YTO Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

To give you an idea about the YTO tractor, which company is manufacturing this tractor, you would know its name is new in the automotive industry. Therefore we are bringing you the YTO Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024. So, for your interest, The YTO Group Corporation is a Chinese agricultural machinery and construction machinery manufacturing company whose vehicles or machinery are available in significant parts of the world.

In addition, the machinery manufacturing company offers wheeled tractors, crawler tractors, and combine harvesters and provides construction machinery, tractor tools, road rollers, industrial bulldozers, loaders, diesel engines, etc. The YTO tractor is the best in the agricultural field because of its good performance. In addition, according to the company’s official statement, the YTO tractors are the best-imported tractors in Pakistan. It is because of European technology and Chinese origin that the making of this tractor.  On the other hand, there are different models in this tractor brand. They are

  • YTO EX-800 2WD (80HP)
  • YTO EF-804 4WD (80HP)
  • YTO EMF-604 4WD (60HP)

Price of YTO tractor in Pakistan 2024

The price of a YTO tractor depends on the current market value, and the engine performance of the tractor is generally after in the making of the cost of this tractor. However, the quality materials of the vehicle increase the price of this tractor from the cars of the same class. The used cars are easily accessible to customers all over the country.

Models Price
YTO X904H Rs. 8752425 (Expected)
YTO X904 Rs. 6798000 (Expected)

Safety features in YTO tractor

The company believes that in Pakistan, the tractor drivers and almost all the farmers are illiterate. So to save them from any crash, the company endeavors all the possible safety measures in this tractor and makes the safety requirements for this vehicle fantastic as the company realizes that the occupant’s lives matter. However, it costs money and increases the final price of the tractor but knowing how much it is worth the person’s life is essential from all the perspectives. In addition to that, the safety specs of this car compete with the other vehicle whether the cost of the second vehicle is high.

Hydraulic suspension system
Force control
Disc brakes and drum brakes
Position control sensors
Float control
Force and position synthesis
Fuel low warning meter
High-efficiency parking brake system
High safety is ensured due to the use of the wet disc brake

Besides these, the rear axle brake in this tractor adopts the wet disk brake, which is reliable and helps ensure the driver’s safety and makes the control easy.

Features of YTO tractor

From the beginning, you all are familiar with the design and engine specs.  Besides that, the vehicle has other beautiful features which make it different from other vehicles and its counterparts, bringing this vehicle to the top of the list. The latest version of the YTO tractor has the latest features to fulfill the farmer’s desire from every aspect, and they don’t feel irritated throughout the work. The performance of this tractor shall not bore them. These features make the vehicle catch the farmers’ attraction and attention in its first introduction, and they are insisting on buying this tractor because the price is affordable. Apart from this, some of the prominent features of the YTO tractor are available in the table below.

Gearbox 12F + 4R.
Factory fitted 3 Point Hitch System
Compact structure, ease of operation, on and maintenance
Highly efficient fuel consumption and saving lots of money
They are specially designed for heavy load towing and hard soil Ploughing.

Strong traction control

High quality and long-life tires
Best value for money and investment
Financing facility available
1-year complete warranty of spare parts
Economically affordable price
Comfortable to control in every type of ride
High storage fuel tank capacity
Available in 4 different variations

The basic working of the YTO wheeled tractor is plowing, tilling, grass cutting, planting, landscaping, and other tasks. And you know that to make these working easy, the corporation inserts the particular parts to perform the specific function perfectly.

Specifications of YTO Tractor

The engine of this tractor is powerful enough to harvest the agricultural land perfectly. Furthermore, these tractors are accessible in different variants having different power—production capabilities and performances. The excellent quality material is used to manage this tractor engine to better the off-road experience of the farmers.  In addition, the European technology in this tractor makes it reliable. Apart from that, the YTO  company provides a 1-year complete warranty of spare parts to the customers from the days of buying. According to their statement, a full warranty and many original spare parts are available to give the customer a trusty impression.

Engine displacement capacity 4.33L to 9.73L
Engine type and engine model Verticle & water-cooled and YTO-LR4B5-23
Power production capacity 80hp
Number of cylinders and valves Four cylinders
Fuel tank capacity 80 liter to 115 liter
Transmission mechanism type 12+12 Transmission with shuttle-type gear
Maximum mileage value 1.56 liter per acre

Specifications of YTO Tractor

The YTO tractor needs maintenance after regular intervals to keep the quality of the performance reasonable. In addition, the maintenance of this vehicle costs money, but you know it is necessary to give the best result. However, if the tractor is in use for a considerable time without proper maintenance, it will create problems in the drive,e and their impact is directly on the performance. Furthermore, sometimes the cause of the crash is the vehicle’s improper maintenance because the engine does not perform a specific task.

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Final words

Although there are many subsidiaries and divisions of the YTO group of companies, the company is best known for best manufacturing tractors and other agricultural machinery. The YTO tractor is easily accessible to customers everywhere in Pakistan.

According to one of the company officials, No other imported or local tractor can match the performance of the YTO tractor. In simple words, the performance of the YTO tractor is excellent, and no one can beat the operation of the YTO tractor. On the other hand, the company installed the latest version of all the features to make it incomparable in the tractors industry. Our team hopes that you like our review of YTO Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024.

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