FAW Cars Prices in Pakistan 2024 Features Specifications

FAW is a Chinese car brand whose cars are being seen widely on the roads of Pakistan these days. FAW Cars Prices in Pakistan 2024 are available here. The company has launched various cars in Pakistan until now starting from different price ranges so that everyone one may be able to buy the car that suits them as well as their budget here I am going to share with you the latest prices of all the cars that are being sold by this car brand in Pakistan so that it may be easier for you to select a car for yourself if you are planning to buy FAW cars. The latest prices of all the cars of this brand in Pakistan are mentioned in the table below:

FAW Cars Prices in Pakistan 2024:

Below are the latest prices of all the latest cars that are being offered by this car brand in Pakistan for the year 2024:

FAW V2  PKR 12.5 lacs
FAW Carrier Deckless
FAW Carrier Flatbed
FAW Carrier Standard
FAW X-PV Dual AC PKR 1,269,000
FAW X-PV Power addition PKR 1,309,000
FAW X-PV Standard
FAW Sirus S80 PKR 15.8 – 21.6 lacs
FAW Sirus S80 Grand

These are all the prices that this car brand is offering to its customers in Pakistan. If we see the prices we will observe a big change in prices of all the cars as car prices in Pakistan have been increased a lot this year this includes multiple reasons such as increased taxes.

FAW Cars Features and Specifications:

If we talk about the features of these cars then it will be right to say that the company has tried to give all the necessary features in their car to facilitate their customers as well as to compete with other leading car brands in the automotive industry of Pakistan as the competition is getting quite tough these days as we know that every day a new car brand is coming to Pakistan different unique cars.

FAW Cars Availability in Pakistan 2024:

These cars are available easily all over Pakistan at different FAW showrooms which are located in every smaller as well as larger city of Pakistan. This was all about FAW Cars Prices in Pakistan 2024. If you are planning to buy an economical car for daily use then this brand is one of the best options for you the shape of cars offered by this brand may not make as per the expectations of your dream cars but its features and specifications will surely facilitate you.

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