Asia Hero Bike Prices 2024

The new year is going to start, and every company is launching its latest model in The new year. This is why today we are bringing you the Asia Hero Bike Prices 2024. Hero Bikes Have a good market In Pakistan. It has millions of users in Pakistan. The Asia Hero motorbikes are also known for their excellent service and reasonable Prices. Furthermore, the Asia hero bikes are commonly used in Pakistan, and these are One of the best-selling motorbikes in Pakistan. Asia Hero is launching its new models in the Pakistani market in 2024. So we have a list of Asia Hero bikes with the features and Prices. We have some Top Motorbikes in Asia Hero 2024. We have Hero RF 70, Asia Hero Deluxe 70 cc, and the Asia Hero 125 cc. Prices, features, and specifications of the following bikes are below.

Hero RF 70

Hero RF 70 is the most famous and one Of the best-selling motorbikes in Pakistan. Because the RF 70 has the best features and, if we talk About the design, it is beautiful. The Hero RF comes with a 4-stroke single-Cylinder Air cooled engine and a 4-speed transmission. Furthermore, it is a kick-start motorbike, and it comes with the  Bore & stroke is 47.0 x 41.4 Nm. The Hero RF70 has a displacement of 70cc, and the clutch type is Wet Type Multi-Plate. Moreover, if we talk about the outlook, it is similar to the other 70 cc bikes, but the RF 70 is lighter and is undoubtedly more slim and sleek. It is available in two colors black, red and some stickers on the fuel tank makes the look beautiful and attractive.

On the other hand, the Hero RF has some best features as it comes with a 9 liter fuel tank, and the mileage of the Hero RF is Very impressive. It can travel up to 60 km/liter. The Hero RF 70 has the ideal combination of attractive design with super Econo-power, and it also has a Comfortable new seat design and aerodynamic Shape. Hero RF 70 has a Beautiful speedometer and a Side cover with a Lock. The braking system of Hero RF 70 is reliable and has a drum brake both front and back. The price of Hero RF 70 is very reasonable and very low as compared to the other competitors. The price of Hero RF is below.

Price PKR 97,000

Asia Hero Deluxe 70cc

Asia Hero deluxe 70 cc price in Pakistan 2024 is available here. The latest price of this bike for the year 2024 was announced earlier by the company and has increased slightly this year due to several reasons. Furthermore, the Asia Hero Deluxe 70cc is one of the most famous models in Pakistan. The design is much different from the other 70cc Bikes. The Deluxe 70cc is designed like a sports bike. Asia Hero Deluxe 70cc has come with the best features and design. Moreover, the Deluxe 70cc has come with the engine type of 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled, and smoke-free this type of engine is commonly used in the new generation bikes. It has a displacement of 72 ccs and the clutch Type Wet Type Multi-Plate.

The new eye-catching graphics, comfortable new seat design, and aerodynamic shape have made Asia Hero Deluxe 70cc the best choice and a perfect partner. These features make it suitable for Pakistani roads. We know that Pakistan doesn’t have the correct type of roads, so that’s why it is ideal for Pakistani roads. On the other hand, the Asia Hero Deluxe 70 cc has a large fuel tank of 10 liters, the mileage It is also good. It gives 55 KM/L. The Asia Hero deluxe 70cc has a Nice looking speedometer, and the headlights are also very sleepy. The price of Asia Hero Deluxe 70cc is below:

Price PKR 50,000 

Asia Hero 125 Bike

Asia Hero 125 is available For sale in Pakistan from some previous years. The Chinese company Asia Hero has introduced the latest self-start bike under the brand name “Asia Hero 125cc Self Start”. After the release of the Asia Hero 125 bike in Pakistan, they are pleased with their prices and their best features. It has a fantastic Combination of graceful graphics design with a fantastic look. Furthermore, it comes with the latest design features and specifications, like self-start, Alloy rims, an alluring speedometer with a fuel gauge indicator, and an excellent-looking headlight. If we talk about The resale Value, it has a good resale value. The Asia hero 125 with the most outstanding mileage as compared To The other competitors. It gives up to 45 KM/L. The Asia Hero 125cc has a huge Fuel tank of 12 liters. It is impressive and the people like it very much. This was all about Asia Hero Bike Prices 2024.

Asia Hero 125 Self Start has 4 Stroke, Air Cooled Single Cylinder Engine and it is a Self Start that Has robust, long-lasting wheels with a rear rod grip. The Asia Hero has a type of Shock Absorber, which is very useful and gives you a comfortable ride. It is also suitable for a long drive And gives you a comfortable ride. On the other hand, it has an Elegant design with attractive graphics, which gives a nice look. Asia Hero 125 has a Beautiful headlight and tail light and the Stylish Speedometer With Economy Zone. It has a Powerful absorber shock and keeps you away from any wonder. Its dry weight is 130 Kg and easy to use. The heavy-duty engine gives a Good performance on the road. Following the tradition, there are two colors available black and red, and some stickers on the fuel tank make it beautiful. . All the parts of this bike are readily available at low prices.

Price 120,000 

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Final Words

In Pakistan, there are many bikes companies which are manufacturing bikes in a higher quantity. But there are few companies which are bringing top quality bikes and Hero is one of them. And their prices are also reasonable. We hope that you like our review of Asia Hero Bike Prices 2024

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