Mercedes G Wagon Price In Pakistan 2024

Mercedes manufactures first-class luxury cars in different countries. Mercedes G Wagon Price In Pakistan is discussed here. Starting from the aerodynamic shape and continuing with smart and sleek designs, Mercedes never failed to surprise their customers. The company always comes with a unique shape, style, and feature in every new model. Mercedes cars are offered in Pakistan through different dealerships. The company does not manufacture its cars in Pakistan, but these cars are imported through different vendors. This car is among one of the most demanding cars of Mercedes, so without exceeding the discussion, let’s move toward the price of this car first.

Mercedes G Wagon Price In Pakistan

Mercedes G Wagon Price In Pakistan ranges between PKR 8.72 crore. As I have already discussed at the start of the discussion that these cars are not manufactured in Pakistan but are imported by people themselves or through imported car dealers.

Mercedes G Wagon Interior:

With a large leg space for passengers and driver, the interior of this car is equipped with adjustable power steering, cup holders for both driver and passengers, and power-adjustable seats that can adjust according to the height of driver and passengers. Moreover, the seats are covered with high-quality leather that gives a premium look to the interior of this car. The interior of this car can also be modified by paying some extra amount upon booking.

Mercedes G Wagon Interior

Mercedes G Wagon Exterior:

The exterior of this car is the main thing why people are crazy about buying this car, as it catches the attention of everyone on the road. In addition to this, the super quality paint job by the company has made its look more attractive. The round-shaped headlights equipped with LEDs have increased the beauty of this car which provides a clear view to the driver during the night, and he enjoys the drive. Besides all these exterior features, the company has added 295/40 R21 111Y sized tires to this car that gives a firm road grip to the car. Mercedes cars are mainly used by business persons as well as industrialists in Pakistan, that’s why the demand for these cars is comparatively low as compared to cars manufactured locally in Pakistan.

Mercedes G Wagon Exterior

Mercedes G Wagon Engine:

This car comes with a heavy-duty engine of 2925 cc that performs well on highways by providing an excellent fuel average of 8 km per liter. The engine is also efficient on rough terrains such as mountains, but the fuel average is comparatively reduced due to traffic and applying breaks again and again. Some variants of this car also come with a V8 engine whose performance is relatively much better than this one but lags when it comes to fuel average.

Mercedes G Wagon Braking System:

This car does not have any ABS brakes but comes with basic four-wheel disc brakes, and these brakes are also efficient as the company never compromises on quality. Moreover, depending on the variant of the car, you can also have ABS brakes in this car that will make your journey even safer.

Mercedes G Wagon Colors:

The company offers different colors for this car including:

  • Night Black
  • Yellow
  • Polar white
  • Metallic Green
  • Metallic Blue

This car can be bought in these different colors, but in Pakistan, you have to compensate for your color choice because you have only certain options. As this car is being imported so only specific colors will be available for people seeking to buy this car.

Mercedes G Wagon Fuel Average and Fuel Tank Capacity:

With a fuel tank capacity of almost 100 liters, this car can cover a distance of 8 km per liter, which is good enough for a car with such an engine and specifications. Fuel average can also vary from person to person whether you are driving the car with a light or hard foot.

Mercedes G Wagon Features:

Mercedes has tried its best to add every possible feature in this car to maintain a good relationship with their customers so that they never switch to another brand and keep sticking with them. This car comes with many features including:

Auto start
Automatic Transmission
Engine Auto Stop and start feature
Rain detecting wipers
Rear fog lamps
Led brake lights
15 speakers
Turn-By-Turn Navigation Directions
Power Heated Front Seats
10-Way Driver Seat
Telescoping Steering Column

Besides these features, there are several other features that the user will see after he buys this car. These features are going to be a different experience for you if you’re buying a luxury car for the first time.

Mercedes G Wagon Safety Features:

The safety of the driver and passengers is the priority of Mercedes always. Keeping this thing in view here, Mercedes has added premium-level airbags at both fronts, back, left, and right sides of the car.

Mercedes G Wagon Specifications:

The basic specifications of this car are:

Brake Type 4-Wheel Disc
Front Wheel Size (inches) 19 X 8.5
Rear Wheel Size (inches) 19 X 8.5
Torque 450 lb-ft @ 2250 rpm
Wheelbase 113.8 inches
Length 189.7 inches
Width 76.0 inches
Height 77.2 inches
Drive Type All wheel drive

This table shows some of the basic specifications of this car. These specs might differ from other cars of Mercedes being used in Pakistan as it is designed in a wagon shape to provide a different look. This car goes well if you are planning a trip to the mountains.

Mercedes G Wagon Availability In Pakistan:

If you have made up your mind to buy this car, then let me tell you that this car is only available in used condition in Pakistan, or you can import one for yourself by contacting the company directly with the help of any trusted imported car dealer. Buying a used car in good condition would be preferable if you’re new to Mercedes, as it can save you from higher import rates, and the car will be yours in the shortest possible time. Besides this, for a fresh import of this car, you have to wait almost 2-3 months until the car is shipped to your location. This was all about Mercedes G Wagon Price In Pakistan.

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