Suzuki Cervo Price in Pakistan 2024

Here we are going to share Suzuki Cervo Price in Pakistan. This car is seen very less all over the country. Suzuki cars are in demand these days as the company has started to add more features to their cars. Before this, if we go a few years back, different cars were being offered by the brand in Pakistan, but the sales of Suzuki Mehran were high only as compared to other cars of Suzuki in Pakistan.

This was due to less price of Mehran. The reason for the low sales of other cars was poor build quality but high prices. So, Suzuki made a great comeback two years back by introducing different variants of Suzuki Alto in Pakistan. After launching the Suzuki Alto, which was a success, now imported cars of Suzuki have also a good reputation in Pakistan. Now people don’t hesitate when buying a Suzuki. Let’s move on to the price of the Suzuki Cervo first.

Suzuki Cervo Price in Pakistan

This car can be bought at a price range between PKR 10.0 – 14.6 lacs . As currently, the demand for this car is low in the market, so limited units are available for sale. These are the current prices which are expected to increase soon.

Suzuki Cervo Interior:

As a Japanese imported car, the interior of this car comes with all the extraordinary features which have made this car more reliable. This car is best for daily use. Moreover, if you are a college or university-going student, then this car will prove itself really beneficial for you as the fuel average is superb. The interior of this car is equipped with airbags and an infotainment system which makes your journey more relaxing. Besides, this car’s front speakers are unbeatable.

In most cars of Suzuki, there are no speakers or infotainment systems, and you have to get them installed at higher prices after you buy that car. But here these two things are already added by the company in this car. The rear seats of this car are also foldable. This is the feature that is present in almost every Japanese car that really helps when you want to carry more luggage with you.

Suzuki Cervo Interior

Suzuki Cervo Exterior:

Just like the interior of this, the exterior of this car also has all the basic features. The exterior of this car comes with simple front and rear headlights. No led lights are installed by the company in this car to keep the price of this car low.

Suzuki Cervo Exterior


Suzuki Cervo Comfort and Sitting Capacity:

With a seating capacity of 5 persons, the company has cared a lot about the level of comfort of this car. In addition, the interior of this car is made in a way that no one feels tired when it is a long journey, or you are on a short route inside the city. This car will never let you feel tired. This car is made according to Japanese standards, that’s why people think to buy this no need to worry about the level of comfort of this car. Although the company has not compromised when it comes to the level of comfort of this car, we still advise the users to travel with a seating capacity of 4 persons as the users can sit more comfortably.

Suzuki Cervo Fuel Average:

Being a 970 cc car, the fuel average of this car is about 26 km per liter. This is the highest fuel average if we compare it with any other imported or local car of Suzuki. The fuel average may go down to 20 km per liter, depending on your driving style or the area where the car is being driven. But still, it is best.

Suzuki Cervo Fuel Tank Capacity:

This car can store about 30 liters of fuel in one refill. This means it can cover more than 700 km in one refill. If you are using this car in the city, it can run for days with a single refill. That’s why I said that it is the best option for students, as it is really budget-friendly.

Suzuki Cervo Features:

The features of this car are as follows:

Power Windows
Automatic Transmission
2 Speakers

These are all the features of this car. Furthermore, you might have observed that Suzuki has now started to add more features that are necessary for a driver in their every car. So this car also has all the basic features. In the coming days, Suzuki will surely be launching new cars with some exciting features that will surprise most Suzuki lovers.

Suzuki Cervo Specifications:

The specifications of this car mentioned beneath:

Length 3395 mm
Width 1475 mm
Height 1535 mm
Top Speed 140 km per hour
Boot Space 0-150 L
Maximum Torque 103 Nm
Horsepower 54-63 Hp
Ground Clearance 150 mm

These are some of the main specifications of Suzuki Cervo. These specifications resemble other cars of Suzuki, like the Suzuki Wagon R and the most well-known Suzuki Alto, as all these cars are almost the same in size.

Suzuki Cervo Availability:

Only a certain number of cars are available in the market. So, if you want to buy a Suzuki Cervo, you need to hurry up to search for one in the best condition for yourself. In addition, if you cannot find a good-condition Suzuki Cervo in the market, then you can get a car imported for yourself by getting in contact with Suzuki officials working internationally. They will surely assist you best throughout the import process and get it done for you in the shortest possible time. So this was all about Suzuki Cervo Price in Pakistan 2024.