Honda 250 Price In Pakistan 2024

250cc bikes are getting common these days. Honda 250 Price In Pakistan has been announced. People are now shifting towards bikes with more engine displacement. So Honda 250 has made its place in the market. Honda offers this bike on an instant delivery basis and zero percent markup plans. Before this, only two motorbikes of the company, the Honda 125 and Honda CD 70, were well-known in the market. No doubt these bikes do not come with special features or specifications, but still, the sales are high. Honda lovers are expecting some changes in this bike, so let’s see what type of innovation Honda has shown in this bike.

Honda 250 Price In Pakistan

This bike is being offered at a competitive price of only PKR 16-18 Lac .

Honda 250 Fuel Average:

The main reason people primarily don’t shift towards 250cc bikes these days is not the price but the fuel average of these bikes. But Honda has always won their customers’ hearts by always providing fuel-efficient bikes, whether 70cc or 250cc. You will always find the bikes of Honda fuel efficient. So here, this bike can go almost 30 km per liter. Most Chinese 250cc bikes sold in Pakistan do not even give the fuel average of 15 km per liter. That’s also one of the main points distinguishing Honda from these Chinese brands selling their bikes in Pakistan.

Honda 250 Available Colors:

Users can buy this bike in only three colors, including:

  • Black
  • Red
  • White

Here we suggest new users go for red as this bike looks best in this color. Moreover, scratches and swirl marks do not appear earlier on this color than white and black. One more thing here is that the resale of bikes with this color is good as it is one of the most demanding colors of bikes in the Pakistani auto market.

Honda 250 Bike Shape and Design:

The shape and design of this bike have been changed totally. Honda has tried its best to give this bike the look of a heavy bike. Before the launch of this bike, Honda was constantly criticized for the same shape as the Honda CD 70 and Honda CG 125 every year, so Honda made its lovers happy by launching something different. Besides this, the wide and low-profile tyres added to this bike make it look more stunning.

Honda 250 Bike Shape and Design

Honda 250 variants:

Globally this bike is offered in different variants that include:

  • Honda 250 Jade
  • Honda 250 Dream
  • Honda 250 Super Dream
  • Honda 250 G5

Other than these, several different variants are being offered in the international market for this bike. But in Pakistan, only one variant, which is known as the CB 250 F, is available for buyers. We are hoping that Honda will introduce more variants of this bike in the future in Pakistan.

Honda 250 Competitors in Pakistan:

Since Honda is new in this category of bikes in Pakistan, many local and Chinese companies have already introduced their bikes with the same features and specifications at even a lower prices and gathered more buyers. But no worries, Honda is going to give tough competition to these Chinese as well as local bike brands. This bike will be seen competing with different bikes of Suzuki and Yamaha that, include the Suzuki Inazuma as well as the Yamaha YZF. Besides these Chinese brands, Zxmco and Benelli could also be the main competitors of this bike.

Honda 250 Bike Features:

The features of this bike mostly resemble luxury sports bikes that are offered even at a really high cost as compared to this bike. Some highlights from the features of this bike are as under:

Kick Start
Stylish Speedometer
Gear Indicator
Fuel Indicator
Led Indicators

These are all the features that the company has added to this bike. Honda will be adding more features to this bike every year with the launch of a new model to make the experience of its users much better so that they stay loyal to them.

Honda 250 Bike Specifications:

The specification of this bike is bike is no less than a superbike:

Engine 4 Stroke Single Cylinder Oil and Air Cooled Engine
Clutch Wet Type Multi-Plate
Horsepower 29.0 HP @ 9000.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke 71 x 63 mm
Starting Electric
Dry Weight 135KG
Ground Clearance 192mm

Its wide shape and design have made it best for tracks.

Honda 250 Bike Maintenance in Pakistan:

The maintenance cost of this bike is slightly higher. This is because of the 250cc engine installed in this bike, for which the user had to add more quantity of engine oil in this bike. Besides this, the parts of this bike are only available at Honda service centers. So the maintenance cost may be a drawback for some people buying this bike.

Honda 250 Top Speed:

With an engine of 250cc, this bike can go 0-100km in only six seconds; yes, you heard it right. Chinese bikes with the same engine category can even go 0-100 in even less time but later on, can cause malfunctioning in the bike. But here, this bike remains stable whether the speed limit remains normal or is exceeded.

Honda 250 Bike Availability in Pakistan 2024

Users tended to buy this bike should not worry about the availability of this bike. This heavy bike is easily available at almost all Honda showrooms located in every corner of the country. But make sure to read the features and specifications of this bike here before making any decision, as the parts of this bike may be expensive compared to other local bikes of Honda being used in Pakistan. If you don’t like the local variants introduced by Honda of this bike, you can also import your desired global variant from the list of Honda for this bike. Make sure you get the necessary documents, such as a national identity card, with you when going to purchase this bike. The company officials will guide you further regarding the purchase and delivery time of this bike. This was all about Honda 250 Price In Pakistan.

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