Top Selling Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2024

Top Selling Bikes Prices in Pakistan are discussed here. Different bike companies in Pakistan are offering bikes to the people of Pakistan. So, we have listed bikes from these companies here in this blog post. In this way, users tending to buy new bikes will clearly be able to choose the bike of their type without any hassle of getting into trouble after the purchase. Here, let me make clear that the information that we provide about bikes and cars is only taken after getting it confirmed from the user who bought the bike and is currently using it.

In this way, you people here reading these blog posts can easily get know-how about the bike that you are thinking of buying and still not proceeding further due to lack of knowledge. So, let’s begin our discussion and start discussing the top-selling bikes in the country these days. So, let’s begin our discussion. The top-selling bikes of these brands, along with their prices as announced by the brands for the current year, are elaborated below:

Top Selling Bikes Prices in Pakistan:

The bikes of these brands that are generating top sales this year are as follows:

Honda CD 70:

In the category of top-selling bikes in Pakistan, first comes the Honda CD 70. This bike has been used in the country for long. You can say that it is the first product of the company Honda in the country. Now, many of you might be thinking that the bike is still being produced by the brand up till now from the launch date of this bike.

So here let me tell you that the main reason behind this is the demand for this bike which instead of decreasing is increasing with time. The main reason why the production of bikes has not stopped for years until now is the high-quality products that are used in the manufacturing process of this bike, as well as the excellent fuel average that this bike provides to its users. So, let’s see currently what price the company is asking for this bike in the country.

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2024:

The current price of this bike in the country is PKR 157,900. This is the current price at which the bike is available for sale at the official dealership of the company. Despite inflation, where the prices of different products are rising at the same time, the prices of bikes are also going up.

Honda CD 70 2023 Price in Pakistan

Yamaha YBR 125:

125 cc category of Yamaha bikes has also gained much fame in the country, and the bike has become one of the top-selling bikes of the brand in the country. The bikes come with basic features that other ordinary 70cc bikes as well as 125 cc bikes of Honda lags. Yamaha has captured a huge customer base in the country through this bike.

The main reason people buy this bike in the country is due to its outclass shape, specs, and features that are far better than the bikes of Honda in the country. At the time when the bike was launched in the country, Honda did not have any other bike that was offered in the same category at the same price. This is also one of the main reasons for the company in Pakistan as there was no tough competition, and the brand made its customer base stronger as soon as it entered the market.

Yamaha YBR 125 Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price of this bike in the country is PKR 453,000. This is the price for this bike in Pakistan whether you buy this bike in red, black, or any other color from the company’s catalog.

YBR 125 G

United US 70:

We have talked about two of the Japanese bikes that are in great demand in the country. At the same time, the United US 70, which is a Chinese bike, is also in great demand. The sales of the brand are going, and the reason is these 70cc bikes in the country. People hardly trust Chinese brands due to quality issues in Pakistan, but here, the brand has proven itself great in terms of quality and has gained the trust of the people of Pakistan by selling the bikes with the best quality. Let’s see at what prices these days these bikes are being provided to bike users in the country. The prices of this bike in the country are as follows:

United US 70 Price in Pakistan 2024:

The current price of this bike in the country is PKR 112,500. There were times when the same bike was offered in the country under the price tag of PKR 50,000. But now things are different due to certain reasons which have made the price of this bike high in the country.

United US 70

Top Selling Bikes Availability in Pakistan 2024:

Here, the good thing about these bikes is that the bikes are easily available at the official dealerships that are located all over the country. If you plan to buy the bikes from any of the companies that are listed above, then no need to worry; just head towards the nearest bike showroom of these brands in your area and take your new ride home. Make sure you go through all the documentation and all the other procedures as asked by the salesperson at the time of purchase. Check each and everything related to the bike prior to purchase, as the company will not be responsible later on. This was all about Top Selling Bikes price in Pakistan 2024.

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