Analogue Speedometer
Front Drum Brakes
Rear Drum Brakes
12 Volt Battery

These are some of the common features that this bike comes with. The company claims to add some more features to this bike in the future that will change the look of this bike completely.

Hi Speed Bike Specifications:

Besides the engine, other specifications of this bike include:

Kerb Weight 82 kg
Ground Clearance 136 mm
Displacement 72 cc
Transmission Type 4 Speed
Fuel Type Petrol

These are all the specifications of this bike, including length and weight. So people thinking of buying a new bike can first see the specification chart here before making any decision regarding the purchase of this bike.

Hi Speed 70 Bike Colors:

This bike comes in only a variety of two colors, including Black and Red. The paint quality is just fine but good in this kind of price range. Most of the Chinese bike dealers are selling this bike in red color as it is one of the most demanding colors due to certain reasons. Moreover, if you are planning to buy this bike in black color, you can get it upon pre-booking after some days.

Hi Speed Bike Maintenance Cost:

As it is a Chinese bike, its maintenance cost is less as compared to the maintenance cost of Honda bikes. Hi speed does not offer any specific dealership from where you can get hassle-free maintenance. The maintenance of this bike could be done only by different Random mechanics, but the cost is really less. Most probably it costs 600 rupees for an oil change and tunning, which is necessary after you buy a new bike. But beware of visiting random mechanics before taking any reviews, as you can get in trouble. So just prefer visiting certified mechanics.

Hi Speed Bike Availability 2024:

Lastly, after reading all the specifications, features, and other information displayed above regarding this bike, now you must be thinking about upgrading your bike or buying one bike for yourself. So here let me tell you this bike is among the best Chinese bikes for daily use. Just take your National identity card with you and visit any Chinese bike dealer near you, and after payment, take your bike with you.

Due to the rising prices of petrol, most people are shifting towards fuel efficient bikes so if you are also one of them then this bike will be really beneficial for you. The company is also providing a home delivery option for this bike through which you can book this bike online or calling by customer service, and the bike will be delivered directly to your home or any other place where you want it to be delivered. This was all about the Hi speed 70 price in Pakistan.

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