Kia Carens Price In Pakistan 2024

After generating massive revenue from Sportage and Picanto, Kia plans to launch Kia Carens in Pakistan. Information regarding Kia Carens Price in Pakistan is disclosed in this blog post. This car is already being sold in different countries. Kia has made a strong relationship with its customers by coming back to the automotive industry in Pakistan. Before the launch of Sportage, most car users were only familiar with a single car of Kia in Pakistan. The first car of the company in Pakistan was Kia Classic. As the name states, it is classic, so it was designed in an old-school shape.

The company couldn’t get a proper customer base in Pakistan as this car was far behind in terms of body, specifications, and a most crucial part of its features. Honda and Toyota were the pioneers of the automotive sector then, giving tough competition to Kia. So Kia had no other option but to leave the automotive industry. But now Kia has returned with a strong ambition of providing their customers with top-notch and high-end luxury cars so they can remain in competition throughout the race. Let’s see here what the company is offering in this car other than the Kia Sportage, Kia Picanto, and the Kia grand carnival currently being used by kia users all over the country. Let us proceed with the price of this car first.

Kia Carens Price In Pakistan:

The company is still planning to launch this car in Pakistan, so we cannot give you the exact figure. The expected price of this car at, which it will be seen selling at Kia dealerships in Pakistan, is almost PKR 29,32,300. This price can vary depending on the situation in the automotive industry. But let’s hope for the best until the company officials do not pass any statement regarding the price of this car.

Kia Carens Variants: 

This car comes in four different variants that are as follows:

Smartstream G1.4 T-GDi 6MT
Smartstream G1.5 6MT

Users can select any variant depending on the features and price that suits them.

Kia Carens Exterior:

The exterior of this car is finished with top-quality paint. Additionally, body-colored front bumpers have added more beauty to this car. The company has added premium tyres to this car, which has made the road clearance much better. The big-sized tyres help a lot while the vehicle is off-road and provides a firm grip to the car. The exterior of this car is probably one of the best among other Kia cars being used in Pakistan.

Kia Carens Exterior

Kia Carens Interior:

This car where has the best interior in its same segment cars; there, this car is also best when we see the interior of this car specifically. The interior of this car comes with a metal paint dashboard that is something unique as no other brand has offered such type of dashboard in any model of their vehicle in Pakistan. Besides, this infotainment system equipped with multifunctional options and five usb sockets has created an ease for customers while traveling inside or outside the city. The high-powered sockets can quickly charge your laptop when you are going to a business meeting or any event.

Kia Carens Interior

Kia Carens Features:

Kia users know that the company’s focus is now mainly on the features of there every car, especially in Pakistan, as the company doesn’t want the same thing to happen again, which happened at the time of the launch of the Kia Classic in Pakistan. So most of the features that are added in this car are new that do not even resemble any other car of Honda or Toyota being used in Pakistan.

Automatic Climate Control
Five Power Sockets
Power Windows
Electronic Power Steering
Adaptive Cruise Control
Five way adjustable seats
Led Lights
Cup Holders
Arms rest
Storage Box
ABS Breaks
Seat belt reminder for driver and passengers
Central Locking

These are all the high-end features by which this car is surrounded. These features may be new to many car users. Kia users weren’t expecting a lot from Kia. But Kia did really well by adding all these features at such a quite good price.

Kia Carens Specifications:

When we talk about the specifications of this car, that most resembles with Kia grand carnival as this car is made for big families, so its shape and structure are mostly the same as that of the Kia carnival. Below we have stated some of the main specifications of this car.

Overall Length 4540 mm
Overall Width 1800 mm
Overall Height 1708 mm
Wheelbase 2780 mm
Wheels R16
Transmission Type Automatic
Engine Displacement 1500 cc
Maximum Torque 250nm@1500-2750rpm

These are all the specifications by which this car has become an absolute necessity for family persons.

Kia Carens Availability in Pakistan:

Nothing could be said about the availability of this car in Pakistan. The company officials have still not made any statement regarding this car. There are rumors regarding the launch of this car in Pakistan at the end of this year. But we should wait until the company announces the exact launch date of this car. But if you are interested in buying this car earlier than the launch date, then we have got another option for you too.

You can contact Kia car importers in your area, and they will surely be able to assist you regarding the import procedure of this car. Or you can ask them to get it imported for you. In this way, a hassle-free import of this car could be done. But be aware of the taxes that will be imposed on this car upon import. If the price suits your budget, you should defiantly go for this car as it is the best in its category cars. This was all about Kia Carens price in Pakistan.

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