Vans Price in Pakistan 2024

Vans Price in Pakistan is discussed here. There are multiple companies in the countries that are offering vans in Pakistan. These types of vehicles can be used for multiple purposes, such as cargo purposes as well as pick and drop purposes. Here I am going to share some of the features and specifications of all the vans that are being used in the country, with all the price lists announced by the respective companies for this year. The price announced for these vehicles in the country is as follows:

Vans Price in Pakistan 2024

Suzuki Bolan Van:

Suzuki Bolan is an ancient vehicle of the company. This vehicle has been running on the market with a great profit for years. Until now, no major upgrades have been made to the vehicle by the company. If Suzuki makes some more modifications like the addition of power mirrors, power windows, and other features like airbags in the van, then the sales can go higher. In addition to all these added features in this car, Suzuki previously added an air conditioner in some variants of this van for the peace of the users so that they can enjoy cool weather inside the vehicle on hot sunny days. Let’s see, in these times of economic instability, the van with this many ordinary features is being offered in the country at what price?

Suzuki Bolan Van Price in Pakistan 2024:

Currently, the price for a new Suzuki Bolan is PKR 1,940,000. If you go for an old model that is available in used condition, then the price may drop and become lower. It all depends on your budget whether you will go for an old model or will consider buying a new model Suzuki Bolan in the best condition.

Vans Price in Pakistan 2023


Suzuki APV:

Suzuki APV is an old model van of Suzuki that is only available in used condition in the country at several Suzuki car dealers. The car is best in terms of features and specs as compared to the Suzuki APV discussed above. The car comes with power windows and mirrors and many more features that the users will experience when they are going to get their hands on this van. The features and specs of this van have made it best for traveling purposes inside as well as outside the city, as the car is always able to provide the users with the best fuel average.

Suzuki APV

Suzuki APV Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price of this van in the country ranges from PKR 6,290,000. This is the price range at which the vehicle is available for sale at several Suzuki car dealers across the country. Suzuki lovers can buy this car at the best price that suits them in the best condition.

Faw XPV:

Faw XPV’s price in Pakistan has been announced by the company. The cars of the company have been in the market for years, but the Faw XPV has gained the attention of several people who were thinking of buying a van. The van equipped with good features is also a little bit greater in size. Here users are much impressed by the build quality and features the company has tried to provide the users in this kind of price range. The car’s best feature that has enabled the company to grab more sales is the dual AC that has been added to the car by the company. This feature keeps the passengers and drivers cool throughout the journey so that they don’t feel tired after arriving at their destination. In addition to this, the comfortable seats added to the cabin of the car makes the car’s interior more peaceful.


Faw XPV Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price of this car in the country is PKR 1,304,000. This is the ex-factory price of this car which can go up or down with time. But currently, it is the best vehicle with the best kind of specs and features in this kind of low-price range that could satisfy the needs of the users, especially for the ones having low budgets.

Vans Maintenance Cost in Pakistan:

Not to worry about the maintenance cost of the vans in Pakistan, as the vans come with a very low maintenance cost that is friendly to the pocket of the users. Users owning vans never complained about the higher maintenance cost of the vehicles. All you need to do is to get an oil change timely and get your car tuned after every 5000 km so that small issues occurring in the vehicle can be fixed instantly instead of causing the car more issues when being driven on longer journeys. These tips are to be applied when you have kept the van for more than five years. If less time is passed, then no need to worry about the maintenance of your vehicle.

Vans Availability in Pakistan:

If you are interested in buying a van while living in Pakistan, then no need to worry. All these companies are ready to serve you. You can buy a van from any of the companies listed above according to your need or according to your budget. If you want to go for a new van, then Suzuki Bolan will be the best option for you these days. The van these days is available in new condition, and the remaining other vans are only available in used condition. So, it is better to go for a new van if you are not an expert when it comes to checking the condition of old cars. It is also an art to check the conditions of old vehicles before purchasing them.

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