Kia Cadenza Price In Pakistan 2024

Kia cars have become the priority of most car users these days. Kia Cadenza Price In Pakistan is available here. The prices of Kia cars in Pakistan has been increased, but the sales are still going up. On the other hand, the sales of Honda and Toyota are still declining. That’s because people prefer quality vehicles.

Along with quality, this is an era where people now want advanced car features. Kia offers all the latest equipment in their latest cars. All these circumstances have made the company grow. Kia is now famous for its stylish and luxury vehicles in Pakistan. The most loved car of this company, these days in Pakistan, is the Kia Sportage. Here we will see the price of an imported car from this company. So let’s move towards Kia Cadenza Price In Pakistan.

Kia Cadenza Price In Pakistan

As this is an imported car so, here let us tell you that the current price of this car is about PKR 9,040,000. This car comes with many new features.

Kia Cadenza Interior:

The interior of this car is spacious that allows users to have a peaceful journey. The interior of this car comes in a variety of colors. This means you can set seat color according to your choice. We recommend the buyers here to go for the color combination that the company has already selected. Because the company has already matched the interior of the car with the accessories as well as the exterior of the car, some of the features which the interior of this car is equipped with include leather-covered power steering that gives a premium finish to the interior of this car. Along with it, the leather seats have increased the beauty of the interior of this car.

Kia Cadenza Interior

Kia Cadenza Exterior:

Some uniquely shaped headlights are installed in this car by Kia on the exterior of this car. The exterior of this car gives it a noticeable look. Other than this, nothing special is there on the exterior of this car. Common features on the exterior of this car include power side mirrors, parking sensors, and big-sized tires equipped with alloy rims.

Kia Cadenza Exterior

Kia Cadenza Engine:

When users intend to buy a car with such a high price, they are surely curious about the engine of the car. Here the engine of this car is 3342 cc. This engine has made the performance of this car even better. Before this, when Sportage was launched in Pakistan, that made a good market value. Its engine was about 2359cc. So if this car also comes into the market, it will have relatively better sales than Honda cars as they are offering less engine displacement at a similar price.

Kia Cadenza Features:

This car is more advanced in features as compared to the previously launched cars by Kia in Pakistan. This car has some additional features that include two LCD monitors in front. This means both the driver and passengers can see anything of their choice. The real traffic display shows all the traffic passing by or shows the exact position of the car when stuck in a crowdy area. This feature creates ease for the driver to drive the car safely and reach his destination without any trouble.

Child locks
Power steering
Analogue Speedometer
Outside Temp Gauge
Front Center Armrest
Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
Traction Control
Lane Change Assist
Airbag Occupancy Sensor
Dual Zone Front Automatic Air Conditioning
Cruise Control
Heated Front Seats

Besides these features, this car’s infotainment system has well-built memory, which means you can store various data in your infotainment system, such as pictures, audio, and videos. This good built-in memory for this infotainment system in this car has created ease for drivers and passengers as they will no longer be required to plug in a USB or an additional memory card to store data. The proximity sensor is connected to the push start button of the car means if the driver gets off from the car and forgets to turn his car off, the sensor will automatically turn off the vehicle when the user exists and locks the car. This feature is simply outstanding, especially when you are in a hurry and do not have enough time. Moreover, you can also start the car through the immobilizer whenever you are getting ready to go somewhere.

Kia Cadenza Specifications:

This car has all the latest specifications added to it. Kia has made sure that the specifications of this car are made according to the market demand.

Engine Type Regular
Displacement 3300 cc
Maximum Horsepower 290 @ 6400
Maximum Torque 253 @ 5200
Transmission Type Automatic
Length 196.7 Inches
Width 73.6 Inches
Height 57.9 Inches
Brake Type Fur wheels disc brakes

These are all the specifications of this car that have been added by KIA in this car.

Kia Cadenza Availability:

As an imported car, this car is not available in Pakistan. For now, only interested users can import this car into Pakistan. For this, you can contact any friend or family member who is abroad where this car has already been launched and can get the import of this car done. Or you can contact kia car dealers directly to import this car. Another possible option to import this car is to get it through any imported car dealer in your area by paying him the appropriate amount.

Before import, you must study the customer’s reviews as well as other related things such as features, specifications, and fuel averages of this car. Studying all the required things regarding this car will help you a lot in the future to maintain your car, and you will also not regret your decision. This was all about the Kia Cadenza price in Pakistan in 2024.

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