Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2024 Price in Pakistan

Most people in Pakistan have small businesses, and they want to expand the whole company. Keeping their transportation problems ahead, we have brought Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2024 Price to Pakistan

In a small work firm; you know that the delivery of the product is a significant issue. Many people start small-scale businesses and give delivery. Still, they are confused about taking the customer’s orders and delivering them to their customers at the proper time. All the small traders have good news that their dreams of expanding their businesses have come true because the Suzuki motor corporation brings the Ravi to pick up to the market. In simple words, the Suzuki motor introduced the Suzuki Ravi pick up, and you are familiar with its working.

In addition, it is perfect for small-scale businesses and can be easily accessible in the market at low prices. Nowadays, the majority of the people, tiny firm traders, are looking at the Suzuki Ravi Pick up 2024 model in Pakistan. Their price has been checked numerous times in Pakistan on the Internet, and people are willing to know about it. The functions of this vehicle, and engine specs, are essential and modern features, and the latest price is in this article.

Furthermore, in this article, you will find every latest information which is authentic from the official and regarding the Suzuki Ravi pickup 2024 model, and you should not search other places. After reading this page, your criteria for this vehicle will determine why this car catches tremendous importance from the local level industry. For your convenience, the Suzuki Ravi got oppressed in the last few years due to its alternate vehicles in the market, but now it has taken its place. Furthermore, it is because the new Suzuki Ravi 2024 model comes with some modern and latest features and specifications. These stunning features, which are available at such low prices, are grabbing the attention of buyers.

Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2024 Price in Pakistan

The price of the Suzuki Ravi pickup is economical. And it is readily available in Pakistan. The used vehicle cost ranges from 9 lacs to 12 lacs for the new Suzuki Ravi pickup.

Price of Suzuki pickup in PKR PKR 1,856,000/-
Price of Suzuki pickup in USD

Engine specifications

The engine of the Suzuki Ravi pickup is three cylinders in line OHV engine. It can create power up to 63 kilowatts, and the displacement capacity is 797 cc.

Engine displacement capacity 797 cc
Engine type OHV inline three-cylinder engine
Power production capability 37 hp @ 5000 RPM
No.of cylinder and valves Three cylinders and six valves
Fuel type Petrol and 36 liters
Transmission mechanism type The manual 4-forward all-synchromesh, 1-reverse transmission mechanism
Maximum Mileage 20kl km/l to 28 km/l

The best thing which most will like about this van is its excellent mileage as local company vans have significantly lower mileage, but Suzuki Ravi has an incredible mileage.

Exterior of Suzuki pickup 2024

The exterior of the Suzuki Ravi pickup 2024 model is simple. You know better that this vehicle is made for loading purposes, so the simple design has many benefits in such types of cars. The front face is a curve shape through which the driver easily controls the vehicle. In addition, there are two seats in this pickup and two side doors. Furthermore, the engine of this vehicle is under these two seats, and in summer, it irritates the passengers, and because of its hot seat, most people do not drive it in the direct sunlight. On the other hand, the space for loading is vast, and a considerable amount of luggage can be stored. The overall length of Suzuki Ravi pick up in mm is 3195, and the overall width of this vehicle is mm 1395.

Exterior of Suzuki pickup 2022

Interior of Suzuki pickup 2024

Discussing the interior of Suzuki, Ravi picked up the 2024 model. Two people sit comfortably in the inside room of this car. Furthermore, the seats are made from fabric cloth and in every type of weather it can be employed. The leg space for the occupants in this vehicle is perfect for two, but three people will be sitting in the front, and in this way, the room space is much low, and they are not comfortable in this case. On the other hand, this vehicle is decorated with a cluster of infotainment features to make the travel enjoyable. The radio, sd card port, and USB port are prominent in their entertainment features.

Interior of Suzuki pickup 2022

Safety measures in Suzuki pickup in 2024 model

The Suzuki Ravi pickup’s safety requirements are not as handsome as other vehicles. It is because of the lower price of this vehicle. Some of the critical safety features of Suzuki Ravi are the following.

Front and Rear Side disc and drum brakes, respectively
Seat Belt Warning
Day & Night Rear View Mirror
Driver safety  Airbag
Crash sensors
Front and side-impact beams
Door ajar warning
Fuel check warning
Engine check warning

All these safety features make it one of the best safe vans from Suzuki ever.

Salient features of Suzuki pickup in  2024

The critical information about Suzuki Ravi is given in the points below.

Easily available spare parts
Economical price
Good mileage value
The 4-speed manual transmission mechanism
Large space for luggage
literature fuel tank capacity
Simple design
Low fuel consumption
Rack and pinion steering wheel type
EFI fuel system
120 kilometers per hour top speed
Steel rims wheels

Above, you can also see some stable and unique features not present in other company vans.

Final words

The Suzuki Ravi pickup 2024 model is best and suitable for business vehicles, and most small enterprises use this car for delivery. Furthermore, this is a standard pickup van that can be used commercially for loading from one place to another in a short time-lapse. On the other hand, being a loading van, it is not good with its exterior looks and is quite simple. But internally, it has a solid 797cc OHV four-cylinder engine.

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Moreover, its 36 Liter fuel tank can store fur for a long time and is much more efficient. The fuel consumption of this pickup van is petrol, and as well as you can also use it with a CNG kit on gasoline to reduce fuel consumption. The mileage of this van increases on gasoline power. The price of this van is very economical, and it is readily available everywhere in Pakistan.

We have a mission of assisting our readers by providing them with genuine reviews of all types of cars. We hope that Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2024 Price in Pakistan gives you the best and most valuable information for choosing this van.

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