Helicopter Price in Pakistan 2024

Helicopter Price in Pakistan is discussed here. These days several people are buying luxury cars for traveling purposes. At the same time, wise people are not spending much on cars; they are buying helicopters for traveling purposes. The Helicopter is a great means of transportation for people traveling outside the city. The helicopters in Pakistan are only used by some businessmen and most politicians. Here there are several benefits of keeping a helicopter; for instance, it saves you from all the traffic on the roads. Usually, it takes hours to reach a destination when one is traveling by means of a car. 

At the same time, if a person is using a helicopter for traveling purposes, he can reach his destination in seconds. Although there are several companies that manufacture helicopters and send them to different countries all across the globe, we will only be sharing the estimated price at which a person can buy a helicopter. The features of a basic helicopter are more than a luxury car which people are mostly buying at the same price. So, let’s move on to the specifications and features of this Helicopter, but before that, let us have a look at the price at which interested people will be able to buy this Helicopter.

Helicopter Price in Pakistan

The price of a basic helicopter in Pakistan starts from PKR 90 Crore and goes to 100 Crore. The price difference occurs as there are several companies whose helicopters are being imported into the country. Now it’s on the people of the country to choose which Helicopter they like and which Helicopter’s features and specifications suit their budget that will fulfill their needs in the future. If you are also new to helicopters, this article will help you a lot while selecting the right Helicopter for your daily, monthly, or yearly travel to different areas.

Helicopter Fuel Type:

Most people think that vehicles having an engine and wheels are only operated using petrol as fuel. But not in the case of helicopters and airplanes; these people are wrong. The helicopters are being operated using Aviation kerosene. This special type of fuel is specifically made for helicopters which increases the engine efficiency of the helicopters. This fuel is only available at certain places in Pakistan where helicopter owners can get it. If you are a helicopter owner, then you will already be familiar with this fuel type. Or if you are new to this fuel and have a greater budget to buy a helicopter, then no need to worry; you will surely be able to find this fuel in your area. For this purpose, you may ask an expert or a pilot.

Helicopter Fuel Average:

As a big machine, the fuel average of a helicopter may be less. The fuel average of this Helicopter with basic features is 5-20 gallons per hour. The Helicopter comes in the category of luxury vehicles, so when you are buying these kinds of vehicles, then do forget about the fuel average and just enjoy the ride with a pleasant experience. These helicopters are used by a specific class in Pakistan who least care about the fuel average of these vehicles as they can afford this kind of vehicle easily.

Helicopter Fuel Tank Capacity:

Helicopters mostly come with good fuel tank capacity. Helicopters are to be driven in the air, so the companies make sure that the Helicopter they are providing to the customers has sufficient fuel tank capacity so that they may not face difficulty while traveling from one destination to another. Here when it comes to the fuel tank capacity of an ordinary helicopter that comes with only basic features, then, let me tell you, it is somewhere between 100 gallons. This kind of fuel tank capacity is more than enough.

Helicopter Fuel Tank Filling Time

Helicopter Fuel Tank Filling Time:

The fuel tank of helicopters does not get refueled in seconds like the fuel tanks of cars but takes several minutes. For instance, if we talk about the fuel tank filling time of an ordinary helicopter with a fuel tank capacity of 100 liters, then that takes almost 7 minutes to get filled at the maximum level.

Helicopter Seating Capacity:

The seating capacity of the helicopter depends on the model that you are buying. For a helicopter with basic features, specs, and low price, the seating capacity is 1-8. The more you pay, and the more you go towards the high-end variant, the more space can be obtained. The number of seats is less as this helicopter is made only for traveling within the city. As we all know, Helicopters cannot go much far as compared to private jets and airplanes.

Helicopter Features:

The features of the helicopter are as under:

Adjustable Folding Seats
Air conditioner
Auto Pilot
Air Bags
Warning Lights

These are all the features added to a basic helicopter by different companies.

Helicopter Specifications:

The specifications of a basic helicopter in the price range discussed above consist of the following:

Length 42.4 ft.
Width 35.1 ft.
Width with Blades 8.3 ft.
Empty Weight 2,690 lbs.
Take off Weight 4,960 lbs.

These are all the specifications of an ordinary helicopter.

Helicopter Availability in Pakistan 2024:

Helicopters are only imported to Pakistan. If you are also among those who want to get rid of road traffic and can afford this vehicle easily, then no need to worry. There are several companies offering helicopters in Pakistan. Just choose the model you want to buy and get it delivered to you through the company you have chosen. Here before importing, make sure you have a person with perfect driving skills to fly a helicopter along with the license.

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