660cc Cars in Pakistan Price 2024

Most people in Pakistan belong to an average and low economic background. For all these people having economic issues and want to own a small compact size sedan, we have brought  660cc Cars in Pakistan Price 2024, must read this article. This article will learn about the 660 cc cars in Pakistan, their latest price, and their functional ability. The 660 cc cars are small and occupy small space. Furthermore, they are fuel-efficient and save a considerable amount of money compared to the other vehicles. Although their speed and specifications are less than those cars, the mileage of 660 cc cars is good.

Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Alto has been one of the most famous tiny hatchbacks in Pakistan. And the sales ranking of this car is very high in Pakistan because of its economical price and better performance. The Suzuki Alto hasfour4 side doors and one hatchback door. The seating space in this car is for five people, and there is a small room for luggage. On the other hand, the Alto is fuel-efficient,t and the energy used by this sedan is petrol. In addition, it delivers a mileage of 18 kilometers to 25 kilometers under one liter of gasoline.

Suzuki Alto

Furthermore, the transmission mechanism of this car is manual and has five gears speed. The exterior is designed simply for a better off-road experience. The front cabin lights are suitable for views view. The main features and specs of this drink holder assist grip provided. And the Rear door lock system for children and Security Systemise installed to provide maximum possible protection. Moreover, it has Power steering, safety,y locks, and infotainment p. The AM/FM radio system is special and unique, giving you relaxation in the travel. The most important thing is that the spare parts are readily available at the local market.

Price of Suzuki Alto in Pakistan 2024 PKR 2,251,000 – 2,935,000
Price of Suzuki Alto in 2024

Honda N One Price in Pakistan 2024

In Pakistan, the Honda None box is the most well-known small car. A 0.66-liter engine installed in this car has a displacement capacity of ccs8 cc. The Honda N box is best for a small family. This car first came into the market in 2011. The mileage of this vehicle is Seventeen kilometers to 26 kilometers per liter, and the fuel tank capacity of this car is 30 liters. On the other hand, it offers CVT automatic transmission, and it can drive 600 kilometers when the fuel tank has maximum petrol. The car also has decent features like Keyless entry, Power steering, reflectors, safety locks, and an AM/FM radio system is installed to amaze the occupants on long journeys.

Honda N one 2022 price in Pakistan Features, Specs

Price of HondaNOne in Pakistan 2024
PKR 3,500,000
Price of Honda N One in  2024

Daihatsu Mira ES Price in Pakistan 2024

When there is a discussion on fuel-efficient cars, the Daihatsu Mira will be the first choice because of its handsome design and good mileage value. Furthermore, these small cars are economical and easily accessible in every part of Pakistan. On the other hand, Daihatsu Mira has a 0.66-liter transmission mechanism called a CVT automatic gearbox.

Daihatsu Mira 2022 Specifications

In addition, the sedan offers a mileage of 18 kilometers to 22 kilometers per liter. And it covers a maximum distance of up to 985 kilometers on a full fuel tank. The significant features of this car are Keyless entry, power steering, mirrors, safety locks, and AM/FM radio system.

Price of Daihatsu Mira ES in Pakistan 2024 PKR 28.8 – 32.5 lacs
Price of Daihatsu Mira ES in  2024

Daihatsu Move Price in Pakistan 2024

Daihatsu Move is a unique car that falls in the 660 cc cars category. The price range of Daihatsu Move cars in Pakistan is from 9 lacs to 25 lacs depending on the model and many other things. The engine portion of this car has 0.65/0litreiter engines with a CVT gearbox and keyless entry. Furthermore, a vehicle gives good mileage from 16 kilometers to 20 Kilometers per liter. The mileage depends upon the road condition. If the road is smooth and flat, car efficiency will be greater and vice versa. The Daihatsu moves up to 810 kilometers to 900 kilometers when the fuel tank is full.

Daihatsu Move Price in Pakistan 2022

Price of Daihatsu Move in Pakistan 2024
Price of Daihatsu Move in  2024

Toyota Pixis Price in Pakistan 2024

The Toyota pixis has two variants, Toyota Mega pixis 660 ccs and Toyota Epoch pixis 660 ccs. The former is slightly bigger than the other one and consumes more fuel. However, in Pakistan, only the Epoch pixis is imported. The Epoch pixis energy’s fuel-efficient,t and the fourth is a four-seater 2WD 4WD hatchback. The engine of Toyota Pixis KF DOHC and three cylinders are present inline. In addition, there are four valves per cylinder and productive power of 58 hp. This car’s features are fantastic compared to the same class cars. It includes hill start assist, emergency stop system, cruise control, ABS, HID headlights, alloy wheels, and vehicle stability assist. However, the price of Toyota pixis is a little higher than the others due to its elegant design and useful features.

Toyota Pixis 660cc Price in Pakistan 2022

Price of Toyota Pixis in Pakistan 2024 PKR 22.0 – 33.6 lacs
Price of Toyota pixis 2024

Daihatsu cast price in Pakistan 2024

Daihatsu cast is a small car with five people to sit relaxed. The Daihatsu cast has a 0.66-liter engine having a displacement capacity of 660 ccs. In addition, the sedan can run from 18 kilometers to 24 kilometers under one liter of petrol. And on a full tank, it travels up to 986 kilometers. Furthermore, the transmission of this car is automatic, and the entry of this car is in keyless style. Moreover, the basic features of this car are Power steering, side and rearview mirrors, safety locks, AM/FM radio system, USB port, and ABS brake system.

Daihatsu cast price in Pakistan 2022

Daihatsu cast price in Pakistan 2024 PKR 15.1 – 40.5 lacs
Daihatsu price in  2024

Final Words

The cars that are present above are reliable and have a good rating; therefore, we suggest that if you are buying 660cc vehicles, then you must consider these Cars. We hope that 660cc Cars in Pakistan Price 2024 help you to choose the best amongst them.

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