Honda Clarity Price In Pakistan 2024

Are you thinking about cars and forgetting Honda? That’s impossible. Here we are going to talk about Honda Clarity Price In Pakistan. Different new cars have been introduced by Honda in Pakistan this year, including The eleventh generation of the Honda Civic and the seventh generation of the Honda City, also known as Honda Grace. But now Honda wants to target the automobile market by introducing something entirely different from the previously launched cars by it. So, Honda will soon be launching a vehicle named Honda Clarity in Pakistan. This car is already introduced by Honda in several countries. Let’s see how the company will capture the market in the future with this car.

Honda Clarity Price in Pakistan:

The price of this car will be seen somewhere around 1 crore. Please note that this is the predicted price only, which can vary in the future depending on the features. If the company adds more features, the price will be higher, but if the company launches the car in Pakistan with the same features as it is offering in different countries price may remain the same.

Honda Clarity Price In Pakistan Colors:

Honda aims to add more colors to the car when it launches in Pakistan. Currently, the vehicle is being offered in the following ways:

  • Black Pearl
  • Metallic Grey
  • Pearl White

All these colors have been introduced for this car by Honda in their brochure. Here let us tell you that Honda has improved the paint quality of its vehicles a lot. The paint never fades, and your car shines like new for a lifetime.

Honda Clarity Variants:

Honda always launches its cars in different variants at different prices. Just like it, Honda has introduced the following variants that are named as:

  • Plug-in Hybrid Sedan
  • Touring Plug-in Hybrid Sedan
  • Fuel Cell Sedan

These are all the variants that are added to this model by Honda. People can select the one whose features suit them best. The more the price here you pay, the more features you get. Plug-in Hybrid Sedan is similar to normal hybrid cars. At the same time, the Touring Plug-in Hybrid Sedan is specifically made for touring purposes (Long routes). It comes with a more efficient battery that gives good mileage compared to the Plug-in Hybrid Sedan. The fuel cell sedan variant of this car is more efficient among all the variants making, which makes the price even higher.

Honda Clarity Fuel Average:

As a hybrid car, the fuel average of this car is much better than cars running on petrol. The vehicle can go a maximum of 360 miles on battery which is best for these types of sedans. Depending on the variants, the mileage of this car also gets better.

Honda Clarity Top Speed:

With a plug-in hybrid technology, this car has a 180 KM/H top speed. This top speed might be low for people using vehicles on fuel for touring and daily use. But here, let us clear that this top speed is best for hybrid cars as the battery life remains to save. Local vehicles being used in Pakistan have a top speed of 200 plus with the same and less engine displacement. But due to hybrid technology in this car, the maximum speed is reduced to 180. No worries because you cannot drive it at 180 KM/H due to traffic in cities, and also, the speed on motorways is now reduced to 100 KM/H. So this top speed is more than enough.

Honda Clarity Interior:

In comparison with already running models of Honda in Pakistan, that are the Honda City and Honda civic, this car is entirely changed from the inside. The Honda Clarity interior comprises Heated seats, front cupholders, leather steering wheel, rear cupholder, odometer, speedometer, map lights, carpet floor trim, outside temperature gauge, and a lot more. The seats are designed in a way that the driver does not get tired during long journeys. Its heated seats are really beneficial in winter for both drivers and passengers.

Honda Clarity Interior

Honda Clarity Exterior:

Having a look at the exterior of this car, you might notice that it resembles with Honda civic x from the front side and is somehow similar to Honda Insight from the rear as this is also a hybrid car, so that’s why the shape resembles Honda Insight. Besides this, the car is accompanied by power side mirrors, and tires sized 235/45/18.

Honda Clarity Exterior

Honda Clarity Features:

We have listed some of the main features of this car to give an idea to Honda lovers about what changes Honda is going to make in its upcoming cars in the future. The following table shows a glimpse of the features of this car:

Climate Control (Automatic)
Cruise Control
8 Inches Touch Screen
Remoteness Key Entry
Powered locking
Digital Speedometer

These all features will be seen in this car as soon as it is launched in Pakistan.

Honda Clarity Specifications:

The following table shows the specifications sheet of this car.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 4895 x 1877 x 1478 mm
Ground Clearance 134 millimeter
Engine CC 1500 cc
Transmission Type Automatic
Horsepower 181
Maximum Torque 314 Nm
Boot Space 439 Liters
Kerb Weight 1838 KG
Fuel Type Hybrid/Gas/Petrol
Tyre Size 235/45/18

The specifications of this car resemble some of the local Sedans of the Honda that are currently being used in Pakistan.

Honda Clarity Availability:

This car has already been introduced by Honda in several countries but is not available in Pakistan. The company is planning to launch this car in the market by the end of 2024. Honda lovers are waiting to see this car rocking in the auto market. Finally, people will be experiencing something new other than the Honda City and Honda civic, which have been launched in the country for several years. This was all about Honda Clarity Price in Pakistan

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