FAW B30 Car price in Pakistan 2024

Faw B (bestune) 30, formerly known as the best run, is made by a Chinese car manufacturer company under the brand name best run. Today we will be discussing FAW the  B30 Car price in Pakistan 2024.

In addition, Faw B30 is a new small and compact sedan in the automobile industry and raised tough competition in the auto market. Chinese automakers launched this sedan in 2015 in China, and now they are expanding the need for this car. However, in Pakistan, the Faw B30 car is not found yet. When it is confirmed from the official site the launch date of this car, we will inform you about the latest price and give you the latest and authentic information about the Faw B30 car. Moreover, The Besturn 30 was launched on the Chinese car market in November 2015, with prices ranging from 72,800 yuan to 92,800 yuan

As everyone is looking forward to welcoming the new sedan car in the automobile market of Pakistan, we are sharing all those details we have got until now. This article was for your information to know about the Faw B30 car because this is new in the auto market and there is very little information about the vehicle and complete information and facts about this car is nothing but just rumors. On the other hand, in this article, we should do our best to give you the correct information in a simple way on this car from authentic sources. Moreover, on this page, an individual should be quickly informed about the interior design of this car and the exterior body in the particular section.

Price of Faw B30 Car in Pakistan 2024

The price of Faw B30 is not announced by the officials of the car owners in Pakistan, although this car is shown in a car exhibition in Pakistan but still does not come to the customer. However, the expected price of this car by the Pakistani auto dealers is from 12 lacs to 30 lacs in Pakistani rupee. But keep in mind that the dealers of this car estimate this price in Pakistan, and it is noted that the final price may be lower or higher than the price mentioned above.

Price of Faw B30 car in Pakistan 2024 in PKR
PKR 3,000,000-4,000,000
Price of Faw B30 Car in USD  2024

The company hasn’t revealed the price of FAW B30 2020 yet. However, it is going to come up soon, officially.

The exterior of Faw B30 Car

The outlook of Faw B30 is competitive compared to the other high-class cars. However, this car is cheaper than the other vehicles with the same features and style. In addition, there are four doors, one backside door, and the occupant’s capacity of this car is five. On the other hand, the Heather d lamp leveling system of this sedan is magnificent and has daytime running lights. Furthermore, the beam of light is Halogen, whether it is a low beam or a high beam. Moreover, the rim of the tire of this car is made from alloy, and you know that alloy wheels last for a long time and do not wear away.

The exterior of Faw B30 Car

Interior of Faw B30 Car

The seats of this car are made from soft fabric leather and provide maximum comfortability and relief to the passengers. Besides this, this fabric does not absorb water or any other liquid quickly and thus gives peace and relaxation.  On the other hand, a powerful Air Conditioning system is placed in this car, but it works manually. Furthermore, the seating capacity is five in this sedan, and there is space for luggage and bug legroom.

Interior of Faw B30 Car

And we are familiar with today’s car industry that multimedia is inserted into every car. So for infotainment the

Radio, USB port, AUX, MP3or Sd card system, and Bluetooth Connectivity are present in Faw B30.

Safety measures in Faw B30 Car

The safety features of Faw B30 are unique. In the ABS and EBD system, the front brakes are ventilated discs;  the rear brakes are maofssimpleple disand the Parking brake technique of this car manual. Furthermore, the Front suspension is McPherson, and the Rear suspension is Torsion, and in low beam and high beam, halogen is used. Moreover,

The material which is used for the wheel is Aluminium alloy.

Electric power steering
Multi-function steering wheel
Cruise control
Power windows
Central locking system
Engine start/ stop button
Engine immobilizer
Parking sensors and rear camera

In my opinion, these safety features are best for buyers and worth the cost you pay for them.

Salient features of Faw B30 Car

The salient features of the Faw B30 areas follow

Powerful air conditioning system
Start and stop by button
Safety curtains airbags for both driver and passengers
ABS(anti-lock braking system) with EDB
Reverse Camera
Aluminum alloy wheels
Low price
Fuel efficient
12 km mileage
Radio/USB/ AUX/ MP3
Central Color LCD Screen
Bluetooth Connectivity

Maybe you would not be expecting too many features in this car, but in fact, there are many.

Engine specifications

In Faw B30, the transmission is a five-speed manual and a six-speed automatic. Moreover, the powerful Petrol engine uses the Euro V technology, and the engine type is DOHC inline. Furthermore, in the machine, four cylinders are placed with sixteen valves. In addition, the mileage capability of this compact sedan is from 10 km to 12 km. The engine of this car is fuel-efficient and cheap.

Engine displacement capacity 1698cc
Engine type DOHC inline
Power production capability and max. torque 109 bhp and 155 Nm
No.of cylinder and valves 1.6-litre four-cylinder and 16 valves
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission mechanism type 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission
Maximum Mileage 12 km per liter

The fuel tank capacity is around 50km, according to the official of the car manufacturer company. But according to the dealer’s information, the estimated fuel tank capacity of Faw B30 is 40 liters.

Final words

The Faw B30 is a fuel-efficient car available at less cost than the other vehicles of the same class. And in Pakistan, the customers are waiting for this car to be launched because everyone is looking forward to welcoming the new sedan car in the automobile market of Pakistan. We provide all those details from authentic sources and official news. Moreover, the mileage of this car is a maximum of 1km under one liter of petrol. And the fuel tank capacity is 50 liters. On the other hand, the safety equipment of this car is excellent and compatible with other luxury cars.

As always, I hope that the B30 Car price in Pakistan 2024 helps you know about the real pros and cons of this car.

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