Japanese Alto Price in Pakistan 2024

Japanese Alto Price in Pakistan is accessible here. The car has been in demand for years, and finally, it has reached Pakistan. Although there are many sales of the locally manufactured Suzuki Alto in Pakistan but still this imported version of the car is being imported into the country. So before starting, let me tell you the reason why these cars are also being imported to the country. The reason is that some people are not satisfied with the build quality of the locally manufactured Suzuki Alto in the country, so imported car dealers thought the car was something that could fulfill the need of the users demanding a car with the same specs with good build quality.

Here I am going to share some important features and specs of the car due to which it can take the place of the locally manufactured Suzuki Alto in the country. The main features of this car are the security features added to the car by the company, along with some safety features. We know that imported cars never lag when it comes to safety features as the cars are fully certified when it comes to security and, most importantly, the safety of the passengers as well as the drivers. So let’s explore the car a little bit more, but before, it would be great if we had an overview of the current price of the car at which it is available for sale at different selling points in the country. The price at which the car is available for sale in the country is as follows:

Japanese Alto Price in Pakistan:

The price of this car in the country is somewhere around PKR 4,000,000. This is the selling price of this car in the country. The car comes in both good as well as rough conditions in the country. Now it depends on your experience that how best you check the condition of the car. The condition of the car could be checked by different tools as well as manually. But we always recommend calling an inspection team, especially when you are buying a used car in an imported condition.

Japanese Alto Price in Pakistan

These vehicles often come in an accidental condition in the country and are then repaired before they are handed over to the user. This can cause a decrease in the selling price of the car. Most users think that the car is not accidental, and they trust the words of the car dealers, but later, when they make up their minds to sell their car, they come to know that the car is in accidental condition and will be sold at a low price. At that time person regrets his decision to buy that car. So, all these things are to be kept in mind, especially when one buys a car in used condition.

Japanese Alto Colors:

Although the same colors are available for this car in the country that comes from the locally manufactured Suzuki Alto, it also depends on the availability of the colors as the car only comes in used condition in the country. The common colors available against this car in the country include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Grey

These are some common colors that are available against these cars in Pakistan. Most Suzuki alto cars car imported in these colors in the country as these colors are among the most used colors in cars in Pakistan.

Japanese Alto Features:

The features of this mini car in the imported version differ from that of the car being manufactured locally by Suzuki in Pakistan. Some of the features due to which this car has some differences are as under:

Dual Airbags
Childproof rear door locks
Front Disc Brakes
Security System
Low Fuel Warning Lamp

Japanese Alto Features

These are all the features added to the car by the company. These features are best when one tends to have an economical experience daily when it comes to driving a car in the country, whether it’s highways or local routes inside the city.

Japanese Alto Specifications:

The specifications added to the car by Suzuki are as follows:

Length 3395 mm
Width 1475 mm
Height 1490 mm
Wheelbase 2460 mm
Minimum Turning Radius 4.2 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 170 mm
Kerb Weight 650-670 Kg
Gross Weight 1050 Kg
Seating Capacity 4 Persons
Transmission Type Automatic/Manual Transmission

These are all the specifications added to the car by the company. Now you may know better why the car is best when it comes to build quality as well as the other specifications. The specifications of this car are the main reason why the car is being sold like hotcakes giving a handsome profit to the imported car dealers. Later, Suzuki may add all these features to the locally manufactured Suzuki Alto so that they can also achieve more sales in the country. The specifications of this car are according to the ISO certification, as the brand sells certified products in the country only.

Japanese Alto Availability in Pakistan:

The car is easily available all across the country at several Suzuki imported car dealers as well as other local car dealers. Interested users can go and visit them and, later on, can have a great deal by bargaining. Before closing the deal, always try to check the car properly by driving it as well as by checking it by opening the bonnet and trunk of the car so that you can judge the exact condition of the car. This was all about Japanese Alto Price in Pakistan 2024.

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