Honda CB500x Price in Pakistan 2024

After receiving an overwhelming response due to the launch of the Honda CB500R now, Honda has launched Honda CB500x. Honda CB500x Price in Pakistan 2024 is announced by the company. Here we will let our users know about the design and shape of this bike. Honda is showing strenuous efforts to make their users happy these days. For this, the company is launching a new bike one after another. See what we have got in this bike by the company, whether we have got anything new or getting the same features just in a unique shape. Let’s proceed while starting from the price of this bike.

Honda CB500x Price in Pakistan 2024:

The company is offering Honda CB500x for PKR 1,471,000. The price of this bike is higher than that of the CBR 500R due to the latest technology by which this bike is covered.

Honda CB500x Handling:

The handling of this bike is excellent. You may notice a significant difference in handling this bike when you drive it for the first time. The ABS breaks added to this bike by the company are really helpful for riders to stop the bike even at maximum speed without fear of falling down. Most heavy bikes come with disc breaks only, which are not safe for the rider as the bike can go upside down when you apply brakes at higher speed. But here, ABS brakes have made the ride of this bike much safer.

Honda CB500x Suspension:

The company has added adjustable suspension to this bike which makes the drive of this bike even smoother. Bikers can adjust the suspension according to the area where the bike is to be driven. Moreover, the build quality of the shocks added in this bike is also good that runs for a longer time. The shocks installed by Honda in their bikes usually runs for a lifetime. Whether you are driving this bike in a village or in a city its shocks and suspension never gets our of order.

Honda CB500x Tyres:

While talking about the tyres of this bike here, we would like to tell bike users that this bike comes with 110/80-19 Front and 160/60-17 rear tyres. The tyres are added by seeing the weight and height of the bike by the company, as poor quality tyres can cause bad road grip. These tyres provide the best road grip as well as road clearance for this bike. Moreover, if we see what company tyres Honda has used in this bike, that is by Michelin. These tyres are long-lasting.

Honda CB500x Tyres

Honda CB500x Fuel Average and Capacity:

As this bike is made especially for tours, it is mainly driven on highways. The fuel tank capacity, therefore, is made high so that users can pour a good amount of fuel into this bike and go for a journey. The fuel tank capacity of this bike is 18 liters with an average of 28 kmpl. This might be low for some people who are new to 500cc bikes. But here let us tell you that this is the best average among the category of 500cc bikes.

Honda CB500x Colors:

Some new colors have been added to this bike by the company that are:

  • Mat Gunpowder Black
  • Grand Prix Red

Black and red were also being offered previously by the company, but here the matt finished look has increased the beauty of this bike. These two colors are new in the category of 500cc heavy bikes of Honda. Finally, users will be able to experience something new in the form of these two colors.

Honda CB500x Features:

The features of this bike are more advanced as compared to the previously launched CB 500 R by Honda. Let’s have a look at below table at what Honda is giving us in this bike:

Kick & Electric Start
Fuel Gauge
Heat Gauge
Automatic indicators
Stability Control
High quality shocks

These are all the additions that are added in the form of features in this bike. We must say that all these features were the need of time as most heavy bikes lag these features. The company here has noticed what customers were actually seeking to have in their dream bikes and fulfilled their desires. Honda lovers are really happy with the initiative of adding more features to their upcoming bikes taken by the company. Besides all these features, the heat gauge here is really helpful while traveling on long routes. It shows the rider that your bike is heating and you need to stop to give it rest for some time. The automatic indicators here have reduced the hassle of turning off the indicators manually. As soon as the rider completes the turn, the indicators are turned off automatically.

Honda CB500x Specifications:

The below table indicates the specifications of this bike:

Wheelbase 56.8 inches
Trail 4.3 inches
Seat height 32.8 inches
Curb Weight 434 pounds
Ground Clearance 0 mm
Transmission Type 6 speed
Weight 194KG
Displacement (Engine cc) 471 cc
Brakes ABS Brakes

These are all the specifications of this bike. The new things that the company has added to the specifications of this bike include the extraordinary antilock braking system, also commonly known as ABS, that was primarily used in cars previously. Still, Honda first offered this technology in its bikes this year.

Honda CB500x Availability:

This bike is imported by different imported bike dealers in Pakistan only. So this bike is available at only selected imported bike dealerships where Honda lovers can buy this bike. Moreover, this bike will also be seen selling at official outlets of Honda all over Pakistan, where people will be able to buy this bike more easily. If you are afraid that imported bike dealers might overcharge you for this bike, then don’t worry. We have another option for you which is much safer but time taking. People who want the bike of their choice in their desired color can contact Honda officials directly or Atlas Honda and can go import this bike through the official dealerships of Honda. Importing through Honda would be even faster as compared to importing through dealers or yourself. This was about Honda CB500x Price in Pakistan.

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