Yutong Bus Price in Pakistan 2024

Being a transport company owner, you have to find new buses for your business after a certain time period. If you are also a transport business owner, you have come to the right place. We have bought Yutong Bus Price in Pakistan. These buses are imported to Pakistan from China. The company has long been making and providing buses to business owners in Pakistan. Now the demand has become high due to different reasons. The main reason includes the low-priced buses with extraordinary features. These buses are usually luxury buses. The company also makes buses on demand. It depends on your business whether you own a terminal where these buses are to be used or are to be used within the city for staff picking and other occasions. Here the company has a variety of buses that they offer for the Pakistani market.

As you know that it’s the season of Holidays and these days usually companies increase their buses or change the old ones with new ones. These buses have a time limit after they are returned to the company and then replaced with new ones. This is done to maintain quality standards and to ensure that no incident occurs due to these buses; otherwise, the reputation of the company will be destroyed. Let’s see at what prices these buses are being offered these days by the company to Pakistani transport companies and with what specifications and features these buses come with. Along with this, we will also tell our audience whether the company provides custom buses on demand or not. The price of the buses of this company in Pakistan is as under:

Yutong Bus Price in Pakistan:

The price of these buses in Pakistan starts from PKR 101 Million. This is the current price of these buses in Pakistan. Transport companies in Pakistan usually place orders for buses on demand. They add custom seats according to the quality, whether it is luxury or economy, and the price is set accordingly by the company. The other thing that determines the price of these buses is the features added to the buses by the company. If the company tends to add more high-end features to these buses, the price will become relatively high as compared to the prices if the buses come with normal features such as normal seats and ordinary air conditioners.

Yutong Bus Fuel Average:

The fuel average of buses is calculated per 100 liters. The fuel average of these buses lies somewhere between 25-30 liters per 100 liters. This is the best fuel average a bus with this kind of specifications and features could achieve. Whether you are buying a luxury or economy class bus by this company, the average stays the same as the company has added the latest technology to the engine of this bus that helps to preserve the fuel.

Yutong Bus Fuel Average

Yutong Bus Colors:

Usually, these buses are available in white color only. But this doesn’t matter as the company also offers the facility by which you can get the buses colored as per recommended by the business owners with the name of the company and other requirements.

Yutong Bus Colors

Yutong Bus Features:

These buses comes with all the necessary features that a normal bus driver requires these days. In addition to this, the bus transport companies are keeping demand for features by passengers on top these days.. We know that if the passengers like the features, the buses will be more in demand, and in return, the company will generate more revenue. So, the main features of these buses are:

Business Seats
Small LCD
USB Ports
Coffee Machine
CCTV Cameras
Adjustable Seats
Air conditioner

All these features adds more beauty to the interior of this bus. All these features are mostly satisfying the passengers and bus drivers. Here the CCTV camera is a great addition as they help the company officials to monitor the driving of the driver as well as the incidents happening in the buses. In addition to this, the passengers get an option of a tray along with a charging port at every seat. This helps the passengers to keep their cellular devices charged to the fullest throughout the journey. If the transport companies want more features in addition to these features in these buses, this facility is also available for them.

Yutong Bus Specifications:

Specifications of the buses of this company vary as every transport company places the order according to the need. Here we will share the general specifications of these buses that the company has set. The specifications of these buses are as under:

Length 12000 mm
Width 2550 mm
Height 3820 mm
Seats Up to 70
Horsepower 375 Hp
Engine Model WP10.375

These are all the specifications these buses come with. Passengers and business owners are in love with the specifications of these buses.

Yutong Bus Availability in Pakistan 2024:

These buses are available on demand in Pakistan. If you are also a transport business owner and are looking to update the buses of your company, then Yutong is one of the best options for you as the company has good standing globally. Just get in contact with the company officials and tell them your requirements. You can import any Yutong bus by getting in contact with the company officials, or you can involve any imported bus dealer who will assist you throughout the procedure. They will get the bus ready for you in the shortest possible time. This was all about Yutong Bus Price in Pakistan 2024.

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