Ursus Tractor 3512 Price In Pakistan 2024

Buying or purchasing an excellent and exemplary tractor is the first priority for all farmers. And, in agricultural countries, like Pakistan, they are the backbone of agriculture by making better yields at low effort in less time. In addition to the demand for tractors, we have a new topic for this blog post, “The Ursus Tractor 3512 price in Pakistan 2024”. Furthermore, the increasing demand has made a wide variety of tractors in Pakistan in recent years.

In addition to the usage of tractors or machinery in the country, buyers are primarily unprepared and uneducated.

So, for the first time, buying a tractor is confusing for most people. And importantly, the new and local tractor manufacturing companies give attractive offers for these vehicles or tractors. In contrast, the quality of the product and materials in the tractor is not good as compared to other tractors like the Holland tractors and Massey Ferguson tractors, etc.

In particular, the blog post about the Ursus Tractor 3512 will guide the farmers to the right path in less time, and they will make decisions based on the latest price of the tractor in Pakistan in 2024. Furthermore, the comparison of the tractors will give the reader to buy a great and affordable tractor.

Price of the Ursus Tractor 3512 in Pakistan in 2024

Different vehicle-making companies are launching new tractors and machinery after seeing the demand of the people. From this perspective, the price of all the machinery rose after the pandemic. Also, the pandemic had a significant impact on the ups and downs in the auto market, especially in developing countries like Pakistan. In addition to the Ursus 3512 tractor coat, the cost of these agricultural machineries is inexpensive as compared to other machinery.

Price of the Ursus Tractor 3512 in Pakistan in 2024 PKR 6.5 Lakh To 11 Lakh
Price of the Ursus Tractor 3512 in 2024

Ursus 3512 tractors will be easily accessible to customers all over the country in 2022 at an impressive cost. In addition to their market availability, legitimate traders of the company are importing these tractors. However, the price will be higher.

In contrast to these discussions, we try to make this blog post the best and correct all sorts of errors. But human error is possible, on the other hand, so if the reader finds any mistakes or errors in this blog post, feel free to reach us by eliminating the issue and making a perfect blog post about the Ursus 3512 tractor Price in Pakistan in 2024.

Engine Specs of the Ursus Tractor 3512

Ursus 3512 tractor is bringing out excellent service with good fuel economy. On the other hand, it is equipped with a 12-cylinder, 6.8-liter diesel engine that delivers a maximum power output of around 350 horsepower. Apart from the above discussion, Ursus 3512 tractor is a name of enthusiasm in the auto industry or the agricultural and farming site.

Engine type Diesel, naturally aspired, direct injection, water-cooled engine
Maximum torque output Nm at rpm 232 at 1400
Engine Compression ratio Not available
Peak power (hp) capacity kW / HP at rpm 48,5/66 at 200
Pressure Overflow valve pressure, 16000 kilopascal
Air filter Oil bath type
Bore and stroke value 3.87×5.00 inches or (98 x 127 mm)
Fuel type and fuel tank volume Diesel and 80 liters tank
No. Cylinders and valves Four cylinders

Apart from the above, the engine of the Ursus 3512 tractor is not giving good ride or service output in the hilly and rocky fields.

The exterior design of the Ursus 3512 Tractor

The outer structure of the Ursus 3512 tractor is good-looking for all agricultural machinery. The fascinating looks of the tractors or all other vehicles captivate the farmers with a striking and good-looking style. Although there is no interior in the tractors, the case differs from modern tractors. A small cabin is made for the driver to drive safely in demanding weather conditions.

Safety measures in the Ursus Tractor 3512

The Ursus 3512 tractor is a durable and robust machine with a reinforced frame and high-quality materials used in its construction. Furthermore, it provides adequate safety to the rider but not too much.

Hydrostatic steering wheel
Mechanical, hand-operated parking brake
Category 2 three-point linkage system
Draft, positional to engine speed hydraulic lift
Acceptable Resale value
Oil-immersed, disc-type, mechanically actuated together or independently service brake
Good design and quality and Compatible with all agricultural implements

In addition to safety measures in the Ursus 3512 tractor, the useful safety features of the machine are unique at this affordable price in 2022 in Pakistan.

Features of the Ursus Tractor 3512

The Ursus 3512 tractor is a powerful and reliable tractor designed for a variety of farming and agricultural tasks. In particular, it is functioning well in every field, making impressive progress. The tractor is also equipped with a spacious and comfortable cab, which provides a good view of the work area and comes with air conditioning and a heating system to keep the operator comfortable in all weather conditions.

Live- proportional to engine speed power take-off
Affordable price and readily available
8F + 2R with epicyclic reduction unit gearbox
30 km per hour maximum speed
Dignified look
Three-section type front axle
Dry, double-disc clutch plate
Eight forwards and two reverse gears

Tractors are in considerable quantities in Pakistan, but the Ursus 3512 tractor specifications and engine compartment durability catch up our interest. In addition to the reliable specs of the Ursus tractor, all the features are included to fulfill the excellent service and superior job.

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Final words

The tractor is equipped with a hydraulic system that provides a lifting capacity of up to 9,000 kg, making it ideal for use with heavy implements such as ploughs, harrows, and mowers. On the other hand, it is also equipped with a range of safety features, such as seat belts, a rollover protection system, and an emergency stop button, to help ensure the operator’s safety. Besides all these factors, tractors are not usually considered safe for night driving, and it creates feelings of fear, according to a review. We hope that you will like our short blog post on the topic of the Ursus Tractor 3512 Price in Pakistan in 2024.

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