Mustang Gt Price in Pakistan 2024

Mustang has always been on top when it comes to sports cars. Mustang Gt Price in Pakistan is available here. Different cars of the company have been launched globally, but due to no manufacturing plant in the country, the cars of the company are only imported to the country. Here we will tell our audience about the exact price along with the features, specifications, and availability of this car. We are sure that after reading this blog post, people will have a clear outline regarding the brand as well as the car. So let’s begin our discussion. The price at which this car is available in Pakistan is as follows:

Mustang Gt Price in Pakistan:

The car is available in Pakistan for PKR 31,500,000-45,000,000. Imported car prices are always high whether it’s in Pakistan or any other country. So, the price of this car is also high as compared to the locally assembled cars. Here different models and different variants of the car are available in the price range mentioned above in the country.

Mustang Gt Fuel Average:

Who cares about the fuel average after owning a classy sports car? All the users care about after buying these types of cars is speed. But still, let me tell you about the fuel average of this car. The fuel average of this car in the city is 10 km per liter if you drive it at a moderate speed within the city, while it can decrease as bad as 6 km per liter if you drive the car roughly. Moreover, driving the car out of the city on highways causes an increase in the fuel average of the car. The fuel average of the car on highways is 14 km per liter. it is the highest fuel average the car can achieve when one is driving it on highways.

Mustang Gt Fuel Average

It can also go as worst as 7 km per liter if you drive it with thrill on top speed. People usually think that the fuel average on highways due to non-application of brakes remains the same, and the driving speed doesn’t matter. But no, that is not the reason, as speed always matters; slow and moderate speeds always provide the users with the best fuel average, while high speed always causes a decrease in fuel average.

Mustang Gt Safety Features:

Several safety features have been added to the car by the company. The safety features of this car include:

  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Passenger Airbags
  • Driver Airbags
  • Traction Control
  • Vehicle Stability Control

Mustang Gt Safety Features

These are all the features added to the car by the company for safety purposes. Mustang officials know that car sales will only go up when they add each feature to the car. There is always a chance of an accident when one is driving a sports car at top speed. Accidents caused by sports cars can be life-threatening, so Mustang has added all these features for the safety purposes of both the passengers as well as the drivers.

Mustang Gt Infotainment System:

An infotainment system is always necessary for every car. But when it comes to sports cars, the car is useless without the infotainment system. Here the infotainment system of this car comes with an Android panel, apple car play, built-in woofers, and much more. All these features in the infotainment system of this car are best when it comes to providing entertainment to the users.

Mustang Gt Top Speed:

The top speed of this car is 155 mph for the low-end variant of this car, and when one buys a high-end variant of this car the top speed of this car is increased and becomes 180 mph.

Mustang Gt Features:

The features present in the car are as follows:

Front Camera
Back Camera
Traffic Monitoring Screen
Cruise Control
Blind Spot Detection System
Vehicle Stability Control System
Automatic Parking
Emergency Brakes

These are all the features added to this car by the company. All these features were much needed as it is the latest model of the car announced by the company. Mustang lovers know that the company always keeps their demands in view by adding new features to the cars manufactured by them for the upcoming year.

Mustang Gt Specifications:

The specifications added to the car by the company are as follows:

Length 4798 mm
Width 1915 mm
Height 1400 mm
Horsepower 310 – 395 hp
Boot space 382 L
Kerb Weight 1770 – 1800 KG
Tyre Size 255/40/19
Torque 475 – 515 Nm

Mustang has added all these specifications to this car, making sure that people like it. Mustang always wants to provide the users with something different that surprises the users. So, these specifications are also altered in this way to surprise them.

Mustang Gt Availability in Pakistan 2024:

The car is only available in used condition in Pakistan. You can go out and watch if any car dealer has imported this car and is offering it for sale in the country. Or just open your phone and start exploring different car-selling platforms where different users have listed their cars for sale. Make sure to judge the exact condition of the cars before making any decision. If you are curious about your car and want to opt for new condition cars, then always make fresh imports of cars in new conditions. Here this car can also be imported by importing it in new condition by seeking services from any trusted imported car dealer. This was all about Mustang Gt Price in Pakistan 2024. If we receive any update regarding the change in features, specs, and price of this car we will update you.

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