Suzuki APV GLX Price In Pakistan 2024

If you know the Suzuki company, you will probably know that they launch many cars in a year. So today, you will learn about the Suzuki APV GLX price in Pakistan 2024.  It is expected that the reader should know about APV and know Suzuki’s fame in vehicles corporations. However, if an individual does not know about it, reading this page will tell you about this vehicle and its characteristics. So without doing any further ado, let’s start.

APV(All-purpose vehicle) implies that these vehicles are designed especially for cross-country travel on land, and wheels steer this vehicle. In addition to this, the all-purpose vehicle is made to transmit the luggage, and the number of passengers is also more than other vehicles.

The Suzuki APV(all-purpose vehicle) replaced the outgoing Suzuki Every. And the 1st Generation was launched in 2005 by the company. Suzuki APV 2021 has a front-engine and front-wheel-drive MPV.

Moreover, the Suzuki APV 2021 is the first MPV found in Pakistan by Pak Suzuki Motors. Suzuki APV 2021 is also referred to as the Suzuki APV Arena and the Mitsubishi Maven in other world regions.  Suzuki APV 2021 is only available in only one variant, GLX.

Suzuki APV GLX Price In Pakistan 2022

Unlike many others, the APV is a genuine eight-seater van. The third row of Suzuki APV was designed for three adults to sit in comfort. Compared with other cars, the space for legs is shallow in this car, but in Suzuki, APV has a kind of legroom or space, particularly for the second-and third-row passengers.

Moreover, there is a wide clearance between the seat and the door for the driver to sit comfortably and give full attention to the driving.

Suzuki APV GLX Price In Pakistan 2024

Suzuki APV 2024 in Pakistan is PKR 4,675,000 for its GLX variant. The cost of Suzuki APV in Pakistan is ex-factory.

Pakistan’s Suzuki APV 2021 price is approximately 35 lacs, which is not competitive compared to other cars in the same class available in the local market. Still, keep in mind that this price is for a used Suzuki APV,

Suzuki APV 2024 GLX price in PKR PKR 6,290,000
The Suzuki APV 2024 price in USD

Exterior Design Of Suzuki APV GLX

The Suzuki APV 2021 features a reasonably boxy design, even for an MPV. The front end houses trapezium side swept headlights, a rectangular grille with dual chrome accents, a large rectangular air intake, and standard circular fog lights. The rear end houses rectangular stacked taillights and a classic case tailgate. The overall exterior of the Suzuki APV 2021 features a reasonably boxy design that is familiar to a Japanese-designed MPV.

Interior Design of Suzuki APV GLX:

The Suzuki APV 2021 compromises beige and black plastic trim pieces. The front and rear seats are covered in beige fabric. Standard features include air conditioning, a 4-speaker two tweeter stereo speaker system, power windows, steering, power lock doors, and a tachometer. The overall interior of the Suzuki APV 2021 offers a good amount of interior space for an MPV of its exterior dimensions, and it also provides a decent level of comfort.

Interior Design of Suzuki APV GLX:

Specifications of Suzuki APV GLX

The specifications Of Suzuki APV GLX are presented below. There you can see all of its specifications. If you want to know more about these, you should read the whole article. By the way, its specifications are excellent and worth the cost you pay for it.

Transmission Manual
Transmission speed 5-speed
Fuel average 12-13 km/l
No of cylinders in Engine 4
Valve Mechanism DOHC 16 Valves
Torque 126 Nm @ 3000 RPM
Fuel capacity 44 liters

Specifications of Suzuki APV GLX

The best thing about Suzuki APV GLX is its mileage, which comes due to its 16 valves mechanism, making it energy efficient from other company cars.

Features Of Suzuki APV GLX

Below, we have listed the car’s features in a table. However, you should note that this model hasn’t many features, unlike other vehicles, but these features are reliable and make it a worthy car.

Power Windows
Power steering wheel
Power lock doors
Stereo Speaker System
Air-Conditioning System
Comfortable Seats
8 Seats in 3 lines.

To know more about these features, you should check the whole article.

Safety features

As you will already know what is safe in a car. In the early days, automobile companies focused on the style of the car’s structure. Despite focusing on its safety design, they were more concerned about its look to the audience and customers. But nowadays the companies are mainly concentrating on the safety of cars. Because security plays a vital role in its sale and reliability, and strength during collisions, due to this idea in mind, the Suzuki APV GLX is made on the golden principles of safety and security. Unlike other ordinary cars, this car has power lock doors that lock the car with a single command from the driver.

Furthermore, it also gives a choice to drivers to lock their vehicle from some distance. As a result, the car remains safe. In terms of strength, the car’s material is metallic silver, which is much stronger and provides more significant opposition to collisions. It also strengthens the car’s exterior and gives it strength in infrequent crashes.

Final Words

The Suzuki APV GLX is one of the latest models by Suzuki in the market. It is energy efficient and is very reliable for regular use. Unlike other cars, it has few features that make it less competent than other vehicles. But still, it’s few components make it reliable due to its sustainability for a longer time. In the end, you are the one to make a final decision about this car. If you want a vehicle that has multiple features, then I would suggest choosing other vehicles. But you are looking for a reliable vehicle for daily drives, th; this is beautiful and practical. Before making any decision, I suggest reading this article with total concentration to help you understand this car better. I hope you find the Suzuki APV GLX price in Pakistan practical and helpful.

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