Toyota Surf Price in Pakistan 2024

Toyota Surf Price in Pakistan is available here. This is probably one of the first SUVs of the company in the country. Due to the high prices of the latest cars in the country, the car being old is still in demand these days. Here we are going to share some of the features and specifications along with the price of this car. The car was launched in the country when the brand at the start started manufacturing the jeeps in Pakistan. If you are not new to Toyota cars, then you may already know about the history of the brand in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the cars of the company are designed in a way that can provide full driving pleasure to the users making their daily rides more than good.

Here we are going to share some of the basic specifications along with the latest price at which the car is available for sale in the country. Along with this, we will also tell our users in which condition cars are best to use within the country and which type of car models they should opt for according to the area where they are residing in the country. The price at which the car is available for sale in the country is as follows:

Toyota Surf Price in Pakistan:

The car is easily available in the country for PKR 51.8 – 81.2 lacs. This is the price at which the car is easily available for sale in the country. If you are new to these types of cars, then it may be hard for you to judge the conditions of these cars. So here, let me tell you some tips to judge the condition of these types of cars before making any final decisions regarding the purchase of these cars.

Toyota Surf Engine Displacement:

The car comes with two types of engines depending upon the type of car model you are going to buy. Here one variant comes with a 2000cc engine while the other comes with an engine of 2400cc. Both of these engines have their own relevant importance when it comes to speed as well as optimization of the car. Note here that the specifications of the car in both of the variants remain the same, so the body weight also remains the same, so the 2400cc engine will be much more effective as compared to the 2000cc engine.

Toyota Surf Engine Displacement

If you have a good budget, then you may go for the 2400cc version instead of getting the 2000cc variant. Rest depends on your driving route. If you want to drive the car in plain areas, then a 2000cc engine will also work best, but if hilly areas are your major traveling routes, then we will always suggest you buy a 2400cc engine variant of this car.

Toyota Surf Safety Features:

At the time when the car came into the Pakistani auto market, safety features were not common in the cars, so the car did not have many safety features. The braking system added for the safety of the car is great, but no airbags were offered in the locally manufactured variant. In addition to this, the imported version of the car comes with airbags and an anti-lock braking system making the demand for the car high in the country.

Toyota Surf Safety Features:

Toyota Surf Fuel Average:

The fuel average of this car is 16 mpg. This kind of fuel average is bearable when you intend to have a car with this much body weight and an engine that is fully powered when it comes to performance on off-roading and on daily routes.

Toyota Surf Features:

The features added to the car by the company are as follows:

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Alloy Wheels
Child Lock
Fog Lights
Multi info meter
Front Speakers
Rear Speakers
Optional Navigation
Power Steering
Keyless Entry
Power Mirrors

These are all the features added to this jeep by the company. The features may be less, but at the time when the car was launched in the country, all these features were all the cars comprised.

Toyota Surf Specifications:

The specifications added to the car by the company are as follows:

Length 4805 mm
Width 1910 mm
Height 1800 mm
Horsepower 245 HP @ 5200 RPM
Boot space Na
Kerb Weight 1930 KG
Tyre Size 265/70/R16
Torque 380 Nm @ 3800 RPM
Horsepower 245 HP @ 5200 RPM

These are all the specifications added to this car by Toyota officials.

Toyota Surf Availability in Pakistan 2024:

The car came into the country in 2004 but due to great demand; the car is still available in used condition all around the country at different car selling points as well as different car selling websites from where interested people can have a good deal according to their pocket. Some dealers, after seeing the great demand for the car in the country, also imported the cars for use in Pakistan.

The imported cars are much enhanced when it comes to features, while the locally assembled cars are somehow less in features. If you wish to buy a car from the imported lineup of the company, then you may contact any nearest as well as a trusted imported car dealer, while if you are in need of a locally assembled Toyota Surf, then you can contact any used car dealer or an individual, tending to sell his Toyota Surf. In this way, you may be able to get a fair deal. This was all about Toyota Surf Price in Pakistan 2024.

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