Keeway 202 Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Keeway 202 Bike Price in Pakistan is available here. The bike has been launched in Pakistan, but people are not very aware of this bike due to different reasons. This is why the sales of this bike are low these days. If you are thinking of buying a bike in Pakistan, then the options these days are increasing as a new bike company is emerging every week that is all set to provide the desired bike to users according to their demand. The day is not far when the companies will be offering custom bikes to their customers on which they can add minimum as well as maximum features. You may have heard of the name of this company in the previous blog posts shared here.

If yes, then you are already familiar with the company, but if not, then there is no need to worry. This bike will tell you all about the company. Starting from the operations and ending with the sales, the company’s whole procedure will easily be accessible to you after viewing this article. Here, let’s see what the company has got in this bike. In order to know more about the bike, we need to see its price first. The price at which the bike is being sold in the country is as follows:

Keeway 202 Bike Price in Pakistan:

The price of this bike in the country is PKR 750,000. This is the exact figure at which the bike is available for sale at several bike dealers as well as different showrooms in the country that deal in these bikes. Moreover, you can also buy these bikes from home users who bought these bikes previously from the official showroom of the company or different bike dealers.

Only buy the bikes from home users when you are a beginner or when you are short of money. In this way, you will be able to buy the bike at a lesser price compared to the prices demanded at the official dealership as well as the bike market in the country. Always try to check the bike in depth while you are buying it in new condition or used condition. In this way, you will clearly know about all the pros and cons of your bike.

Keeway 202 Bike Price in Pakistan

This bike is all in one, which means it has all the latest features that a user wants to see in his future bike. The company claims that after buying the bike, the user will not regret his decision and will drive this bike with thrill all across the country with a pleasant mind. This bike is a therapy to make the mood of bike geeks more than happier. These days, other bike companies are making the prices high, and it is becoming impossible for people to buy those bikes at these times. Only Chinese brands are offering their bikes at a lower price just to make their users happy. This is also a sign of loyalty towards their customers. Keeway is also one of the brands that is loyal to its customers.

Keeway 202 Colors:

The following colors are available for this bike in the county.

Keeway 202 Colors

These are all the available colors for this bike in Pakistan. You may select the color that you need for your bike and tell the bike dealer or the salesperson present at the showroom at the time when you go to book or buy the bike. He will provide you with the bike in the desired color upon availability. If the company adds more color to this bike, we will update you.

Keeway 202 Features:

The features added to the bike by the company are as follows:

Push start
Slim and sleek design
Efficient Brakes
LED Headlights
Tail Light
Side-mounted 4 indicators
Digital meter cluster
Fuel gauge
Stylish Exhaust
Comfortable Seats

These are all the features that the company has added to the bike, making it one of the best bikes that is being sold at competitive prices in the country. All the features of this bike are up to the mark as well as the latest in terms of technology. People these days are mostly oriented toward the latest technology, so they often try to buy those things that are also the latest so that they may not be left behind in the race of technology.

Keeway 202 Specifications:

The specifications of this bike are as follows:

Horsepower 13.0 HP @ 9000.0 RPM
Torque 10.5 Nm @ 8500.0 RPM
Engine Type Single-cylinder, four-stroke
Bore & Stroke 63.5 x 62.2 mm
Starting Type Electric/Kickstart
Length 2140 mm
Width 780 mm
Height 1100 mm

These are all the specifications on the basis of which the whole structure of this bike has been formed and later on designed by the company. Bike companies always keep the structure in view before assembling the bike, as well as before giving a final look at the bike.

Keeway 202 Availability in Pakistan:

The bike is easily available all across the country at several bike dealers as well as the showrooms offering these bikes in the country. If you are looking for a heavy bike, then Keeway has got you covered here. Simply visit the dealer dealing in Keeway bikes and get a deal done after paying the amount demanded for this bike by the bike dealer. This was all about the Keeway 202 bike price in Pakistan 2024. If you need any more information about this bike or any other bike, then drop us a comment below. Keeway 202 is a perfect bike for youngsters.

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