Car Battery Price in Pakistan 2024

Car Battery Price in Pakistan is available here. The battery is the main part of the car, without which the car is unable to work. The decision regarding the car battery should always be taken wisely as it can affect the performance of your car, especially when one is traveling on highways. As we all know, these days, only automatic cars are coming on the market, and manual cars are getting out of the league.

Manual cars can also be turned on if the battery gets out of order by pushing the car by engaging it in first gear, but when we talk about automatic cars, specifically, these cars cannot be turned on if the battery gets low. So, to keep car users safe from cheap batteries that often get out of order, we are here with the prices of all high-quality batteries that are available in Pakistan. The prices of these batteries are as follows:

Car Battery Price in Pakistan:

Below are the prices of some well-known car battery brands in Pakistan. These are the current prices that may change depending on the economic situation of the country.

Osaka Car Battery:

Osaka has been making car batteries in Pakistan for quite a long time. The brand has a good reputation all over the country. The brand provides a warranty of almost 6 months. At this time, if any problem occurs in the battery of the car, then it is replaced free of cost by the company.

Osaka Car Battery

Osaka Car Battery Price in Pakistan:

The price of Osaka car batteries in Pakistan ranges from PKR 5,900-9,500. This is the price range of Osaka batteries. You can check the required capacity of your car and then may buy batteries directly from any official outlet of Osaka all over the country. Make sure you take the receipt after the purchase of the battery because, without it, the warranty couldn’t be claimed.

Exide Car Battery:

Exide car batteries are common in Pakistan. Every second car in Pakistan is equipped with Exide batteries. The company makes both Dry batteries and liquid batteries. Here we will suggest our users always buy dry batteries for their cars. Although there is not any issue in getting your car equipped with liquid batteries, if you go with a dry battery, you will be saved from checking the battery water again and again.

Exide Car Battery

Exide Car Battery Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price of Exide batteries starts from PKR 6,000 and goes further. It depends on the type of battery you are buying as well as the category of battery, whether you are going to opt for a liquid battery or a dry battery.

AGS Car Battery:

The batteries of AGS are widely used in Pakistan, especially in cars with good engine displacement. This means that the batteries made by the company are of high quality and that most of the heavy vehicles are being operated using these batteries. Up till now, no complaints have been heard reading the batteries of AGS in Pakistan.

AGS Car Battery

AGS Car Battery Price in Pakistan 2024:

AGS car battery price in Pakistan varies. The price of these batteries typically ranges from PKR 9,600-19,500. You may buy this battery from any online website selling these batteries, different battery shops, or the official outlets of AGS. Here we suggest that users buy the battery from only official outlets to keep themselves safe from any kind of fraud. Batteries being sold in different shops are often repaired.

Volta Car Battery:

Volta car batteries are available at various outlets of Volta all over Pakistan. Users intending to replace their car batteries or buy a new battery can buy this car battery.

Volta Car Battery Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price of these batteries ranges from PKR 7,500-9,500. Here the price range of these batteries is low as compared to the prices of other car batteries mentioned above because the company only makes car batteries for hatchbacks and sedan-type cars.

Car Battery Availability in Pakistan 2024:

All the batteries displayed above are available at their respective outlets all over Pakistan. Suppose you are also among those who are tired of sub-standard batteries. Then these batteries are best in this price range. Remember one thing that never uses any bad quality battery in your car as it can damage your car. So get up and rush to your nearest battery outlets and find the perfect battery for your car. To see what battery suits your car, you can consult your local mechanic or any expert at the battery shop by telling him the make, model and variant of your car. He will better assist you that what type of battery you should use in your car in order to keep it good for a longer run.

Moreover, if you think you cannot find any suitable battery for your car, you can get it imported yourself. Usually, all batteries are available in Pakistan, but this can happen in only one case, and that case is your car may be a hybrid. These batteries are common in cars like Toyota Prius and Honda Fit and many other Japanese car brands in Pakistan. Hybrid car batteries are not manufactured in Pakistan. So never buy any used hybrid car battery from any local shop as it can affect the performance of your car badly. As soon as we get information on changing trends in car batteries, we will update you. This was all about Car Battery Prices in Pakistan.

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