Honda Airwave price in Pakistan 2024 Specs

The Honda Airwave model of Honcosts is one of the best models launched in 2005. Today we will be explaining to you the Honda Airwave price in Pakistan 2024. The Honda Airwave is also called M Airwave Honda. From 2005, only three models of Honda came to the market in this category. In this article, you will know about all the three variants of honda. What was the price of these Honda airwaves in Pakistan? It is our fundamental goal, but you should also know the engine specifications, working, and design of all three models of this car. The first model Honda Airwave is known as M Airwave and the second is M S airwaves, and the last one airwaves is known as S T airwaves. These all have an engine with the same displacement of 1496cc. However, there are some differences in interior and exterior design.

Moreover, all these cars are automatic.

Honda Airwave price in Pakistan 2024

The price of a Honda Airwave in Pakistan ranges from PKR 1,500,000 to PKR 2,100,000 and 30,00000 for a used Honda Airwave, depending upon the car’s condition. The prices of Honda Airwave in Pakistan vary on model year, mileage, variant, and overall condition.

Honda Airwave price in PKR (1496cc) PKR 22.7 – 24.0 lacs
Honda  Airwave price in USD (1496cc)

Above, you can see the price categories in which these different models lie. The price has been estimated from the analysis of car experts and dealers.

 Engine Functioning and specifications  

The Engine of the Honda Airwave is 1.5 Liter, and the cylinder type is Inline-4.

Furthermore, it has five gears, and the method of transmission is automatic. There are three models or variants of Honda Airwave in the market.

The M Honda Airwave 1st Generation can achieve an average of up to 14 kilometers per liter.

Furthermore, M Honda AirWave is 1496cc and works on an automatic transmission mechanism.

Now coming to the M S Honda AirWave model, all the engine designs are the same In all the variants, but there is some difference in the interior and exterior look of the car.

Furthermore, they are automatic and use gasoline(petrol) as a fuel.

Moreover, the Honda ST Airwave has a 5-speed auto and 2-speed manual after five auto transmission cars. And the company has some latest features which never existed in its predecessors in this model.

Interior Design of Honda Airwave

The Honda Airwave is developed with presumptive interiors.

Comfortable and reclining seats give a pleasing sensation of pleasing, and they are upholstered with trimmed two-tone leather and fabric, which is so lovely in look.  The dashboard is in cockpit-style, which is quite deluxe.

 Engine Functioning and specifications  

Furthermore, it has a right-hand driving seat with soft steering and infotainment system with 8” inches touch screen LED with USB and SD card ports, Bluetooth, FM/ AM Radio, and Disk player option.

Moreover, the front seats are present with safety features like accidental or hitting alerts, airbags, and seats belt.

Furthermore, the interior of this car is designed in black, and light gray trim fabrics and a piece of trim are placed on it.

Exterior Design of Honda Airwave,

Generation Honda Airwave was introduced in 2005. The 2005 Honda Airwave is a front-engine four-wheel drive subcompact vehicle. The Honda Airwave 1st Generation is based on the same program occupied by the Honda City and the Honda Jazz. The Honda Airwave 2005 was available in 2 variants G, and L. Production of the 1st Generation Honda Airwave lasted four years. The Honda Airwave price is pretty competitive compared with other cars of the same class available in the local market.

Exterior Design of Honda Airwave,

The 1st Generation Honda Airwave exterior is designed in the Honda language. The front end houses a sleek, short side swept headlights wide chrome grille with dual inlets and a broad trapezium styled for the air intake. The rear end houses trapezium-styled side swept tail flashes, a chrome trim piece running the length of the trunk, the rear window screen wiper, an outward sticking bumper which is very hard and gives an elegant feel, and a standard case tailgate. All variants of the Honda Airwave have identical styling.

Features of Honda Airwave

Here in the below table, you can see some of the fantastic features that are a part of Honda Airwave.

For safety purposes also, the following components are added to Honda Airwave: below.

Robust air conditioning system
Power door locks
Anti-lock Brakes System(ABS)
Automatic climate control
Panoramic Sunroof
Power Steering
USB port
FM /AM Radio
8 inches touch screen LED
Cockpit style dashboard
Seat Belts
Parking sensors
LED fog lights
Automatic Transmission
The front camera and front-engine 4WD

You can also see some of the latest features in the above table. Honda gives all of these features at a very reasonable price to its customers.

 Specifications of Honda Airwave

The detailed specifications of the Honda Airwave are present in the below table. You can get a clear idea of the component of the car by looking into this table.

Kerb Weight in kilograms 1190 kilogram
Length in millimeters 4360
Height in millimeters 1525
Width in millimeters 1685
Wheelbase in millimeters 2560
Track front in millimeters 1475
Mileage 10km/liter
Engine capacity 1496CC

 These specifications are worth the price you will pay for this Honda Airwave. Therefore, you will only see this car with the top features and best specifications in its price range.

 Final words

From all the information mentioned above, we know that Honda sedan Airwave is a luxury style and sporty vehicle.

The car’s exterior has a rear door that is upside open for maximum cargo spaces. The taillights are curved inside out with body trims, and the sleek and thin-shaped rear fog lights are placed on the lower edges of the rear bumper on the right-left to the number plate area. However, their price is more significant than other cars, but the purest material is used in the production.

Moreover, the safety features of this car are very reasonable. In addition, many features are added for entertainment purposes. But you should note that this car is one of the cars that have multiple elements in a meager amount.

Therefore, I hope this article Honda Airwave price in Pakistan 2024 will assist you in understanding the interior and exterior of the car more clearly.

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