Renault Pulse Price In Pakistan 2024

Renault is one of the top Automobile companies globally and has a huge market in South Asia. Due to their high demand in our region, we have brought the Renault Pulse Price in Pakistan 2024. The French Automobile company has dominated the south Asian market since its inception, and it is continuing. Their cars are always reliable and durable for buyers, and they last for decades. Unlike other vehicles, Renault Automobiles have a meager repairing cost, and their spare parts don’t cost much when you are replacing them.

Furthermore, their cars also have an affordable price from other vehicles. All of these factors make it a leading choice for buyers in Pakistan. It is now coming to their newest model, arriving in Pakistan, Renault Pulse. It may happen that it has reached when you read the article since it takes time to publish the article for you. Let us tell you the history of Renault Pulse; it came into the market for the first time in 2012; it has become a very favorite for buyers and dealers. The most significant and vital thing which most people will like about this car is its excellent mileage.

However, it is not too much but still better than most vehicles. It can travel up to 19Km distances in one liter when you drive it on a flat road. If you have a more prominent family, it can still be your first choice because it has a seating capacity of five passengers. Apart from its power, it has a fuel capacity of up to 41 liters lower than the Renault Duster. But you should note that Renault’s duster is more expensive than Renault Pulse. However, its RPM is almost equal to the Rpm of the Renault Duster.

These were the comparisons between two Renault models with price variation. You will find this car more reliable and best when you compare it with the other models of other companies. We guarantee that it will not come behind other companies. And these were the reasons for its dominance in the South Asian market.

Renault Pulse Price In Pakistan 2024

As you will readily know, the price of Renault Pulse is not much higher, and the same is the case for other models of Renault. Its price never impacts its features and its performance and its multi-options. When you look at the Renault pulse, their models have Diesel and petrol as fuel and have more significant engine displacement. On the other hand, it also has more substantial engine displacement, and due to it, it can run on a bumpy road without any problem. In short, the price you pay for Renault Pulse is worth it. You will see fewer models of other company models when you look at its price range. Before explaining the car further, look at the table below to know its price in Pakistani Rupees PKR and USD.

Renault Pulse Price in PKR 1800000 to 2200000 PKR
Renault Pulse Price in USD

As you can see, the price of Renault Pulse is in the above table; before moving forward, we would suggest that you should mentally prepare for price variation. The price variation can occur due to the devaluation of PKR; as a result, you will need to pay more when the PKR devalues. So it is better to think of the above price estimation for the car. Furthermore, the cost can also variate due to the imposition of new taxes by the government when they propose a budget for the following year. We are just telling you such information because we don’t want to hide anything from our readers.

Exterior Design of Renault Pulse

Just like Renault Duster, the Exterior design of Renault Pulse is also very unique and compelling. The front of the car is very slim but is not too expensive. Its activities can be related in design to the front of Vitz cars. However, the headlights of Renault Pulse are very more comprehensive and are embedded in its back; as a result, it looks very lavish and compact. Furthermore, the car has alloy wheels that are lighter in weight and have a beautiful design. Its wheels look fantastic when it runs on the road. The headlamps are also present in this car which assist drivers in getting a clear view of the road and help them avoid small obstacles on the road.

Exterior Design of Renault Pulse

Interior Design of Renault Pulse

The car’s interior is more comprehensive, enabling it to attain maximum luggage with passengers easily. We would suggest that it is perfect because it has very soft passengers and driver’s seats in terms of comfort. Furthermore, the space on the dashboard is enough for small luggage when you want to place it. The best thing about this car for drivers is its power Assisted steering which requires little force for movement.

Interior Design of Renault Pulse

Features of Renault Pulse

The Multi Features of this reliable car are present in the table; we hope you like its extensive and more reliable features.

Multi-function Steering Wheel
Power Adjustable Exterior Rear View Mirror
Engine Start Stop Button
Automatic Climate Control
Anti Lock Braking System
Power Windows Front
Power Steering
Power Windows Rear
Fog Lights – Front

When you look at its price and its features, nobody can deny that this car is the best and worth the amount you pay for it.

Specifications of Renault Pulse

The specifications of the Renault Pulse are presented below.

Engine Displacement (cc) 1461CC
Max Power (bhp@rpm) 63.1bhp@4000rpm
Max Torque (nm@rpm) 160Nm@2000rpm
No. of cylinder 4
Fuel Tank Capacity 41
Body Type Hatchback

These were the specifications of the Renault Pulse. If you want the details of its specifications, then read the above sections of the article.

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Final Words

In short, if you search for reliable cars at an affordable price, then Renault Pulse is best for you. Furthermore, its multi-features and good buyer reviews make it engageable for those interested in it. We hope that you like our review of Renault Pulse Price in Pakistan 2024.

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