Toyota Wish Price in Pakistan 2024

Toyota Wish is a masterfully crafted compact MPV designed to elevate Pakistani drivers’ driving experience. From its sleek and modern exterior to its spacious and luxuriously appointed interior, the Wish is built to exceed automakers’ expectations in 2024. With its versatile and practical design, we are discussing the Toyota Wish Price in Pakistan 2024 for readers. Furthermore, the Wish can comfortably seat up to six or seven passengers and still have plenty of room for all the cargo needs.

On the other side, the Toyota Wish is not only a vehicle that will make life more convenient but also one that is built to last on the challenging roads of Pakistan in 2024. With its reputation for reliability and durability in the World, we can be sure that the Toyota Wish will be a dependable companion for many years to come. Notably, the Toyota Wish was not officially offered in Pakistan. Still, for those who are looking for a unique and stunning vehicle, it can be found imported as a used car through Toyota dealers.

Price of the Toyota Wish in Pakistan in 2024

The Toyota Wish was known for its spacious and comfortable layout, good fuel economy, advanced safety features, high-tech infotainment system, high-quality materials, advanced driver assist systems, versatility, practicality, stylish and modern design, and reliability. In particular, the car was figured out for its good fuel economy in Pakistan, particularly on hybrid models. Also, the price of the Toyota Wish is not as high as compared to the Altis and Honda Civic.

Price of the Toyota Wish in Pakistan in 2024
PKR 40,00,000

For the support of the clients, Toyota Wish’s widely available spare parts and easy maintenance make it the first choice. Furthermore, Toyota is a popular choice among car buyers in different places because of its affordable price for the features and quality it offers.

Engine specs of the Toyota Wish

Important to note that the features and capabilities of the vehicle may vary depending on the model and year of the vehicle. Also, it depends on the market and trim level of the car. The Toyota Wish was not officially offered in Pakistan, and the demand for it there is low.

Toyota company always sets up different vehicles every time for lovers of Toyota. In this regard, Toyota Japan introduces the Toyota Wish car 2024 new model. However, it is not available in Pakistan officially. In addition, the Toyota car 2024 new model arrives with 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive.

Engine type DOHC 4 Cylinders (Available in 1800 cc and also 2000 cc)
Peak power (hp) capacity 132 HP @ 6000 RPM
Maximum torque Not available
Transmission Type Super CVT-i 7 Speed Automatic gear
Steering Position Right Hand Drive (on the right side of the car)
Fuel type and fuel tank volume Gasoline (Petrol)and 60 liters tank capacity
Maximum mileage value 12 km per liter to 14 km per liter
No. Cylinders and valves Four cylinders and 16 valves

The 1800 cc Toyota wish is manufactured in two-wheel and four-wheel drive. Furthermore, a 1.8 L or 2.0 L DOHC 4 Cylinders engine is enough to bear the load of 7 people easily. Importantly, the 1800 cc Toyota Wish has a 7-seat capacity and the 2000 cc is available 6-seat capacity, and this is according to the Japanese auto manufacturing policy.

The exterior design of the Toyota Wish

The Toyota Wish is a compact MPV that offers a stylish and simple exterior, flourished safety components, and versatility. These cars have been known for their reliability and durability in the auto market of Pakistan as well as in European countries. Furthermore, they are sure to provide an enjoyable and dependable driving experience with their stunning services. The Wish was designed to be a versatile and practical vehicle in the auto industry of Pakistan.

The exterior design of the Toyota Wish

The interior design of the Toyota Wish

The Toyota Wish’s cabin is a true cover of luxury, with high-quality materials, comfortable seating style, and advanced features. These specs will make the occupant’s time on the road feel like a first-class experience. Also, the Toyota Wish’s exterior design is not only sleek language and modern but also timeless, making it a vehicle that will turn heads.

The interior design of the Toyota Wish

Notable features of the Toyota Wish

Importantly, the good resale value of Toyota cars tends to hold their value in the auto industry. And it produces a good investment for Pakistani buyers in the auto market.

New dashboard with CD Player
Rigid frame
AM or FM Radio
195 km per hour top speed
 1300 kg curb weight
SUV body language
Inline fuel injection
Impressive design with multi purpose standard

With a spacious cargo area and flexible seating options, the Toyota Wish could accommodate up to seven passengers.

Safety features of the Toyota Wish

The new Toyota Wish model comes equipped with the latest in high-tech infotainment, and advanced driver assists systems, and fuel-efficient powertrains. It will not only make the drives more enjoyable but also more efficient on a long drive. Furthermore, the advanced safety features will give peace of mind to the occupants and make their travels safe and secure.

Remote Boot or Fuel-Lid
Keyless Entry
Automatic climate control
Steering wheel Adjustment
Suspension Alloy Wheels
Power Door Locks

Furthermore, we all are familiar with the fact that Toyota is a well-established and reputable brand in the Pakistani auto market, where brand reputation is important.

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Final words

The Toyota Wish is a compact MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) that was produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota. In addition to the Toyota wish, it was first introduced in 2003 and was in production until 2009. However, in Pakistan, it is not popular as the other vehicles of Toyota.

On the other hand, Toyota offers a wide range of models to suit different needs and budgets. Its cost varies from the lowest to the highest. Also, the creditable price of the Toyota makes it a popular choice among Pakistani car buyers.

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