Renault Lodgy Price in Pakistan 2024

The Renault auto manufacturing company started the production of MPV at the beginning of 2015, and the first vehicle in this series is Renault Lodgy. That’s why we have brought Renault Lodgy Price Pakistan in 2024. The Renault lodgy is a seven-seater mid-size van. The organization imports these vans to some countries. However, in Pakistan, there is no official showroom of the company, but a few dealers import this vehicle on demand of the customer. In addition, the used vehicles in this category are easily accessible to customers all over the country.

On the other hand, the maintenance of this vehicle costs little money. The performance of a Renault Lodgy should be realized while you take it to drive on a highway. When you read the entire article carefully, you shall recognize that this van is fantastic and easy to manage in city traffic. In contrast, the acceleration of the Renault Lodgy is 0 km to 100 kph in just 13.9 seconds.

Renault Lodgy Price in Pakistan 2024

The value of the Renault cars is economically lower than the cars of the same class. In addition, the cost of Renault Lodgy depends on the overall condition and the engine performance quality of the vehicle. Mainly, the marks and cuts on the car’s exterior body decrease its value and drop its price from the original market price of the car to very low. Even a single incision on the car can cause a fall in the cost of the car to 3 lakhs rupees.

Price of Renault lodgy in Pakistan 2024 PKR 8.63 Lakh to PKR 12.29 Lakh
Price of Renault lodgy in 2024 US$3,045.70 to US$4,337.39

Exterior of Renault Lodgy

The exterior design of this van is elegant enough, which makes it come on the list of the first choices of the people. In addition to the outer body, the vehicle has four side doors with beautiful and soft door handles, and one is the back hatch door used when the driver wants to store extra luggage inside the vehicle. After knowing the style of the van, you will be astonished that the biggest drawback of this van is the design of the seating rows. The majority of the people do not like it.

Exterior of Renault Lodgy

Interior of Renault Lodgy

The vehicle’s interior design gives comfort to the passengers, and the large room makes it perfect for the large seating capacity. The seats of this vehicle are soft enough to sleep comfortably on long drives. Furthermore, the row style hesitates the passenger. According to the company statistics, seven people can sit in this car flawlessly. Again, in the interior of this vehicle, you should feel safe in every kind of ride. If you are on a long drive, you will remain inside the car the whole night, but in this condition, turn off the car engine and all the equipment in the vehicle. Furthermore, in this situation, you shall probably evacuate some space in the windows to fill the oxygen in the van. On the other hand, the Renault company installs the latest infotainment features in this vehicle to bring the occupants perfect drive, and you will not be bored while traveling in it.

Interior of Renault Lodgy

Safety measures in Renault Lodgy

In the former variants, the safety requirements attain in this vehicle are not so well, but as the company realizes that the occupant’s lives matter, they are doing better on the car’s safety performance in the latest models. Although how much it is worth, add the safety features. In addition to that, the safety specs of this car compete with the other vehicle whether the cost of the second vehicle is high.

ABS ( antilock braking system) with EBD (electronic brake distribution force)
Rear parking sensors
Rear side camera
Front fog lamps
Anti Roll Bar Shock Absorbers Type
Dual front airbags
Front Suspension is MacPherson Strut
Rear Suspension is Torsion Beam
Low fuel warning light

Features of Renault Lodgy

The Renault Lodgy has the latest vehicle features, and you all are familiar with the design and engine specs of this car from the start. Besides that, the multi-purpose vehicle has other beautiful features which make it different from other vehicles. At the same time, there are no luxury characteristics in this vehicle because its price is low. Although the latest version of the features is present in this van to focus on the passenger’s needs in every ride. And they don’t feel irritated throughout the journey.

Air conditioning system
Adjustable Steering Wheel
Automatic climate control
Automatic air control
Front Brake Type is Ventilated Disc, while the Rear Brake Type is Drum
Rear Seat Headrest and Rear Seat Centre Arm Rest
Phone control switch steering system.
Front and Rear cup holder
Steering Type Power
Tachometer and fabric upholstery
Air Quality Control
Glove Compartment and Digital Clock

These features in the table make the vehicle attractive to pick up the customer’s attention.


The engine in this van is powerful enough to make the ride perfect. The excellent quality material is used in the management of this car engine to better the off-road experience of the car owners, and they do not stare at the other cars and do not feel inferiority complex.

Engine displacement capacity 1461 cc
Engine type 1.5-liter DOHC diesel engine.
Power production capability 108 bhp
No.of cylinder and valves Four cylinders and four valves per cylinder
Fuel type and fuel tank capacity Diesel and 50 liters fuel tank
Transmission mechanism type 5-speed manual transmission
Maximum Mileage 19.98 km to 21.04 km

The vehicle of this brand runs faster and smoothly, so the vehicle owner reaches the particular place in less time and does not buffer that they are wasted. Instead, they are happy and active in doing the specific task with full attention.

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Final words

Officially there is no Renault showroom the Renault. However, an individual should import the Renault lodgy on their wish. In addition, some dealers import this mid-size van on demand. The features of this van are discussed briefly, and some points affect its sale of it. In the Renault Lodgy, the only drawback is the average interior quality and awkward styling of the rows, which reduce its appeal to private car owners, but it’s great for fleet owners to buy this van. In the end, we hope that you like our review of Renault Lodgy Price in Pakistan 2024.

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