Toyota Harrier Price In Pakistan 2024

When it comes to stability, quality, and design, Toyota always comes up in the mind of car enthusiasts. Toyota Harrier Price In Pakistan has been a hot topic in the automobile industry. First of all, let us tell you this car is from the imported line up of Toyota that is currently being seen in different cities of Pakistan. In the past years, imported cars have been sold by the dealers like hotcakes. The reason behind the sale of imported vehicles is only the advanced features and the superb build quality. To have an accurate idea of what changes make a car user go for an imported vehicle instead of the local one at an even lower price, let’s focus on the Toyota harrier.

Toyota Harrier Price In Pakistan

The price of this car starts from PKR 7.82 crore depending on the model year and variant being imported. Furthermore, if you go for a used car, the price range may be even more low depending on the year when the car was imported as well as the condition of the car.

Toyota Harrier Variants:

Toyota is offering this car in two grades names as S grade and G grade. Both of these variants come with front-wheel drive as well as four-wheel drive. Due to the addition of more features the prices of both cars are slightly different. Users, upon import, can select their desired vehicle. Some people prefer the front-wheel drive, while some prefer four-wheel drive. But we suggest that before choosing any variant, make sure that the variant is suitable for the area where you are residing. If the car is to be driven on highways, then the front-wheel drive is preferable, while if your daily route is of hilly areas, then you should go for a four-wheel drive Toyota harrier as it is more powerful.

Toyota Harrier Interior:

The interior of this car comes with a panoramic sunroof that gives a dreamy view, especially when it’s raining or when it’s time to have some sunlight while traveling in winter. Besides this, 5 charging USB ports are added in this car by Toyota means all passengers at a time can get their cellular devices charged. The premium leather cover adds a more premium finish to the interior of this car. In short, the interior of this car is no less than any luxury car.

Toyota Harrier Interior

Toyota Harrier Exterior:

At the exterior, the company has added the best quality 360-degree view camera at the rear side of the car. This camera provides a full view of the back as well as a left and right side, so the risk of getting hit by any car or electric pole is emitted. Previously cars came with a simple rearview camera that didn’t gives a view of the left and right sides, due to which the driver faced difficulty while reversing the car, especially during the night.

Toyota Harrier Exterior

But here Toyota has resolved the issue of drivers by providing a 360-degree view camera in this car. Moreover, the parking sensors and front camera added in this car are really helpful while parking the car at a new place. In addition to this, the adjustable headlights provide an opportunity for the driver to set them as per need to have a clear view at night, especially when driving on highways.

Toyota Harrier Features:

Several new features have been added to this car. Some of them are:

Five USB Ports
Apple Play
Parking sensors
Automatic Parking
Cruise Control
Automatic Climate Control
Glove Box Cooling
Adjustable Seats
Automatic Headlamps
Multi-function Steering Wheel
Foldable Rear Seat
Rear Reading Lamp
Rear Seat Center Arm Rest
Bottle Holder
Keyless Entry
UV Protected Windows
Power Mirrors
Electric Power Steering

These are all the new features for the Pakistani auto market that are added to this imported car by the company. The automatic climate control adjusts the temperature inside the car according to the weather, and the user does not have to change the temperature manually again and again. Moreover, the multifunctional steering wheel allows users to minimize or maximize the sound volume while driving. Users can also use the rear reading lamp while traveling for any business meeting or conference at night. Here the most different feature we observed that the company has added in this car with this price range is the Glove box cooling feature. Here driver or passenger can store the food items, and they remain preserved during the journey.

Toyota Harrier Specifications:

In specifications, this car may resemble other imported lineups of Toyota, including the Toyota CHR and Toyota Raize.

Total Cylinders 4
Battery Type Lithium
Engine Displacement 2000cc
Length 4740 mm
Width 1855 mm
Height 1660 mm
Torque 350 Nm
Horsepower 228 hp
Wheelbase 2690 mm

This was an overview of the specifications of this car. The lithium-ion battery added to this car is more long-lasting as compared to other dry or liquid batteries being installed in the cars by different companies as they go down very soon. Lastly, its fuel tank capacity and mileage have made it more reliable for daily use. The main reason why people shift toward Toyota is reliability. Since the brand launched its first car and till now the brand is well known for its reliability.

Toyota Harrier Availability:

As an imported car, this car is easily accessible in Pakistan at different car-selling websites. Moreover, different dealers at their showrooms are offering this car to Toyota lovers. Make sure to verify the auction sheet of the car before purchasing it so you can know about the previous history of the vehicle. Toyota does not have any plan to launch this car locally in Pakistan. Maybe this car could be launched in the future in Pakistan if Toyota sees more demand among people. Until then, imported car dealers are the only source if you want to buy this car. This was all about Toyota Harrier Price In Pakistan.

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