Mazda CX 3 Price In Pakistan 2024

Need help choosing between luxury and sports cars? Here we have got a vehicle that matches your requirements. We are presenting you with Mazda CX 3 Price in Pakistan. Many of you might not be aware that this car is now being imported into Pakistan. This car is best for people who want to buy a vehicle for personal and family use, as it fulfills all the requirements of an individual. Before discussing the car further, let us brief our audience about the company.

A few years back, Mazda entered the Pakistani auto market with their sports car known as Mazda Rx 8 by targeting the youth and got popularity in no time. But from the previous years, the company has disappeared from the Pakistani auto market. Only commercial vehicles and specific vehicles with 660cc engines of this company were being imported into the country. The reason behind this was the resemblance of Mazda cars with Suzuki cars as Suzuki has been running in Pakistan for a long time, so people preferred Suzuki over Mazda. But now the company has entered the market again with its all-new Mazda CX 3. Let’s see the price of this imported car of Mazda first.

Mazda CX 3 Price In Pakistan 2024:

Mazda’s CX3 is priced between PKR 62.5 lacs (Used).

Mazda CX 3 Seating Capacity: 

The seating capacity of this car is 5. This means five adults can easily fit easily while traveling inside or outside the city. Most SUV has good sitting capacity, but the leg space is comparatively reduced. But the case in this car is different. Here the company has provided ample leg space, making it a perfect family vehicle.

Mazda CX 3 Engine Type and Displacement:

The company has installed a 2000cc engine in this car, making it more powerful. Before this, when RX 8 was launched in Pakistan, the company installed a Rotary engine in that car, which is quite sensitive and is to be kept with care. The rotary engine failed the car in Pakistan, and its import was stopped due to malfunctioning. So keeping in view all these aspects the company has installed a strong 2000cc engine in this car with new as well as powerful technology.

The Interior of CX 3:

The interior of this car comes with adjustable seats. This feature is really helpful as the driver and passengers can adjust the seats according to their height and sit easily while traveling. Besides this, a large glove box and storage compartments are given in the interior of this car for ease of passengers while traveling on long routes. The map lights added in this car are really helpful at night while using the navigation system in this car.

Mazda Cx 3 Interior

The Exterior of CX 3:

Seeing the exterior of this car, you will observe that the door handles of this car match the color of the body. Usually, companies are giving chrome handles in cars these days that fade away within a month, but body-colored handles will remain the same here in the case of this car for years. The spoiler added in this imported car makes it a little bit sporty. Automatic lights are set accordingly to the atmosphere, either high or low, when the car senses what type of view the user is tending to view.

Mazda Cx 3 Exterior

Mazda CX 3 Transmission:

With SUV technology equipped with Automatic transmission, the user’s journey becomes even more relaxing. This car is equipped with six gears. These days, most automatic cars come with 5-gear transmissions; meanwhile, the automobile company Mazda is providing a 6-gear transmission car at the same price tag to its customers.

Mazda CX 3 Competitors 2024:

Seeing the current market scenario, this car will be seen competing with different local cars. The competitors will mainly include a few cars of Honda, including the Honda HRV, Honda Vezel, and Honda CRV. Besides these, cars of Toyota including the all-new Toyota CHR, will also be seen competing with this car. The reason behind this competition between these cars is the resemblance in shape features as well as the specifications. This car is more advanced when we talk, especially about the features, yet the specifications of this car are quite similar to those of Honda and Toyota cars.

Mazda CX 3 Features:

Mazda has made a great comeback with exciting features in this car that includes:

Cruise Control
Apple Play
Mazda Connect
USB Ports
Multifunctional Command Control
Lane Assist
Rear View Camera
Traction Control System
Stability Control System
Smart/Auto Braking System

All these features have made this car more valuable. Mazda cars are more than a masterpiece when it comes to features.

Mazda CX 3 Specifications:

 Below we have enlisted some specifications related to this car:

Transmission Type Automatic
Maximum Torque 146 lb-ft @ 2800 rpm
Horsepower 146
Weight 1276 kg
Width 69.6 inches
Height 60.7 inches
Length 168 inches
Brakes Type Four-wheel disc brakes
Stability Control Type Electric
Airbags Installed
Child Lock Installed
Low Tyre Pressure Warning Installed

All these specifications indicate the difference between Mzda CX3 and other local cars being Sold by Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki currently in Pakistan.

Availability in Pakistan:

As from the company name “Mazda,” you might have already judged that the company does not have its own dealership anywhere in Pakistan. These cars are always imported when the need arises. Similarly, if you are among those who want to give this car a try, then you must go for it. For this, you can use different online websites to buy this car in a used condition where several users have listed this car for sale. If you want to buy this car in new condition from the company, then contact any imported car sellers. They will surely assist you with how you can Import Vehicles From Japan to Pakistan. This was all about Mazda CX 3 Price In Pakistan.

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