Jaguar Car Price In Pakistan 2024

Jaguar Car Price In Pakistan has been announced by the company. The company makes sporty cars from all across the globe. The cars of the company have got great popularity among youngsters in Pakistan. Before proceeding with the discussion let me clear the point here that these cars are not available in more numbers in Pakistan. These cars are only imported upon demand in Pakistan. People who have a love for Jaguar cars often import these cars by getting in contact with the imported car dealers in Pakistan who are dealing in Jaguar cars. Here we will be sharing some of the features and specifications of this car. But before it let’s have an overview of the company. The company belongs to England. Cars are well known in the country of origin.

The company is well known in the category of muscle cars too and vintage cars. You might have seen different Hollywood movies where these cars are mostly showcased. That is also one of the main reasons for the popularity of these cars among youngsters. The company has done a great job by showcasing its cars in films. You might have seen that the company does not spend much on advertising as it has already built a strong image of its cars by displaying them in different movies. This has not only made the company famous but also increased the sales of the cars of Jaguar.

Jaguar always comes up with something different so here we will be sharing the price of the cars that are available for sale in Pakistan along with the latest prices at which the fresh import could be made by anyone who is willing to buy a car of Jaguar in Pakistan. The price of Jaguar cars in Pakistan is as follows:

Jaguar Car Price In Pakistan:

The price of Jaguar cars in Pakistan ranges from PKR 10,000,000-25,000,000. These are only the estimated prices as everyday cars price are increasing. So, keep in mind that the prices can vary depending on the taxes as well as the customs duties imposed against the price of the car at the time when the car is being imported to Pakistan. It also varies depending on which model of the car you intend to import. If you plan to import the latest variant, then the price will be much higher as compared to the price when you go for importing an old variant.

Jaguar Car Price In Pakistan

Jaguar Car Fuel average:

The fuel average of Jaguar cars ranges between 8-10 km per liter. As a sports and luxury car the company has added high displacement engines in these cars which consume more fuel. Where these cars consume more amount of fuel at the same time these cars provide a full driving experience to their users. This car is best in terms of fuel average if we see the fuel average of cars of other companies that are being manufactured locally in Pakistan or are being imported to the country. So, if one is interested to buy a sports car with a good fuel average then Jaguar is the best option.

Jaguar Car Features:

Jaguar, being a luxury car, makes sure that the car comes with all the latest features. Here all the latest features are added to the car that includes:

Power Windows
Electronic Power Steering
Heated Seats
Massage Seats
Alloy Rims
Cruise Control
Stability Control
Auto Pilot

These are all the features added to the car by the company. Here all these features have made the demand for this car higher not only in Pakistan but across the globe where the cars of the company are running successfully. A person who one time buys a car from Jaguar never goes for another car as the experience he gets is unforgettable.

Jaguar Car Specifications:

The specification chart of the cars of the Jaguar is as follows:

Displacement (cc) 1997
Max Power 201.15bhp@4250rpm
Max Torque 430Nm@1750-2500rpm
No. of cylinder 4
Valves Per Cylinder 0
Gear Box 8-speed Automatic
Drive Type AWD
Top Speed (Kmph) 235

Although different variants can be imported at the price mentioned above the specifications of all the variants of the car almost resemble each other. As the company is the same so specifications along length, width, and height are the same.

Jaguar Car Maintenance Cost in Pakistan:

There will be issues regarding the availability of the parts of this car in Pakistan. So keep in mind that the maintenance costs will be higher as all the parts added to the car will only be imported to Pakistan.

Jaguar Car Maintenance Cost in Pakistan

Jaguar Car Availability in Pakistan 2024:

Jaguar cars are only imported upon demand in Pakistan. As the cars of the company come under the category of luxury cars the imported car dealers do not take any kind of risks while importing these cars. Dealers know that the demand for these cars is low in the country and only specific class buy these cars so they will face losses if they import these cars without the consent of users in Pakistan. Although there are different car selling platforms in Pakistan where users who bought this car have listed their cars for sale. So it’s a great opportunity for you if you want to buy this car in used condition.

You can easily check and inspect the car properly before payment. If you want to get this car in new condition, then it’s also not an issue as nothing is impossible these days. Simply get in contact with any imported car dealer near you. Tell him your desired car model and the requirements whether you want to import the car in used condition or new condition. He will surely help you out in getting the import of this car. This was all about Jaguar Car Price In Pakistan.

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