Suzuki Lapin 660cc Price in Pakistan 2024

Suzuki Lapin resembles a lot with Suzuki Hustler. Suzuki Lapin 660cc Price in Pakistan is accessible here. This car has been launched globally and is now being imported into Pakistan. You can say that it is the advanced form of the Suzuki Hustler. Before this, when Suzuki launched the Suzuki hustler, it was a great success, so now Suzuki launched a new form of Hustler and named it Lapin. This car is being offered in different variants, which we will explain further in the article. Let’s have a brief demonstration regarding the price of this car before moving further.

Suzuki Lapin 660cc Price in Pakistan:

As an imported car, the price of this car varies depending on the customs duty when the car was imported into the country. In current circumstances, this car can be bought at a price ranging between PKR 20,00,000

Suzuki Lapin Variants:

Four different variants are offered for this car by Suzuki globally that include:

  • Suzuki Lapin G
  • Suzuki Lapin X
  • Suzuki Lapin T
  • Suzuki Lapin L

These are all the four variants of this car that has been introduced globally by Suzuki to give their users a wonderful as well as new experience. There is a slight difference in the prices of these cars due to the more advanced features installed by the company in some of the variants making the price higher; Some people prefer cars with advanced features equipped with the latest technology while some people only want a car as a need prefer cars with only basic features. So the company’s main aim is to facilitate both types of customers so that everyone can get his desired type of vehicle.

Suzuki Lapin Colors:

Users have various options in which they can get this car imported that, include:

  • Bluish Black
  • Azure Grey Mat
  • Pearl White
  • Bright Red

These are all the possible options for the colors of this car. These colors can be chosen upon import if you are getting a brand-new car imported from the company. Otherwise, in the case of a used imported car, you have to compromise on color.

Suzuki Lapin Fuel Average:

This car can provide a fuel average ranging between 18 to 35 km per liter, which is outstanding. With this fantastic average, the fuel tank capacity of this car is also 30 liters. Furthermore, the company aims to improve this car’s fuel average more in the future.

Suzuki Lapin Engine:

The engine of the car comes with a displacement of 660cc, which is quite enough to run this car having this kind of weight. The weight of this car is about 780 kg. The engine is fully powered and has the strength to carry this car. Moreover, the cooling system added to this engine keeps the car cool preventing it from overheating.

Suzuki Lapin Interior:

The interior of this car is really spacious if we compare it with the interior of the Suzuki Hustler. This car is quite spacious, as Suzuki observed at the time of the launch of the Suzuki Hustler, and the only issue that people are having with Hustler is less space. The headroom was good, but the leg space was really bad. That was the main drawback of the Suzuki Hustler. So now, in the advanced form of the Suzuki Hustler, the company has solved this issue which will make the sales of this car even higher as compared to the sales of the Hustler. Furthermore, this car is equipped with cup holders, foldable rear seats, a headrest for four, and all the safety features such as child lock, ABS brakes, and, most important of all, the driver and passenger airbags.

Suzuki Lapin Interior

Suzuki Lapin Exterior:

There’s nothing much to say about the exterior of this car, as it is the same as the Suzuki Hustler. Just the size of the car has been increased by the company. This has been done keeping in view the comfort of the users. This car has all the necessary features on its exterior, like power mirrors and wipers.

Suzuki Lapin Exterior

Suzuki Lapin Features:

The features of this car are no less than a luxury car. This car is not an ordinary hatchback or mini car. It is covered with all the latest features. Some of these features are listed below:

Child Lock
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Front Speakers
Air Conditioner
Optional Navigation

These are all the features of this car that really attracts a car user to shift towards this car as this is the best option under this price bracket.

Suzuki Lapin Specifications:

The specifications of this small hatchback are as under:

Length 3395 mm
Width 1475 mm
Height 1525 mm
Wheel Base 2460 mm
Ground Clearance 160 mm
Kerb Weight 790 KG
Displacement 658 cc
Horse Power 51 HP @ 6500 RPM
Torque 63 Nm @ 4000 RPM
Max Speed 140 KM/H

These are all the specifications that come with this car.

Suzuki Lapin Availability:

People interested in buying this car do not need to worry as Suzuki tends to launch this car with the name Xbee in Pakistan. This car was revealed a few months back at the Pakistan international expo that was held at the Expo center Lahore where this car was showcased with the name “Suzuki Xbee.” The company aims to launch this car at the end of this year or the start of 2024. Moreover, if you cannot wait for the launch of this car in Pakistan and want to experience it before it gets launched in the country, then you have only one possible option, which is to get this car imported by getting in contact with any imported car vendor that suits your budget near your home. This was all about Suzuki Lapin 660cc Price in Pakistan.

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