Super Power SP 125 Price in Pakistan 2024

After the recent price increase by Honda in Pakistan, people are shifting towards China bikes in Pakistan. Super Power SP 125 Price in Pakistan has been announced by the company. Considering the market, the company has launched an interest-free policy for students and office-going persons. So anyone who wants a bike for daily use or wants to fulfill the desire of a 125cc motorcycle can opt for a Superpower sp 125.

The company entered the auto market in Pakistan 10 years back. The first bike introduced by the company in Pakistan was a 70cc bike. The company also offers different sports bikes in Pakistan at a lower cost. But here in this article, our primary focus is the recent 125 cc model of the company, which has grasped more excellent sales due to its low price. Let’s enclose the price of this bike first and then move further towards its competitors and fuel average, which is the primary concern of every bike or car buyer these days due to the rising petrol prices every day.

Super Power SP 125 Price in Pakistan

The price at which this bike is being sold by Superpower these days is PKR 158,000.

Super Power SP Shape:

The shape of this bike resembles with Honda 125, which is commonly used in every city in Pakistan. Still, the company has added some new features to this bike, differentiating it from the Honda 125 as well as other Chinese bikes in Pakistan. People who cannot afford a Honda 125 can go for this bike as this bike is available at a relatively low amount compared to Honda 125 and Yamaha YBR. This bike’s design, shape, and specifications are the same as that of the 125. Isn’t it great that you can enjoy the pleasure of the same bike, like a 125, at a lower cost?

Super Power SP 125 Color:

Color has always been a great concern when buying a Chinese bike. The Chinese bikes being cost-effective, are only offered in limited colors. Here this bike is only available in:

  • Black Color
  • Red Color

These are the two colors in which users can buy this bike. The company is offering two colors, but the fine paint job has made it better than other Chinese bikes.

Super Power SP 125 Competitors:

The main competitor of this company in Pakistan is Honda. Honda has always been the first priority of bike riders all around the world. Just like that, the people of Pakistan prefer Honda over other companies. The main reason here is quality, as Honda never compromises on quality. People only shift towards a Chinese bike brand when they have a low budget. Here super, the power will be giving tough competition to Honda as the same bike is being offered on a lower budget.

Where these days, a Honda 125 cc bike costs you almost PKR 205,000 at the same time; you can get this bike for only PKR 122,000. So this bike is almost PKR 83,000 cheaper than Honda 125, and people will surely think to shift towards this bike as they can save a lot of money. While if we also include the registration cost of this bike, the total cost then will be almost PKR 130,000. Besides this, other competitors of this bike are Road prince 125, United 125, Zxmco 125, and much more. It’s on people now which Chinese brand they prefer over Superpower.

Superpower SP 125 Fuel Average:

The fuel average of every Chinese bike has been a great concern for most users as people are not much aware of the fuel average of these bikes. People often get low mileage from Chinese bikes due to several reasons. Here let me tell you that this bike provides the best fuel average among its category bikes. The fuel average of this bike is almost 60 km per liter within the city, which is almost the same as that of the Honda CD 70.

Superpower SP 125 Features:

Only basic features are installed in this bike, including:

Simple Headlight
Side Indicators covered with Chrome
Rpm Meter
4 Gears
Kick start
High quality graphics

These are all the features that come with this bike. People usually don’t expect any high-end features in bikes with these types of the price range. So here company has only added the basic features that are necessary for a common bike in this motorbike.

Superpower SP 125 Specifications:

As a Chinese bike no, there are no specialties in the specifications of this bike. People will get the same bike as other Chinese 125cc bikes.

Engine 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled
Length 1910 mm
Width 730 mm
Height 1015 mm
Maximum Torque 9.8 Nm @ 6500.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke 56.5 x 49.5 mm
Compression Ratio 9.0:1

These are all the specifications of this bike. But here, this bike has the best quality among Chinese bikes. Most Chinese bike companies in Pakistan are not offering good quality bikes in Pakistan as they use poor quality materials. Here superbike has distinguished itself from other bike brands by providing something that is more long-lasting than other bike companies manufacturing their bikes in Pakistan.

Super Power SP 125 Availability:

For people concerned regarding the availability of this bike, let us clear one thing these days, you can buy any bike or car easily due to the vast dealership of superpowers in every single city and village of the country. Whether you want to buy this bike in installments or at full payment, just simply open your phone and find the nearest outlet of the company near you. Visit the dealership network and take your new ride home with you. Besides this, other local bike dealers are also offering this bike, but the price, as well as the interest, are higher as compared to the official dealership. Only go to local bike dealers to purchase this bike if there is no official outlet of the company in your area. This was all about Super Power SP 125 Price in Pakistan.

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