Mitsubishi Car Prices in Pakistan 2024

Mitsubishi is known best for its long-lasting and best quality. Mitsubishi Car Prices in Pakistan go up and down from time to time. The price fluctuation of Mitsubishi cars in the country is due to increasing and decreasing amounts of tax. As all the cars of Mitsubishi are being imported into Pakistan through several dealers. If we have a look at a few years back, there was only one car of the company that came into Pakistan. That car was named as Mitsubishi lancer. Putting some light on this car here, let me tell our viewers this car started to import into Pakistan in 2005. The company gained popularity in no time after the car was imported into Pakistan.

Mitsubishi users still love this car. This car is often seen on roads all over the country still after 20 years. Here we are going to look at some of the cars of the company that are being imported nowadays by different car dealers. So let’s begin our discussion.

Mitsubishi Mirage:

This car is best for people who are looking for a small hatchback with great features. Here different features are offered in this car by the company. As this is an imported car, its features are more than a local sedan car. The features of this car include airbags, power mirrors, electronic power steering, alloy rims, and much more. If we talk about the price of this car is budget-friendly.

Mitsubishi Mirage Price in Pakistan 2024

Where you get an Alto for almost PKR 2,500,000 these days; at the same time, you can get a car with more safety features at an even lower price. This car cost between PKR 1,620,000 to PKR 2,550,000. It is probably one of the best options for people who are seeking to buy a car with more safety features.

Mitsubishi Mirage Price in Pakistan 2023

Mitsubishi EK Wagon:

This is probably one of the best 660cc cars introduced by Mitsubishi. The main competitor of this car in imported lineup cars that are being used in Pakistan is Nissan DayZ. The shape of both cars resembles each other. There are also not many differences between both cars. This car has been imported into Pakistan for three years. Both companies are giving tough times to each other. The common features of both of these cars include an anti-lock braking system, child lock, infotainment system, push start, eco mode, and much more to be experienced by the driver.

Mitsubishi EK Wagon Price in Pakistan 2024:

This car comes in different variants. Mitsubishi EK Wagon Price in Pakistan 2024 ranges between PKR 1,200,000-3,800,000. There are slight differences in the prices of all the cars. User can select the variant according to the need of features that he wants in their car or as per his/her budget. Here we recommend that users buy the latest variants that come with more user-friendly and more advanced features. Moreover, if you have less budget, you can go for a previous model too.

Mitsubishi EK Wagon Price in Pakistan 2023

Mitsubishi Lancer:

Here comes the most demanded car of this company in Pakistan. Lancer is still available in Pakistan. The import of this car may have stopped, but this car is available at different showrooms. In addition, this car is also listed for sale online on different platforms online where different home users are offering their cars for sale. Certain issues, such as oil reduction, are present in this car. These issues must be checked before purchasing the car. As it is an old car and comes with a GDI engine, these issues are common. It is the best car that fits the budget of family persons easily as it comes with all the necessary features that most of the family people are looking for in their cars.

Mitsubishi Lancer Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price of this car lies between PKR 1,000,000-3,500,000. The prices are to be negotiated on the spot by meeting with the buyer. As it depends on the condition of the car when you go and see the engine and body condition of the car. The car has the cleanest body with no swirl marks and hairline scratches equipped with a powerful engine and will cost about PKR 2,300,000 these days. But keep in mind one thing the lancer has a less resale value as compared to Honda and Toyota in Pakistan. So only buy this car if you want to keep it for long purposes. As being Japan, the maintenance cost and parts price are much higher than other locally assembled cars as all the parts of this car are only imported in Pakistan.

Mitsubishi Lancer Price in Pakistan 2023

Mitsubishi Mini Pajero:

People interested in buying a 4-wheel drive car must have a look at this car before making any decision regarding any other car. This car is made specifically for rough terrains. Being a four-wheel drive car equipped with a 660cc engine has eventually increased the fuel efficiency of the car. Here let me tell you that this car comes with both automatic transmission as well as manual transmission models. Users can select the model depending on their comfort. As youngsters mostly prefer manual cars as they are more efficient when it comes to speed, while most older people prefer cars with automatic transmission as they are easy to operate.

Mitsubishi Mini Pajero Price in Pakistan 2024:

When it comes to the price of this car then, let me tell you that this car is really economical. Users seeking to buy a fuel-efficient four-wheel drive car can go for this option. The price of this car ranges between PKR 650,000-3,000,000.

Mitsubishi Mini Pajero


All the cars of Mitsubishi are only imported from Pakistan. There is no production plant of Mitsubishi in Pakistan. So, if you are also among one those wanting to try a Mitsubishi as your next car, then you need to visit the online marketplace. Or choose one for yourself by visiting any imported car dealer near you. This was all about Mitsubishi Car Prices in Pakistan in 2024.

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