Suzuki shogun Bike price in Pakistan 2024

Suzuki Shogun was one of the earliest bikes brought to the auto industry for everyday commuting and to reduce distance. So today, we have decided to bring the Suzuki shogun Bike price in Pakistan 2024.

In addition, this bike was powered by a 108.2 cc displacement capacity. A single-cylinder 2-stroke engine was inserted to produce 14 BHP at 8500 rpm and maximum torque of 11.4 Nm at 8250 Rpm. Furthermore, the engine of this bike was mated to a 4-speed gearbox. The Suzuki Shogun reached a top speed of 105 kilometers per hour. And the performance of this vehicle is comparable to the current generation motorcycle having a displacement capacity of 135 ccs.

On the other hand, its low weight is just 114 kg and making it even comparable to 150 cc motorcycles. It competed with none other than Yamaha RX100 and only returned a fuel economy of about 40 kilometers per liter. This bike is frugal as compared to today’s auto industry.

The Suzuki shogun Boss could sprint from zero speed to the speed of 60 kilometers per hour in a matter of just 4.5 seconds, and the top rate of this bike is hovering around the 105 kilometers per hour mark. It returned a mileage of a minimum of 40 kilometers under one liter to 45 kilometers per liter.

Price of Suzuki Shogun Bike in 2024

The price of Suzuki shogun in Pakistan is more than 80 thousand. Moreover, these models of bikes are very old, so used bikes are also available under the name of this brand. The used Suzuki shogun is available at the cost of nine thousand to thirty thousand. The price of these used bikes depends upon the overall condition of the motorcycle and model number. Furthermore, the new Suzuki shogun is not designed because the Suzuki corporation discontinues the manufacturing of these bikes. So the previous and old model bikes are available for sale, but the market for these bikes is not well, and the demand is decreasing drastically.

Price of Suzuki Shogun Bike in Pakistan 2024 PKR 80,000 to 125000 rupees
Price of Suzuki Shogun Bike in 2024

Safety measures in Suzuki Shogun Bike

The safety features in Suzuki shogun are not too good as compared to the company’s latest vehicles. Although some essential equipment is installed, like the hydraulic rear suspension and the front suspension is oil-damped to overcome the friction. Furthermore, the front and rear Wheel18-inch and the front tire pressure and back tire pressure are 24 psi and 28 psi, respectively.

Rear Brake 130mm Dia Internal Expanding Drum
Front Brake 130mm Dia Internal Expanding Drum
Shock Absorber with Coaxial Springs
Rear Suspension Swing Arm, Hydraulic
Front Suspension Telescopic, Oil Damped
Fortunate wheel size
Performance tires
Wear a properly fitted helmet
Use safety mirrors and always wear the proper gear

If you are riding, then please pay great attention to the helmet because it saves the head from severe injuries and wounds in a crash, so without a helmet, it is advised not to travel.

Salient features of Suzuki Shogun Bike

The Suzuki shogun is a good-looking bike and a powerful engine. Compared to the vehicles of the nineties, it is solid body quality and gives good value for money.

Analog speedometer
Analogue Tachometer
Analogue Odometer
Analogue Fuel gauge
Powerful two-stroke engine
Aerodynamic body style
Fuel efficient and good mileage
Electric start
Good Looks
Turn Signal Light (Front)12V 10W
Turn Signal Light (Rear)12V 10W
Solid Build Quality and kick start

Engine specifications

The Suzuki shogun fuel system is carb and air-cooled, and the displacement is 110 cc. Furthermore, this vehicle’s maximum torque production is 11.4 NM @ 8250 RPMs, and there are four valves per cylinder. You know that in Suzuki shogun, only one cylinder is installed because it was designed before the nineties, so the design is per that time requirement and needs. And there are four gears which means that it is a four-speed manual. While on the other side, the gear ratios of the  Suzuki shogun are discussed below.

1st gear – 3.083 (37/12)

2nd gear – 1.867 (28/15)

3rd gear- 1.278 (23/18)

4th gear- 0.954 (21/22)

Engine specifications

Furthermore, the total curb weight of this bike is   114 kg, and the fuel tank of this bike should store 12 liters of petrol. And you should be familiar with the mileage of this motorcycle, so on the entire tank, it can travel a substantial displacement because it burns a low amount of fuel and covers a long distance

Engine displacement capacity 108.2 cc
Engine type CDI Electronic two-stroke
Power production capability 14 BHP @ 8500 rpm
No.of cylinder and valves 1 and 4 valves
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission mechanism type Fully manual
Maximum Mileage 30 kilometers per liter

In the Suzuki shogun bike, the ignition system is CDI (Electronic). The Compression Ratio of this bike is 7.7, and the Spark Plug Model NGK-BP8HS, MICO W5BC type, and the Idling Speed of this bike is 1500 rpm (rotation per minute). Moreover, the air Cleaner is made from Polyurethane Foam Element, and the Carburettor is MIKUNI VM20 SS type. In addition, the clutch of Suzuki shogun is a Wet Multi-plate type. Besides this, the primary reduction ratio is 3.4 (51/15), and the final reduction Ratio is 3.385 (44/13). And the gear Pattern of this motorcycle is All Down, Heel-toe Shift.

Now coming to the chassis, the front suspension of the Suzuki shogun is telescopic and oil damped to perform better work. The rear suspension is a swing arm, which is hydraulic to achieve good results.

On the other hand, the battery installed in Suzuki shogun is 12 volts, and the current ability is 2.5 Ah. Moreover, it is an electric start bike, and the front and rear installed on this bike consumed 12 volts.

Final words

The Suzuki shogun bike is proof that you can be both fast and frugal. In addition, the whole journey on this motorcycle gives you fun, and it is affordable.

On the other hand, it is in a package that’s not too big, and not too small but complete and perfect.

Choosing the best bike with is not complicated because we bring you the best real-time reviews. We hope that Suzuki Shogun Price in Pakistan 2024 assists you in choosing it wisely.

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