Toyota Voxy Price in Pakistan 2024

Toyota has had great demand in Pakistan because of its reliable and economical vehicle. That’s why we have brought the Toyota Voxy Price in Pakistan 2024. You can find all sorts of vehicles in the Toyota showroom, whether these vehicles are running on petrol or electronic batteries. All the vehicles are present under the Toyota brand of Toyota. At the Toyota showroom, you can find all sorts of models but not run for the faddish automobile.

Likewise, get only the real one to improve your lifestyle, and it also increases your dignity. On the other hand, the vehicles which are made under a local brand are cheaper and easily accessible, but we can not guarantee the driving style of the car and their lifetime also. In simple words, these vehicles do not last for long, and you shall want to replace them with the new model of this vehicle or go straight to the new brand. That’s why we stress the branded vehicle because they can recover their price when sold. Also, traveling in these sedans paint the town red and make it deliver a happier ride compared to these vehicles. Furthermore, you have a good time in the sedans.

Price of the Toyota Voxy in Pakistan in 2024

Money talks, which was clear from the high price of the sedans. Although the inflation in the country is high, the demand for the vehicle is the same as in the normal condition. In this article, we’re discussing the price of the Toyota Voxy, so there are two variants, Toyota Voxy ZS KIRAMEKI II: PKR 71.0 lacs to PKR 71.0 lacs and Toyota Voxy ZS KIRAMEKI: PKR 45.0 lacs to PKR 45.0 lacs.

Price of the Toyota Voxy in Pakistan in 2024 PKR 69.0 – 87.5 lacs
Price of the Toyota Voxy in 2024 US$ 24,351.51 US$ 11,081,341.25

Most people in the auto market think that the early bird in the case of a vehicle doesn’t catch the worm because, after some time of launching, the price of the vehicle falls. Furthermore, the dealers of the vehicles are in the black now because the businesses are making money as the price of these automobiles has increased in the last few years.

Engine specifications

Toyota Voxy is a hybrid car, so engine construction. In addition, the hybrid car runs on batteries and has the latest features to drive safely. It will fulfill your covet for smooth traveling.

Engine type 2ZR-FXE DOHC. 4 Cylinders. 16 Valves
Peak power (hp) capacity
Maximum torque
Steering Position Right Hand Drive (on the right side of the car)
Valve mechanism DOHC valve mechanism
Fuel type and fuel tank volume Gasoline (Petrol) + Hybrid Motor
Maximum mileage value 23.8 Kilometers per Liter
No. Cylinders and valves 4 cylinders and 16 valves

Apart from the batteries,  the tired performance of the Toyota Voxy is amazing on all types of roads.

Exterior Design of the Toyota Voxy

Toyota Voxy is comparable with Kia’s car, and one could say that Toyota Voxy is better than it. In addition, to look at the style of the recent model of the Voxy, we should easily see the virtuoso in the design of the car. But at the same time, we know that different strokes are for different folks, but everyone liked the structure of the Voxy because it looked like a luxury car. Furthermore, its ostentatious layout will persuade the people to own it.

Exterior Design of the Toyota Voxy

It was pretty exciting stuff with chrome graphics plate and led.

The interior design of the Toyota Voxy

In the Toyota Voxy car, you should feel emancipation and not irritate your travel. Be all ears to know the specs of this car, and the basic features are according to the Toyota and endowment with the pretty exciting stuff in the car interior. In addition, just thinking about it makes me glad, and I want to jump on it and drive off right now! Similarly, the impervious decoration of the car interior is gullible but stunning.

The interior design of the Toyota Voxy

Safety features of the Toyota Voxy

As the technology had moved on toward the safest cars, they weren’t so dangerous in the current as compared with past time vehicles. Now they are comfortable to drive and have the latest safety sensors and equipment. In contrast, the old vehicles are so uncomfortable to ride because of the vulnerable condition of the road and the lack of safety features in the cars. But you will have a change of heart now; the dynamism in the vehicles’ design rises and makes them safer.

ABS (anti-lock braking system) brakes
Toyota Safety Sense C with Dynamic Radar Cruise control system
Front ventilated disc brake + rear disc brake
Advanced vehicle start notifying function with S-VSC
SRS Airbag (Driver & Passenger seat) + SRS knee bag (driver’s seat)
Foot-operated parking brake
Vehicle proximity notification device
Two-Wheel Drive (2WD)
The automatic gear transmission mechanism

Toyota Voxy has a bundle of safety features, and even a stupor will easily realize the ulterior safety measures in the car.

Noticeable features in the Toyota Voxy

The adjunct characteristics make the Toyota best for the fiesta and other important rides where status is valued. So we plebiscite the Voxy for its smooth rides, which gives relaxation of mind to the occupants. In addition, the infotainment system in this car has the latest equipment.

Alloy Wheels
Remote Boot or Fuel-Lit
Automatic gear transmission
AM/FM Radio
7 Passenger Capacity (According to Japanese law
CD Player
Steering Wheel Adjustment
Power Door Locks
Keyless Entry
Hybrid engine having good mileage

On the other hand, the robust tools of the Toyota Voxy can deliver a joyful driving experience.

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Final words

For a rover, it is very important to keep in touch with the vehicles and know all the latest updates. The Toyota Voxy has become a vehicle for a social change up to the minute of writing this telltale blog post. In the end, you will know about the Toyota Voxy like the back of your hand. But remember, we deliver authentic information, but human error is possible. So, if you find any misleading information, tell us. We hope that you like our review of Toyota Voxy Price in Pakistan 2024.

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