FAW Tiger V Price in Pakistan 2024

It is one of the leading companies in the automobile sector. That’s why we have brought FAW Tiger V Price in Pakistan 2024. According to a survey in recent years, Faw Tiger 5 was the most prominent Chinese automaker, and the worldwide production, they have a significant contribution. In addition, It has a great name in automobile manufacturing because of the lowest price. In this article, you will learn about the Faw Tiger 5 truck, its features, reliability, working, functioning, and the latest price in Pakistan. Moreover, in this blog post, you see all the latest information and knowledge about the new model of this vehicle.

This truck is made for a safe and steady ride and is ma8nly used for loading purposes because it is designed to remove the complications of other trucks. If you want to buy a Faw tiger, then this article will help you a lot before going to any conclusion.

Furthermore, this is For those who don’t know about cars and the ups and downs in their prices because they feel difficulties determining the right and best choice for them. When it is time to get things inspected or repaired after using them, this article is for those guys who are interested in Faw Tiger 5.

 Price of the Faw Tiger in Pakistan 2024

The final cost of the Faw Tiger is very economical, although the Pakistani dealers import it from China. In addition, The estimated price of the Tiger 5 in 2024 in Pakistan is around 12 lakhs. Moreover, because the above price is the actual car price, you will not need to pay different amounts of one-carr, documentation, and customs duties in Pakistan. The price goes higher because the taxes ratio on the vehicles in Pakistan is very high. In simple words, the amount of the taxes on the cars is more than the actual prices. In addition, many other features are added to it such as comparing the car with previous models.

Price of Faw Tiger 5 in Pakistan 2024 PKR 6,000,000
Price of Faw Tiger 5 in 204

Engine specifications

You know the body type of the Fas tiger is in Pick Up style. In addition, the FAW mini pick-up is available in just one engine option, the 2.0 Liter SOHC 8 Valve Inline-4, while the Gearbox is manual.

Engine type 2.0 Liter SOHC 8 Valve Inline-4
Horse Power 120 @ 3200
Torque 84 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 100 L
No. Of cylinder Four-cylinder
Transmission 5-Speed Manual
Engine displacement 3200 cc
Maximum mileage 17.95 km/l and 17.42 km/l

Furthermore, in the combustion chamber, it uses petrol as a fuel. Moreover, the top speed record of the Faw is 140 km per hour. In the table, you shall see further details.

Exterior design of Faw Tiger 5

The Faw Tiger 5 is like the Hyundai she stole and picked up because it makes for the loading needs. The room is perfect for two people, and they stay inside comfortably. In addition, the frontal exterior of this truck has a flat style, and the chrome stripped grille on the Faw Tiger 5 shines when light is put on it. Furthermore, the attractive LED headlights and fog lamps give a clear view in hazy weather, while a diamond trims casing increases the protection of the lights and it gives a rugged, sporty look to the truck. The shock absorbers in this car do not absorb all the shocks because the price is low, and the load on this vehicle is significant.  It irritates the driver when the truck is on a bumpy road. On the other hand, FAW is available in only Diamond White color.

Exterior design of Faw Tiger 5

Interior Design Faw Tiger 5

The interior of the latest model of the Faw Tiger 5 has a futuristic cockpit-style dashboard which adds charm to the vehicle. In addition, the Fabric and the seats are covered in a soft cloth, while the broader and more comfortable seats of this truck give a relaxing and safe ride on a highway. Furthermore, the infotainment equipment in this truck is ordinary and provides an excellent entertaining system to the occupants. Moreover, there are many commencing features with easy access to drive.  The Seating Capacity of Faw Tiger 5 is 2 Persons, and there is vast space for them in the interior of this pickup.

Interior Design Faw Tiger 5

Features of Faw Tiger 5

There are many features of the Faw Tiger 5, the essential parts are here, although we are familiar that the price of this vehicle is low, so the quality of the components may not satisfy you for a long time.

Three people driving capacity
2 L powerful engine
USB charger
Foldable middle seat
Driving Brake
integrated power steering
Longitudinal handle
Ventilation skylight
Auxiliary Brake
Front Tile angle 45 degree
Parking Brake

In addition, by comparing these features of the Faw Tiger 5 with another automobile of the same class, you should know the difference in the price and quality of the material.

Safety Information

The Faw Tiger 5 safety measures and precautions are available in this paragraph. The Faw Tiger 5 has a good rating in safety because it provides perfect safety measurements in both side and frontal-offset crash protection. Furthermore, the driver should realize them while traveling at high speed because most of the safety functions in the vehicle are fully active at high speed. Moreover, the safety airbags are present in this truck only for the driver, while people on the other seats have no safety airbags. The driver faces maximum difficulties, so the safety airbag is very useful in crashes and provides the best safety and protection.

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Final words

After reading and getting awareness about the Faw Tiger 5, individuals, whether they are car experts, should realize that In 2024, the Faw Tiger 5 is the best vehicle for loading because of its safety measurement and stylish design. Everything used in the car is from pure material, and the latest technology is used to make it confronting in the automobile sector. However, this car is not so modern and refined. We hope that you like FAW Tiger V Price in Pakistan 2024.

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