Suzuki Ritz Price in Pakistan 2024

Suzuki Cars Manufacturing company always believes in bringing reliable and durable cars at an affordable price. Keeping this in mind today, we have got Suzuki Ritz Price in Pakistan 2024 for you.

The Suzuki ritz is famous for its excellent mileage and low power consumption. Within one liter of fuel, it can take several kilometers of distance without refueling. Due to its low power consumption, it is more significant than other local cars. In addition, the Suzuki Ritz is compact in design, and you can easily park them in a smaller space. Currently, there are four variants of Suzuki Ritz in the market.

  1. Ritz LDI
  2. Ritz Vlate
  3. Ritz VDI
  4. Ritz ABS

However, you should note that the dimensions and features of these variants are almost the same, which means their prices will have a slight difference. If you are looking for the best hatchback car for your family, then Suzuki Ritz is the perfect fit for that. The small size of this car makes it eye captivating for buyers with a smaller family. However, the most significant factor which makes it valuable in front of buyers is its efficiency and excellent mileage. In terms of power, the car has a 1298 Cc engine capable of climbing average heights and carrying heavy loads.

Suzuki Ritz Price in Pakistan 2024

These hatchbacks cars’ costs are lower because Suzuki focuses on economic price ranges for buyers. Suzuki Ritz’s price may variate due to new taxes on the automobile sector, but it will be affordable for middle-class people. According to car experts, their prices range from 1 million PKR to 1.5 million PKR. However, they would change their price with time.

Price of Suzuki Ritz in PKR PKR 10 Lacs to 15 Lacs
Price of Suzuki Ritz in USD

For some buyers, ts price, may seem higher, but still, this price is worth the car you will be getting. Due to its multi-features and best specifications, its price is not very much. Suzuki Ritz is the best choice if you are looking for reliability and durability in one car. And if you want cheaper which is not much durable and reliable then go for local vehicles.

The Exterior Design of Suzuki Ritz

The Suzuki Ritz, is available in multiple colors, bringing you many choices to choose the perfect color for your car. Furthermore, the front of the car is angular with a spindle grille and an air intake. Such design also makes it aerodynamic friendly and enables the car to attain high-speed faster. The company has drawn some compelling lines on the car’s front bonnet for more beautification. These lines also bring a decent look to it and make it more captivating for viewers from the sides. The car also has hatchback doors with ample lamps like other smaller components. Moreover, the car’s backside has an eye-attractive and modern look with stylish lights that bring a better finishing.

The Exterior Design of Suzuki Ritz

Interior Design of Suzuki Ritz

Like the car’s exterior, the interior is also fascinating and unique. The vehicle has five passengers comfy seats with two-tone fabrics that bring it a modern look. Furthermore, the car has a speedometer, fuel meter. Moreover, the vehicle has a power steering wheel that requires little force to turn to make it easier for drivers. On the other side, the car has the best audio system with USB ports used to charge phones and other devices. Apart from that, the vehicle also has Bluetooth options for connecting Bluetooth devices to it. As safety is also a principal factor for Suzuki, they have designed the car with two front airbags. Unlike most cars, it has barking brakes indicators, which makes it even safer in tight spaces during parking

Interior Design of Suzuki Ritz

Features of Suzuki Ritz

This car has a clear edge over other hatchback cars when it comes to unique and reliable features. The vehicle has a steering adjustment rake that stabilizes the steering moment during the drive and has power steering, assisting drivers. Furthermore, like most cars, it also has air conditioners that work very well during winter and summers to maintain optimum temperatures inside the vehicle. To assist drivers and passengers more with their small luggage, the car has a glove box in which you can place your purse, phone, and other small items. The vehicle also has digital clocks and has dual horns.

The various features of the Suzuki Ritz are present n the below table. Check out these features and let us know what you think about them in the comment section.


Parking Brake Indicator
Digital Clock
Map Pockets
Dual Horns
Air Conditioner
Power Outlet
Centre Console With Cup Holder
Body-Colored Bumpers
Chrome Inside Rear View Mirror
Remote Boot Release
Steering Adjustment (Rake)
Glove Box
Remote Fuel Filler
Power Steering
Rear Seat (Split)
Tinted Glass

These are fantastic features that make it the best hatchback car for smaller families within affordable price ranges.

Specifications of Suzuki Ritz,

The Suzuki Ritz, has manual gear type transmission and has an engine displacement of 1298CC, which is relatively higher than other hatchback cars. Furthermore, the car has a fuel-type diesel and can attain 43-liter diesel in its fuel tank. The engine of this car has four cylinders which give it a maximum speed of 185 km/hr, which is incredibly higher than other hatchbacks.

Transmission Type Manual
Engine Displacement 1298 CC
Fuel Type Diesel
Body Type Hatchback
No of Cylinders 4
Top speed 185 km/hr
Mileage 18 km/liter
Maximum Torque 180 Nm @ 2000 RPM
Fuel tank Capacity 43 Liters

If we talk about its efficiency, then it is one of the efficient and energy-saving cars from Suzuki. It can travel 18 kilometers of distance per one liter of diesel during its ride. Moreover, the car generates a maximum torque of 180Nm when running at 2000 Rpm.

Final Words

If you are looking for a car with a lower price and lasts for a longer time, we will suggest Suzuki Ritz because it has a significantly lower price and is fuel-efficient. Furthermore, the car has multiple features, making it even more eye captivating for buyers. However, if you want other hatchback cars, you can choose alternatives. But referring to you, Suzuki has an apparent reason: its durability for many years.

Therefore, we hope that Suzuki Ritz Price in Pakistan 2024 is precious for you in choosing this car.

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