BMW S1000rr Price In Pakistan 2024

BMW bikes have been imported into Pakistan for a long time. BMW S1000rr Price In Pakistan is available here. The company is well known for its powerful bikes in different countries. These bikes are specially made for various occasions, such as touring. BMW bikes are not for daily use as these bikes have low fuel mileage and loud noise produced by exhaust. So these bikes are mainly used by riders in groups or are displayed at different auto shows in Pakistan. Besides these, other tracks are also made in various areas of different cities in Pakistan where sports bike lovers can ride on this beautiful bike without disturbing the population.

Here we will be focusing on the basic features and specifications of this bike, due to which this bike is being imported in Pakistan specifically. But the main thing that attracts and distracts the buyers is the price. So let us see the price of this sports bike first.

BMW S1000rr Price In Pakistan

The price tag at which you can buy this bike in Pakistan ranges fromPKR 12,600,000.

The reason for its high price is that BMW is among the best sports bikes making companies that have never faced a single complaint from its users in several years. Besides these, this bike is not manufactured in Pakistan but is always imported on customers’ demand through different imported bike dealers, making the price much higher.

If the price of this bike seems higher to you, then don’t worry, as different Chinese bike companies are also offering a replica of this bike at a lower price. The replica model of this bike costs only PKR 850,000 in Pakistan. There’s a huge difference between the price of the original and the replica of this bike. The quality may be low, but you can still fulfil your wish of driving a BMW S1000rr

BMW S1000rr Available Colors 2024:

If you’re importing this bike yourself, you may choose any color from the company’s catalogue and select one of your choices, depending on availability. Currently, the company is offering this bike in the following colors. You may have a choice of:

  • Light White
  • Metallic Black
  • Red

From the above-displayed color names, select the one that fits your personality and get your bike imported in that color.

BMW S1000rr Engine Displacement: 

The company has installed a powerful 999cc engine in this bike, which makes it even faster than the car. The speed of this bike is the main thing that has made it popular among heavy bike lovers. The super cooling system installed along with this engine has made the bike more reliable for long routes.

BMW S1000rr Fuel Average:

Due to the 999cc engine, the fuel average of this bike is relatively low. This bike provides an average of about 12 km/litre. So this bike is mainly used for long routes. While if you drive this bike on Hi octane, you may get better results with the fuel average as Hi octane is more refined, increasing the engine life. Most sports bike users recommend hi-octane to keep the engine safe from damage.

BMW S1000rr Top Speed:

The top speed of this bike is relatively high compared to other heavy bikes being offered in the same segment. BMW S1000rr’s top speed is 300 km/hour, which is superb. This bike can beat cars in seconds, making the rider happier. Its top speed is one of the reasons why this bike is mostly used in drag races.

BMW S1000rr Top Speed

BMW S1000rr Design:

As a superbike company, BMW has put a great effort while designing this bike. The bold design of this bike makes it best for highways. The adjustable windshield features added to this design are a new addition to these types of bikes as it is quite helpful to reduce air pressure.

BMW S1000rr Design

BMW S1000rr Features:

The top features of this bike include the following:

6.5″ TFT-Display
M GPS Laptrigger
Dynamic Traction Control
Adjustable windshield
Different riding modes

These were some of the top features of this bike. These features will make your tour more adventurous.

BMW S1000rr Specifications:

This bike is covered with several new functions. The specifications of this bike mainly consist of the following:

Total Cylinders 4
Braking Disc Brakes Both front and rear
Engine 999cc
Ignition Push Start
Width 848 mm
Length 2073 mm
Height 1205 mm
Front Tyre Size 120/70-ZR17
Rear Tyre Size 190/55-ZR17

These are all the latest specifications that this bike is covered with. The big-sized tyres added to this bike not only provide a solid grip to the bike but also adds glam to this bike. Furthermore, these tyres are tubeless means you don’t have to worry about changing tyres soon as these tyres are much more long-lasting.

The length and height of this bike are made comparatively low for this bike so that people of every age can adjust themselves easily while riding this bike. Another plus point here is the push start button installed in this bike by BMW that reduces the effort to turn on the bike using kick Start.

BMW S1000rr Availability in Pakistan 2024:

BMW does not have its own outlet in Pakistan. Just like BMW cars, its bikes are also being imported by Dewan motors in Pakistan. Dewan motors are one of the trusted importers of BMW cars as well as bikes. Suppose you’re willing to change your bike or get a new BMW S1000rr, then you may contact the official dealership that is Dewan motors in Pakistan, and they will get the import done for you in the shortest possible time without any hassle. Moreover, these bikes can also be bought in used condition on different online websites where people from different cities have listed their bikes for sale. But make sure to check the documents of the bike if you’re buying it in used condition. Always verify the documents from the excise office. Otherwise, you can be in trouble after the purchase. This was all about BMW S1000rr Price In Pakistan. 

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