Kia Cars Price in Pakistan 2024

Kia has made a great comeback in Pakistan. Kia cars price in Pakistan 2024 available here. You might have noticed the continuous increase in Kia cars while traveling in Pakistan. The reason for this increase is the great products made by Kia in Pakistan with the best specs as well as features by keeping in view the current user’s requirements. Kia focused on the things that customers need to see in their car by which it is competing with several leading car brands in Pakistan. So today I am going to share an updated price list for Kia cars in Pakistan for the year 2020 so that it may become easier for people to buy the car according to their budget. The prices of these cars are discussed in the table below:

Kia Cars Price in Pakistan 2024:

The prices for Kia cars in Pakistan are mentioned in the table below:

KIA PICANTO Starting From PKR 3,350,000
KIA SPORTAGE Starting From PKR 7,050,000
KIA CARNIVAL Starting From PKR 10,199,000

These are all the prices at which KIA Company will be selling its cars in Pakistan. If we see the features and specifications of these cars we will find these prices reliable.

Kia Cars Warranty:

Like other car companies in Pakistan Kia is also providing a warranty for its cars so that users can anytime get their car repaired if any issue is found. The period of this warranty is of Four years or one Lac kilometers after that the user will be unable to claim the warranty. This is probably enough period for a warranty that has been provided by Kia to its users.

Kia Cars Availability in Pakistan 2024:

These cars are available at different Kia car dealers all over Pakistan. People who are interested to buy any car of Kia can simply visit their nearest showroom in their city and can buy their dream car by fulfilling the requirements as asked by the Key officials there.

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