Daihatsu Esse 660cc New and Used Model Price in Pakistan Specs

Daihatsu Cars are the perfect example of realistic and futuristic vehicles. In addition to its high value and legacy in the automobile sector, the company builds affordable cars having excellent service and reasonable prices. From this perspective, we share the Daihatsu Esse 660cc New and Used Model Price in Pakistan. In this short review of the Daihatsu Esse car, we’re discussing the functional activities and the latest car price in the current year. Maybe you will attain excellent knowledge of the vehicle after reading this blog post. Also, the feeling of doubt should be eliminated, and you would be surprised to know the company’s manifesto. Furthermore, the statement of value in the auto sector by the Daihatsu company is astonishing.

Price of the Daihatsu Esse 660 cc new and used model in Pakistan in 2022

In the auto market of Pakistan, the prices of vehicles are changing continuously, and new prices are coming into the market. It was the inadequate government policies that led to this improper situation. In addition to the Daihatsu Esse auto cost, the private industrial states have a significant role in enhancing the auto industry and offering attractive offers over cars.

Price of the Daihatsu Esse 660 cc new and used model in Pakistan in 2022 PKR 1,100,000 – 2,000,000
Price of the Daihatsu Esse 660 cc new and used model in 2022

On the other hand, the prices of these vehicles are on the roof all year and increase as the taxes and government fees hike. Apart from that, because of the import duties, the price is high; otherwise, it would be high in other countries.

Engine specifications

Daihatsu Esse car has sanctified the company’s market with its special drive train. Among the cars top class, the vehicle has the appeal service to take hold of the attraction of drivers and car lovers. In addition to the service, the effectiveness of the car should not be realized by studying its features only, but a driver is necessary to experience the driving style.

Engine type In-Line configuration and 659 cc displacement DOHC petrol engine
Peak power (hp) capacity 58 hp @ 7600 RPM
Maximum torque 64 Nm @ 4000 RPM
Fuel System EFI fuel mechanism
Valve mechanism DOHC valve mechanism
Fuel type and fuel tank volume Petrol and 36-liter fuel storage tank
Maximum mileage value 20 to 22 km per liter
No. Cylinders and valves Three cylinders and 12 valves

We should be glad and excited to catch a glimpse of the excellent service and outstanding performance of the Daihatsu Esse car. Furthermore, the vehicles drive on the rough and macadamize road mechanically and bring comfort to the occupants. In addition to the engine fuel economy of the car, it will cover distances up to 22 kilometers per liter on highways.

The exterior design of the Daihatsu Esse

The attractive design of the car compels the young generation. Similarly, the transparent look makes it dignified and engages the customers with the company. Apart from that, the sleek design of the Daihatsu Esse is best for city roads and driving quickly in all weathers. On the other hand, the car does not have much space, so it is not best for long drives.

The exterior design of the Daihatsu Esse

The interior design of the Daihatsu Esse

People are searching for comfort and convenience in their vehicles. In this regard, we will give you an idea of the interior. The occupants of the car shall find the amenities unavailable in other vehicles. You will be satisfied with the style of the interior and the design,  and the fine leather seats, which make it bright and probably a bed of roses in the absence of any vehicle.

The interior design of the Daihatsu Esse

Safety measures in the Daihatsu Esse

In the new model of Daihatsu Esse, the features and specifications are sufficient for a safe and steady drive in all manners. Furthermore, the 360-degree view makes it extraordinary. However, it is a small hatchback car.

Safety locks
Safety driver Air Bags (2)
Power Door Locks
Engine immobilizer
Power steering
Central Locking system

Also, the advancement in the safety field in the auto is now very realistic and covers all aspects of safety from all sides. Similarly, the Daihatsu new and used are equipped with the essential safety measures.

Features of the Daihatsu Esse new model

Daihatsu Esse has the more excellent approach to maintaining the quote list of vehicles and introduced in their vehicles a spasmodic intonation. And for the first time, it intrigued the customers of Diahatsu and Toyota.

Excellent service and good fuel economy
Air Conditioner and heater
AM or FM Radio system
CD Player and stereo speaker
Economical price and stylish design
Folding Rear-Seat
Cup Holders or bottle holder
Power Windows

Also, these cars are easily accessible at the Toyota showrooms countrywide.

Furthermore, the charming factors of the car make it diverse in all the list of sedans.

Final words

In this era of massive traffic on city roads, a small car like Daihatsu Esse is the best and perfect for a rolling stone. Furthermore, it fulfills the desires of the occupants with its best features. On the other hand, the blog post is equal to laconic trading in the market. Also, the blog post contains all the information regarding this vehicle and takes up a lot in a small space. Alright, to ease our readers, we try our best to put together this blog post in the best way possible.

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It is correct from all sorts of errors, whether grammatical or about the information, but on the other hand, we know that human error is possible. So, if any mistake comes to you or you find any errors in this article, inform us. Your review and response will be appreciated if you realize the importance of the Daihatsu Esse vehicle. We hope you will enjoy this small blog post regarding the price of Daihatsu Esse 660cc new and used model cars prices in Pakistan.

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