Nissan Frontier Price in Pakistan 2024

Here’s another addition to Nissan’s imported lineup in Pakistan. Nissan Frontier Price in Pakistan is accessible here. This imported vehicle from Nissan is the upcoming competitor of Toyota Revo in Pakistan. These years there’s been a great addition to the imported lineup of Nissan in Pakistan. Nissan is coming up with different cars in Pakistan. Nissan users never thought that they would be able to use this type of imported car in Pakistan. Before the import of this car, Nissan users were familiar with only some cars of Nissan in Pakistan, including the Nissan Mocco and the Nissan Note. Let’s have an overview of this car while starting with the price of this car.

Nissan Frontier Price in Pakistan 2024:

This car is available for PKR 8,377,530 in Pakistan. The price is currently high as the car is covered in different features.

Nissan Frontier Engine Displacement:

This car comes with a 3.6-liter engine. This engine is equipped with V6 technology. If we compare the engine of this car with the competitor of this car in Pakistan, which is the Toyota Revo, then this engine is quite powerful.

Nissan Frontier Safety Features:

Airbags are added for safety purposes in this car. If any incident ever happens, the airbags will open automatically. The company has made sure that they are following international safety standards while manufacturing this car. Many local cars in Pakistan do not come with airbags. After paying millions of rupees, people are still not safe as the cars do not have proper safety features. But as an imported car, this car is built keeping in view the international standards. One of the main reasons for the great sales of this car all over the world is its safety features. Besides the airbags, the company has added a 4-wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) in this car. This has been done keeping in view the size of the car. Ordinary brakes, known as drum brakes, are not effective enough to stop this car which could cause any kind of accident.

Nissan Frontier Tyre Size:

As a car equipped with 4×4 technology specifically built for off-roading, this car is installed with the best quality tyres. 265/70R16 tyres are added to this car. The best thing about these tyres is that they are best for all seasons.

Nissan Frontier Top Speed:

The top speed of this car is 160 mph. This type of top speed is best for a car like this shape.

Nissan Frontier Top Speed

Nissan Frontier Fuel Average:

Now the main part here is the fuel average of this car. On highways, this car provides a fuel average of 24 MPG. While in the city, it is reduced to 17 MPG. Along with the fuel average here for ease of users, we would like to mention the fuel tank capacity of this car. So the fuel tank capacity of this car is 21 gallons.

Nissan Frontier Fuel Average

Nissan Frontier Features:

This car comes with many unique features. Many new features have been introduced by Nissan in this car to distinguish it from other cars of Nissan in Pakistan. Nissan always adds something new to their car whenever they launch a new car model in Pakistan. Nissan knows that users don’t want the same features again and again, so they always upgrade the features of every car model launched by them every year. The same is the case with the features of this car. This car comes with the following features:

Air conditioner
Steering controls
Adjustable steering
Adjustable seats
Alloy rims
Power Windows
Electronic Power Steering

These are all the features of this car. All these features have made this car more than a luxury car. Although this car does not fall under the category of luxury cars, these features will surely make this car added to the list of luxury car models this year. We have mentioned all the main features of this car in the table displayed above. There are also many other features that are present in this car. All other features will be experienced by the user as soon as he gets a hand on his all-new Nissan Frontier.

Nissan Frontier Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as follows:

Length 210 inches
Width 73 inches
Height 72 inches
Ground Clearance 9.3 inches
Horsepower 310
Maximum Torque 281
Engine Displacement 3.8 liter

These are all the specifications of this car. The dimensions of this car resemble those of the Toyota Revo. Most cars with these shapes have similar dimensions as they are built for specific purposes only.

Nissan Frontier Availability:

Currently, limited units are available for sale all over the country. But no need to worry as the import of more units is in the process by different imported car dealers. You can get a fair deal by visiting any imported car dealer near you. Or simply visit any home user selling his Nissan frontier in Pakistan. Due to inflation these days, the price of this car is high. Make sure to study all the features and specifications along with the resale value of this car before purchasing.

This will help you to decide regarding the purchase of this car. As an imported car, the parts of this car may not be easily available in Pakistan. You may have to import the parts that get broken upon any accident or get out of order. So keep this in view before buying this car. Or search the market and ask different car parts sellers whether the parts are easily available or not. This will also help you know about the maintenance cost of this car. This was all about Nissan Frontier Price in Pakistan.

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