Kawasaki GTO 110cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Kawasaki has been a well-known brand of motorcycles in South Asia and Pakistan for years. Also, they are known for their high-performance and sports bikes in the auto industry. Our main theme of today’s blog post is the Kawasaki GTO 110cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2024. Likewise, the engine specs, features, and efficiency of the bike will be here. In addition, these motorcycles are generally more expensive than other brands such as United Bikes, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki all over the world. Interestingly, the Kawasaki bikes are considered premium in 2024, with a high price tag. However, the company has stopped the assembling plants of the Kawasaki GTO 110 cc bike.

In Pakistan, Kawasaki bikes are not as popular as the other brands due to their high price point. However, they have a dedicated fan base of lovers who appreciate their high-performance capabilities and sleek design. Furthermore, Kawasaki bikes are imported into Pakistan and are not manufactured in the country locally.

For your information, Kawasaki has a dealer network in Pakistan and provides after-sales service for their motorcycles and spare parts. Also, they have a range of bikes, from sports bikes to cruisers, adventure, and off-road bikes. However, their market is relatively small compared to other brands, and the availability of models can vary depending on the location, as in the Kawasaki GTO bike 110 cc.

Price of the Kawasaki GTO 110 Bike in Pakistan in 2024

Kawasaki bikes are imported into Pakistan and are subject to high import taxes and customs duties, which can add to the overall cost of the bikes. Due to their high price point, the market for Kawasaki bikes is relatively small compared to other brands, which can contribute to the high cost of the bikes.

Price of the Kawasaki GTO 110 Bike in Pakistan in 2024 PKR 2.0 lacs

The design of the Kawasaki GTO 110cc bike is known for its durability, which is achieved through a combination of advanced engineering and the use of high-quality materials. In addition, the company uses a combination of computer-aided design (CAD) and wind tunnel testing to optimize the aerodynamics of their bikes. And make sure the GTO 110 motorcycle is able to withstand the rigors of high-speed riding.

Engine specs of the Kawasaki GTO 110 Bike

The transmission typically has four or five gears, which allows the rider to select the appropriate gear for the riding conditions. The power is delivered to the rear wheel via a chain drive. It is designed to be fuel-efficient and easy to maintain. It is typically lightweight and compact, which helps to keep the overall weight of the motorcycle down. Additionally, 110cc engines are designed to be reliable and long-lasting, which helps to keep maintenance costs low.

Engine type 110 cc two-stroke one-cylinder engine
Peak power (hp) capacity 15.0 HP @ 8000.0 RPM
Maximum torque 11.0 Nm @ 6000.0 RPM
Fuel Delivery 2 Stroke
Top Speed Not available
Fuel type and fuel tank volume Petrol and 10-liter petrol tank
Maximum mileage value 30 km per liter to 45 km per liter

Additionally, Kawasaki bikes are built with advanced technology and high-quality materials. As a result, it contributes to their overall aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the Kawasaki GT0 110 cc bike is powerful, fast, and has high-performance capabilities that are also considered as a factor to make them beautiful and grateful.

Design of the Kawasaki GTO 110 Bike

Kawasaki GTO 110 cc bikes are often considered beautiful by Pakistani people due to their sleek and sporty design, according to the young generation’s choice and demand. In addition to its popularity, the brand is known for its high-performance motorcycles, and its attention to detail in design and engineering is evident in the finished product. Moreover, Kawasaki bikes are often considered to have a futuristic and stylish look, which is attractive to many consumers.

Features of the Kawasaki GTO 110 Bike

The nice features of the Kawasaki GTO 110cc bike are adorable. Furthermore, the Kawasaki brand has a strong reputation for innovation and quality throughout the auto industry. In particular, it adds to the desirability of their bikes among enthusiasts and motorbike enthusiasts in Pakistan.

Excellent mileage
Powerful engine
Beautiful sleek design
Sporty look and design
Unique Kawasaki trims
Standard and appealing body type

Generally, Kawasaki bikes are known for their high-performance capabilities, which are achieved through advanced engineering and technology. These factors increase the cost of production of motorcycles, which is reflected in the price of the bikes.

Safety specs of the Kawasaki GTO 110 Bike

Kawasaki bikes are safer because of their high standard. Furthermore, the Kawasaki GTO 110 cc bike is built using high-quality materials, contributing to its durability and longevity. Using these materials increases the cost of production, which is reflected in the price of the bikes.

18 inches wheel size
5 No. of Gears
Wet Type Multi-Plate
Drum brakes, both rear and front
145 mm ground clearance
Tubeless tires

Kawasaki invests a significant amount of resources in research and development to ensure that their bikes are at the forefront of technology and engineering in the industry. Additionally, the company puts its bikes through extensive testing and quality control measures to ensure they meet the highest standards for durability and reliability.

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Final words

The design of Kawasaki bikes is known for its durability, which is achieved through advanced engineering, wind tunnel testing, high-quality materials, and rigorous quality control measures. The Kawasaki GTO 110cc is a motorcycle model that is not currently being produced by the company and was produced in the past. In general, the engine typically has a single-cylinder design and is air-cooled. It typically has a capacity of 110 cubic centimeters, which is why it is referred to as a 110cc engine. Likewise, the engine is typically a four-stroke and has a maximum power output of around 8-10 horsepower. And in the case of the Kawasaki GTO 110cc, the power output rises. We hope you will like and enjoy our short review of the Kawasaki GTO Bike Price in Pakistan 2024.

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